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'I Bough...—I, I Got Them': Bloomberg Almost Admits to Buying Members of Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/26/i-bough-i-i-got-them-bloomberg-almost-admits-buying-members-congress

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Anyone listening heard you Little Mike.

Your money cannot buy “honesty.”

You’re “bankrupt” in that department.


We can thank him for Nancy Pelosi-yuuck? She’s a Republican mole, maybe Bloombug is too.
This makes two primaries in which he has been allowed to debate for without being on the ballot. A spectacular fraud that exposes the DNC’s dedication to the pay to play business model of politics and prostituting themselves to the wealthy .
Of course we can expect he is there as a stop Bernie candidate. Which maybe not be to bright, as I can’t see him taking any votes from Bernie; as he is the poster child for what Sanders is talking about in terms of the political influence of the ultra wealthy. I suspect he is likely to take votes from Biden and Buttiegieg not Sanders.
Three cheers to Warren for verbally crucifying him again, leaving him sputtering in denial.


this is what I love about the trend of the plutocrats cutting out the middleman and just taking over directly.

They’re so used to not having to filter their speech, they say the darndest things! It’s my favorite thing about Trump. What better way for the gullible morons to wake up and smell the oligarchy than to hear it out of their own mealy mouths?


The crux of the conflict today in our government is the plutocrats have bought the congress, but the intelligence agencies (the FBI, CIA, etc.) think they run the country and the rest of us are “tourists”…both sides are right IMO but it leaves democracy extinct.


Me neither, but I can see Bloomberg taking the SUPER DELEGATE VOTES FROM BERNIE!


This is T H E !! sign, flashing lights, redflag that Bloombag is a sociopath/narcissist. People are objects and they are around you to exploit, and manipulate.


Again, just more signs he’s 45’s brother from another mother. Narcissism runs in families. And sociopaths are a result of very dysfunctional parenting. Fact, according to FBI profiler, Candice Delong. Psychopaths are born bad, sociopaths are raised to be sociopaths.


Clearly, Bloomberg is now collecting on his investments.


Bernie has pointed this out from day one. While it’s not the 1st time money was allowed to pollute and convolute our politicians, most recently, Rightwing ruled US Supreme Court ruled on Citizens United and that that is the law that must reversed. Bernie wants to do that asap.

We, THE PEOPLE, must get out and get the word out to make Rethuglicons in the Senate a minority. Even if you hate Dems. Take the power away from Mitch.

Btw: per Mark Pocan, progressive! Congressman from Wisconsin and Bernie advocate, said that if the Senate could finally pass HR1, paper ballots nationwide, NOT corrupted voting machines, would be necessary when next we vote. Mitch has been sitting on over 400 bills. We, us, we have to change what we can, if we all stay together.


We already knew he bought Tom Perez.


Bloomberg will ruin the Democratic party if he gets the nomination.

My understanding is Bloomberg also praised Trump for the increase in Military spending. This guy buys members of Congress off invests in Arms Companies and gets all his money back.


“…but the intelligence agencies (the FBI, CIA, etc.) think they run the country…”

There’s a reason for that, more than 1/2 of the new dems elected in 2018, came from the Military- intelligence community. From the article below: “The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel into the legislature has no precedent in US political history.” The 3 part article was written well before Bloomberg’s new political run, but one has to wonder how many of these candidates he financially supported in 2018, to push the party further to the right.


I have come to the conclusion that the number of ex CIA and Military Intelligence persons running for Congress under the Democratic party banner was orchestrated by those same agencies.

It the “Democratic” version of a Military coup.


I have no doubt your correct, but still begs the question, was Bloomberg the “bank” behind them. If so that needs to be exposed to the public.


This Poll (image) from the debate

“Who impressed you the most in the debate”


Mikey didn’t do so well

Krystal Ball -The Audience was Rigged


Krystal Ball- Pelosi says she’s OK wirth Bernie as the Nominee?

Jimmy Dore Show: Dozens Of CIA Agents Running As Democrats In 2018 Elections


Phred: Bloombag believes he doesn’t have to listen to any lesser human, that is any “debate coach” unless they are filthy rich, too. Bloombag looks down on everyone that’s not stinking rich. And also narcissists think they know what’s best, screw coaches.

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