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'I Blame Mitch McConnell the Most. At Least Pelosi Was Trying': Anger at GOP Over Economic Pain Grows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/28/i-blame-mitch-mcconnell-most-least-pelosi-was-trying-anger-gop-over-economic-pain

i almost feel sorry for the LOTE crowd. Even these straws are so small that grasping at them is a nearly impossible task.

vote herders earning their loot this year. i couldn’t do that job without incurring lifelong shame.


Interesting concept: lifelong shame. A rabbit-hole of descending reflections spin out from that one, for me. There’s harmful and harmless, and I’m challenged to point my finger at any large work I’ve ever performed, for love or money, in the latter category. Ahimsa is a bitch, especially when you find yourself marooned in an utterly nihilistic madhouse of a culture.

People who never feel shame are badly broken. What is supposed to happen to my memories of the worst mistakes I’ve made, when I’ve hurt people inexcusably? Am I supposed to forgive myself? Maybe that’s the American Way, but I can’t do it. So I carry this lifelong shame, and also that one. Memories, are so terrible and yet, what’s too painful to lose track of, we never seem to forget.


Okay, Pelosi was trying to do what? She tries to do many things. She tries to commit her party to pay go, tries to undermine single payer, tries to undermine candidates on the left. Trying doesn’t denote pushing for good stuff, nor does it mean that she is a good strategist or communicator. She is horrible at both, at least if the goal is to put in place policies that benefit working people, the poor, our democracy and the environment.

Pelosi has been disastrous on this, sorry. And even people like Bernie, because they had tons of leverage early on and signed off on a bill that amounts to the largest transfer of wealth upward in a very long time. Now, state and local governments are dying, we are facing down massive amounts of evictions, more layoffs, a continued collapse in effective demand. They pissed away all leverage when they had it, and have been utterly indifferent since then about the massive suffering out there. I am sick of the framing of this just being the GOP. Yes, they are holding up doing stuff, and they are horrible, but Pelosi and the like are not the friends of the left or working people. Fire is hot, we have one moon, North America is north of South America, all obvious truisms.


That’s looking likely to become our epitaph, how they lost the United States in 2020.

Our only hopes emerge from people in the streets, now charged with felonious dissent, not in Washington DC. I blame Bernie (among many others) for helping escort us to circling the drain today.


Pelosi you are achieving little and support nothing of consequence. If you want to serve the real people hand over your gavel to Alexandra and go lie down in front of “Trump’s House” (formerly the “people’s house”) with your Neo-liberal entourage and demand justice. Politicians who claim that Trump is dangerous for democracy should put their bodies on the line the same as the truly patriotic protesters. Words no longer suffice.


Pelosi got outplayed by Mnunchin when they negotiated the original CARES Act (aka, the rich man’s bailout and poor man’s temporary lifeline): Oversight by Mnunchin(!), no triggers for more aid in the future, a massive tax cut for millionaires. Nancy defended the rush to mediocrity by promising more in the next round of pandemic relief.

Which she already agreed to cut from $3 trillion to $2 trillion. And which she will cut even further because even a dufus like Mnunchin can smell a sucker a mile away. And which McConnell is under no pressure to pass because the cowed US public now understands that low expectations is the American religion.

Hey, Nancy – thanks for the RomneyCare!


I’m reading Freeman Dyson’s last real book (I think anyway),

~https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22822922-dreams-of-earth-and-sky (2015).

He considers Wernher von Braun a hero, and describes why in his essay “Rocket Man”.

Dyson notes his role in the February 1945 firebombing of Dresden, and suggests had the Germans won - he would have been the war criminal.

More to the point, he considers the aftermath of all wars - and suggests that following the end of a war - amnesty is essential - if life is to continue better rather than worse.

With all that is going on - I remembered reading Dyson’s first book, “Disturbing the Universe”, and being entranced.

Same thing is happening as I read this one, and yes I know, Dyson has strange views on AGW.

This is a really great book by the way - I am considering buying one to replace this library copy.

Having just finished “Galileo and the science deniers” by astrophysicist Mario Livio - well - “it moves !”

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From both a scientific and humanitarian standpoint: yes, you should.

The human brain is the most powerful (as far as we know) of all organic brains. There is some evidence, from the work of Penfield in the '40s, that our brains store a record of everything we experience.

Yet objectively the human brain is a relatively slow, serial processor that is plagued by the inability to pull up long-term memories for review on demand.

So, given that we are unable to learn everything, and unable to remember on demand what we have learned, and that we must always go beyond the information we have because we never have complete information at any moment, to expect to be perfect is a worse thing than to unintentionally injure others, since we do not intend the injury to others but do intend that we unfairly suffer forever for our impossible-to-prevent injurious mistakes.


If P’Loser had at least tried in 2009 to bring the War Criminals and the Banksters to trial we wouldn’t have the POTUS (Piece Of Totally Unfit Shit) we do today floating at the top of the Washington cesspool.   P’Loser & O’Bummer, along with Hideous Hilliary & Dirty Debbie, drove me out of the DimWitRatic Party years ago, and her faint-hearted efforts to redeem herself now just don’t cut it with me.  There is NO WAY that I will vote for yet another of the DNC’s Korporate Stooges come November.


