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"I Called You to Help Me, But You Killed My Brother": Police Shoot Dead Unarmed African-American Man


"I Called You to Help Me, But You Killed My Brother": Police Shoot Dead Unarmed African-American Man

Democracy Now!

Police in the San Diego, California, suburb of El Cajon shot and killed an unarmed African-American man Tuesday, after his sister called 911 to report her brother was having a mental health emergency. Eyewitnesses said 30-year-old Alfred Olango was holding his hands up when he was tased by one police officer and then fired upon five times by another officer.

In video posted online, Alfred Olango’s grieving sister is seen tearfully confronting police. She tells them, "I called you to help me, but you killed my brother."


How many must die before change occurs? How many dear God. What is wrong with this country.


Have the police lost all sense of morality?


This policy of police shooting unarmed civilians must originate from the highest order in the deep state. Because after so many protests, proofs and eye witness evidences there appear to be no change in the original policy whatsoever. So are the victims (the people) to do about it? This alter all is open season on blacks. Mexican Americans, poor whites and political/social justice activists, they have declared war on the ordinary majority of the people in this country. The deep state will never relent until there is stiff resistance that forces them to back off.


We must demilitarize our police forces today.
A well equipped army of occupation deals with the citizenry in a vastly different way then a local police force does.
One result of a militarized police force is the unnecessary murder of unarmed people.
Too many people are being assassinated by the army of occupation roaming our streets disguised as cops.


the new lynching - calls for help to police turn into death sentences for black men and women. white supremacists at their best!


Police should almost never be called as first responders to mental health calls. Many mental health workers are not cowards and have the courage to confront people going through mental health break downs. It would seem to be common sense that tasers, guns, etc, etc - all the tools of the police only tend to inflame the situation. There are some police that do try to talk, have patience and can handle crazy talk aimed at them - they put their ego aside and deal with the situation - but many others can not. They tend to see the mentally ill person as someone who should act normally and rationally but they don't and the police react in the wrong way. This is a tragedy. Not all blame should go to cops - let's look at the local politicians and governments that enable them to do what they do.


Remember what the deep state did to the Occupy Movement. That is Amerika today.


Maybe they are following the morality of our President Harry Truman and his Hiroshima & Nagasaki response.


As long as all the bullets that are killing people are coming from the guns of cops, then all the blame should go to cops.


There a Video of Muhammad Ali when he still a young man (1981) hearing that a black man threatening to kill himself, rushing to the scene and taking the time to talk the man out of it.

Today that would never happen. The Police would have shot the man dead before any could go to the scene to help.

These Police knew that man having a mental breakdown. They knew he unarmed, yet an officer still decided to shoot him dead . The man was unarmed and had committed no crime. Forget this nonsense that the "Police under pressure" and their lives always at risk. This was an execution. This was just another "opportunity" for a guy to use his gun against something other than a paper target at a shooting range and to get away with it.


Right but they know one thing very well and that is to pursue their desire to enslave and subordinate the entire world by being one track minded and extremely stubborn. So what can we learn from that? Do we abandon the occupy movements and the black lives matter movement or act extremely stubborn back until they blink. We the people have much greater ability to do so collectively. Remember they are trying hard to disunites and disjoint us around the clock, we have to learn to collaborate and unite locally and globally, trust you, yes YOU not me that they will lose in the end.


I use to work and live in El Cajon, California and can tell you unfortunately, this is not surprising.

Trump said what we need in this country: " IS LAW AND ORDER" ...FOR WHOM DONALD!



There are so many mentally ill people, and more needs to be done to help them immediately through support.
When they have mental issues, people with special training should be called.
I know someone who has had severe mental problems since adolescence. Her 3 siblings were also mentally ill.
Their father was a world renowned scientist and was in Wikkipedia. Unfortunately, genetically, the 4 kids did not do well but lived on low incomes of SSI disablity.
The one sister I know the best had a roommate for a while who had schizophrenia (Anita). Anita's brother was mentally ill and was shot and killed by the police. Anita and her brother were white, but both mentally ill.

I am positive that there are many good police officers, but when it comes to life and death matters, all police should be excellent and compassionate and highly trained for emergencies. There's a new documentary out Of Dogs and Police regarding the high numbers of innocent dogs being shot and killed by police. We should provide better training for the police.


You are so right! And especially if the mentally ill person is black! DO NOT CALL THE POLICE for help unless you want that person killed!!!


Have to disagree. Here in California the politicians at the behest of police unions have given them a police officers bill of rights which actually gives the cops more rights than the public. The public is also not allowed to know if police are being accused of abuses or we cannot even know their records or any complaints - it is called a personnel issue. It is obvious that the politicians are covering for the cops and enabling them to get away with so much. Cops are not elected - they are selected. They do not even have to live in the communities they serve. All of this was arranged by politicians - of course at the request of cop unions. The public is in a second class citizen position thanks to our politicians whom I guess we get to choose if they are not really pre-selected for us.


What is the City of San Diego spending money on? San Diego could become a model for treating mental illness and
homelessness because there are major medical research institutions here that could help.
Part of police training could be to do internships in helping the mentally ill and homeless.
All people with a mentally ill family member should attend NAMI workshops for support as they need much support.
I think that many people of all colors hesitate to call the police for help because they have guns. Anytime there is a gun, it could lead to a disaster. I want to see the film called Of Dogs and Police about all of the people who mistakenly had a police officer make the wrong call to their home and ended up killing their dog who was wagging his tail. Scary.


Waiting for the excuse... he had a gun. He had drugs. He was thinking about drugs. He looked scary.


Yea, and the cop who shot him was a model citizen. Coached his son's baseball team. Saved babies, etc, etc, etc. Notice all of the media plants recently. It's all PR - spin.


This just seems like we are in civil war, (from the perspective that blacks are an actual part of American society instead of 'them, those and they'.) but in America, if its not believed then it has to be told to the public. I had a sociology professor that loved asking abstract questions. Example: If you are an outsider looking in, what do you see? An answere that was normal was people saw those darned ole blacks having problems. He said, 'No, you are witnessing Americans having problems.' So if we are trully American, why is this a problem with Americans