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I Call It Like I See It on the #BankLobbyistAct


I Call It Like I See It on the #BankLobbyistAct

Elizabeth Warren

I ran for the United States Senate because I wanted to protect working families from another financial crisis.


Those that are “upset” are not demo’s Senator Warren. They are soulless hacks that have been sold and bought by big money. Glad you’re there fighting the good fight, one more time.


I remember when you could have made a difference, when you could have possibly changed everything. You didn’t. You totally caved and this country’s last chance went with it. Actions speak louder then words Elizabeth. You might not be quite evil, but you damn sure are nobody’s savior.


“Nobody’s saviour” indeed, however, compared to other Congresscritters Warren continues to be in the top 5 percentiile of progressive electeds.

Warren’s main fault is sontinuing to associate with a Party addicted to corporate money.


Forgive me, but self-driving past level 3 ‘driver assist’ (by which most safety features sans ‘platooning’ are possible), losing the driver’s constant attention to road conditions ‘loses’ an indispensable safety device.
Do You stand corrected on that, madam? No cars ever without a “driver aboard driving”.
Recommended reading:
Harper Lee “Go set a Watchman”
a must-read Important 1st novel unchanged.


Oh, just shut up. We’ve all made mistakes, and some have learned from them. Ms. Warren, while not my ideal radical leftist, has learned more and faster than just about anyone. Who would you name as having come farther in a shorter time?


Did I make little economagic mad??? Grow up and smell the coffee…she was great until she got to Washington and got a taste of power. Frankly after how she handled the last election, I am not sure who the hell she is. One thing she isn’t, is someone who can see they have an opportunity to perhaps change the world, and seize it. When it was time to step up, she wasn’t there. All I need to know…


Not “mad” (angry), just sad, with a touch of pity.


Although I do notrecall when I first heard “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king”. Its been well over a half century.

It certainly applies to 21st century DC.

While Warren’s track record may be tantamount to a one eyed elected…its all relative.


Don’t forget “career drive”. I thought SERVING in government meant just that: SERVICE! Unfortunately, it has evolved into a high-paying “career path” where they in the congress lose interest in “We the People” and become interested only in “Me the Important”!


Want to see someone who needs pity? Look in the mirror!!!


I know the feeling. Reality is hard to face which is why so many choose some insanity instead. But to even start heading in the right direction, you need to know where you really are to start with. Peace.


It’s easy to explain why all is lost and we’re doomed. It takes a lot more work to come up with credible ways forward.

“The sickness unto death is despair.”
–Soren Kierkegaard