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I Am One of Your 'Bad Hombres' Señor Trump


I Am One of Your 'Bad Hombres' Señor Trump

César Chelala

During the last presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Trump said, “we have some bad hombres here,” in clear reference to the Latinos coming to the United States. As CNN commentator Van Jones explained, “The only time this man has used Spanish in the entire election was used to stereotype and smear Latino immigrants.” Although you probably meant it, you didn’t smear me, señor Trump.


Dr. Chelala, don't take it personally; he also hates Muslims, African Americans, LGBTQs and women. /s

He sure loves the poorly educated, though.


Dr. Chelala is absolutely entitled to take this personally as Trump is not a lone USAn holding racist views. A very significant section of white US population must hold similar views for Trump to have progressed this far in his quest to become the pResident and he might even actually accomplish that. A sad state of general stupidity in a country that collectively is wealthiest in the world.



I believe that taking all aspects of what makes us human into account, Donald J Trump is absolutely qualified to win the title "The ultimate worst hombre in USA". He is the ultimate poorly educated greedy bastard.



At first I though Trump was racist, then I thought he was sexist, until I realized that he treats everybody that he is not trying to get something from the same way. The only word that captures Trump's personality, dearth of humanity and motives is that Trump is ABUSIVE.


Snark tag added for clarity...


Beyond just being ABUSIVE, he is VIRAL.