Interesting observations !

In his book "Sailing Alone Around the World:, master sailor and shipwright Joshua Slocum mentions at one point that a ship can be judged by the experienced navigator

‘by a blow of the eye’

I think both types of brain and memory are at work here (perhaps) - and we refer to this instantaneous decision colloquially as ‘instinct’.

Pelosi has committed her party to pay go. This means that even if she supports stimulus now, it will be offset by cuts to programs in the future. I don’t think she was even outplayed, I think she is aware of the consequences of what she is doing. The worst thing in the world for her would be for her party to get enough seats that there would no longer be excuses and no one to blame for the fact that she offers nothing, NOTHING, on policy. She needs to win, but to not have enough seats where her party can pass whatever it wants, because then it can’t pretend it is powerless. It being worthless is just because it is worthless, which it is, and so is she.


The list in this article is critical. I expect the bottom half of the U.S. economy to fall apart and stay apart for many years, happening with incredible speed, week by week. I expect coronavirus infections to take off again because millions of hungry people living in Trumptowns (like Hoovervilles) and exposed to the elements will take various risks like lying on the job about their bad cough.

So, on January 2 I expect just a horrid mess of an economic collapse in full swing. We can start to fix it, but we need drastic measures and fast. First, the correct number of coronavirus cases is zero and we won’t accept much more than that. Second, we immediately need thirty million jobs. Third, no more terrorizing families where half the family is either U.S. citizens or dreamers who only really speak English as their language. I’m sure there’s a four and a five but this is at the top of the list and must be executed in a matter of days.

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Which is precisely why I thank her for RomneyCare so often.
It’s the best illustration of the best you can hope from the d-party: Republican legislation.

I’m seeing a second Trump Administration on the horizon.
The haplessness and corruption of the Dems is just too glaring to miss.
Besides, you’re absolutely correct:

That goes for the oval office, too. They don’t even want it.


IIRC, most of us are dominated by the linear-thinking left hemisphere of our brains, and what Slocum is referring to
is the insight provided by the “holistic” right hemisphere, which apparently has to trick the left hemisphere into being allowed to express itself.  (The foregoing is a gross oversimplification.  See chapters 3 & 4 of Betty Edwards’ book ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’  for a better explanation.)

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If by that expression he meant “at a glance” then it’s true. The ability to separate important from unimportant information separates the experts from the novices. A novice has to walk through a problem space step by step, but an expert sees the space in terms of “chunks” of important information against a background of irrelevance. So the experienced navigator can immediately perceive as a gestalt the subtle differences in line, size, motion, and other factors that add up to the ship’s comparative quality.

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Where are all these evicted people going to go when they are thrown out of their Homes and Apartments?

I am thoroughly ashamed to be an American in this time of great crisis.

The Homeless can pitch tents in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House they can call this Camp Ground Trumpville.

This President only cares about promoting fear that the Blacks are going to take over our country and he is the only candidate that can keep them in their place.

Trump is the reincarnation of Herbert Hoover, who also did not give a damn if people were homeless and did not have enough to eat.

During Hoover’s Depression the Homeless were forced to set up a Tent City in Washington, which they called Hooverville, now we will very soon have Trumpville.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with Mitch McConnell and everything to do with the cruel heartless President who hired a Chief of Staff that is following his orders to the letter, give crazy Nancy Nothing.

The Corporate Dems and the Republicans made sure their big donors got everything they wanted in the first relief package.

Now Nancy is crying that the Republicans are holding up relief when she could have gotten a better long lasting deal in the first go round, instead of a temporary fix that only lasted a couple of months.

The Republicans are the worst gang of thieves since Hannibal invaded Rome, but I am sorry to say that the current gang of Corporate Dems are no better.

They are both greedy bastards who care only about the Donations/Bribes they receive instead of Representing We The People.

I especially cannot bring myself to support the Warmonger, Endless War advocate, Arab/Palestinian hating Joe Biden. Since I am unable to tell which candidate is more dangerous I will either abstain or vote the Green Party again or write-in Sanders name or vote the Socialist Party?

I believe Biden when he tells us he will Veto Medicare For All and I believe him when he said he tried unsuccessfully to cut Medicare and Social Security 3 times, these positions are game changers for me and he will not get my vote no matter how much they try to scare us with the Trump is Bad routine. I know, I know, but is Biden Worse?

If and when they start respecting Bernie’s ideas I may return to the unDemocratic Party.


Don’t worry! Everything will be all right again after the Zombie Apocalypse, er… I mean the election!


Remind me: Aside from the (TOTALLY UNINTENDED) Machiavellian benefit of harming the economy and thus Trump’s reelection chances, why are we insisting on it being 2 trillion or nothing at all? To not appear like a pushover? Principled refusal to accommodate republican obstinance when we already offered compromise?

In any case, I hope the American public are less of pushovers than myself, and continue to blame the GOP.


Same thing happened to me with Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, etc. I’m now an Independent, after decades as a Democrat. I was fooled by Bill Clinton, but never again.

A People’s Progressive Party is needed as a TRUE alternative to the two corporate, neoliberal-neoconservative imperialist parties.