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'I Can Do It If I Want': Trump Threatens to Declare 'National Emergency' to Build Border Wall


Your right, I just read that the big guys such as Pence are getting a $10,000 a year increase.


While parts of the military including the Coast Guard are not getting paid. So, theocrat Pence is more important- we are in huge trouble.


Isn’t it about time somebody changed the trump’s nappy and stuck a dummy in his mouth to keep him quiet. The man child should not be in charge of a space hopper let alone a country. He is a baby in adult form - keep sucking your thumb chum, we know what you are.


I don;t know if it was an accident merf. I was responding in the post you responded to to the following:


It was never a reference to you , its about Trump


Trump is channeling his true self - Eric Cartman


HI wolfsess: Of course in that horrific case of the Trumptopus sucking up all powers with his horrific beak-----, maybe the NRA will finally act in the best interests of the People. Of course, that would happen when People start quoting that old Movie." I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore."


Trump is loved by like 98.9% of evangelical Christians, probably at least 70% of all other Christians. most businessmen prefer him to any recent candidate, Hes not opposed by a single elected republican and has damn near 50% of the votes in the country - and yes he goes on like a 2 year old who hasn’t had his nap. Internationally, the only countries who seem to like him are Russia, and North 'Korea, Possibly the new Brazilian Leadership.


You know everybody’s been comparing our ‘current situation’ to Hitler and his brownshirts – and while I can’t ignore the similarities – my impression is we are experiencing life so much closer to the French Revolution …

  1. https://www.britannica.com/event/French-Revolution
  2. “Let them eat cake/I don’t really care; do you?”
  3. Trump’s daily affirmation that as president he is above any law – just look at today’s article detailing the ONE ‘national park’ still open [General Services Administration has reportedly found the funding to reopen the Old Post Office tower in Washington, D.C., which shares a building with President Donald Trump’s hotel.]

I seriously don’t care about the RETARDS that support his daily widening arse – I’ve lived around them all 65 years of my life – if I can’t defend myself at this point in my OLD age it’s past time for me to go down fighting! **There’s far worse ways to exit this veil of tears!


Declaring a National Emergency means one thing: The Patriot Act and the NDAA will be on steroids and the fascist regime one Goose Step closer to establishing a totalitarian society, possibly a dictatorship. Our government is at war with us and the bad news is that we the common people will have little to no protection because the Patriot Act and the NDAA will override what is left of the US Constitution in the event of a National Emergency. There is an urgency to flood the streets…


Ironically, their favorite housepet Obama used the same power to declare Venezuela a national threat/enemy in order to get the legal justification for illegal sanctions against them.

You’re right. It’s a power that’s abused all the time. And you’re also right that Trump merely does things without the mask of propriety.

Democrats are bloody hopeless at this point. Not only is the US beyond reformation, so, too, apparently, is liberalism.




Indeed. They are in bed with the 4 horsemen. And apparently it was good for them.


The primary purpose of declaring a national emergency to build the wall is to test the water so Trump can declare a national emergency to cancel the 2020 POTUS election so he and the GOP can complete their coup and turn the US into full fledged fascist dictatorship.


He just makes shit up. He wouldn’t care if it’s true or not.


The pathological child moron POS in the WH is a clear and present danger to our republic and if there are any elected officials with the moxie to stand-up to this POS nutter and call him out, even if he will as usual respond with his usual vituperation and mud-slinging, they had better do it! His “I can do it if I want” dicktator shtick is very old and now qualifies him for a rubber truck ride to the rubber room…and the prison!


Or to bomb Iran.


You may be right, but Trump doesn’t have the where with all to make a coherent plan like that. If it happens as you describe, it will just fall in Trumps lap like a gift from “heaven”. If he can make some more deals for dollars as dictator, he’ll probably go with it. That’s how the orange one rolls - he’s a simple minded grifter at heart.


Sorry Adam. My bad. Please accept my apologies.


This should be the national emergency:


Who is Eric Cartmen?