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'I Can't Afford That': Trapped and Injured in a Subway Station, Woman Begged Bystanders Not to Call Ambulance Due to Expense

Why many in the US are supporting Expanded, Improved Medicare For All: it will cover 100% of your bills–everyone’s bills-- and include eye and dental care. As it stands., Medicare is woefully inadequate covering only 80% of your bill. The Republicans were instrumental in privatizing Part D or drug coverage and if you are a low income senior and move, as I will be soon, out of state then you will need to reapply for assistance in covering what Medicare does not. A horrid system.

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Oh, I know but if you get the right one there may be hope. I’m glad you did though.

It’s beyond hope, can’t explain here other than too many birth defects and birth trauma’s.

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Ok, do your best to manage what you can. .

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I had hoped that medical pot would of worked for me but it did not. Glad it did for you and for so many others.


Just to be clear Canada’s health care act does not cover everything and much changes Province to Province. The National Act at the Federal levels declares which services are Universal and after that many Provinces exclude or include other fees.

As example Ambulance services are not usually covered but most Provinces heavily subsidize the service. Added to that all Provinces I am aware of base fees on ability to pay in that if you got no money they will eat the costs. If I were traveling in Ontario as example and needed an Ambulance , I could be billed and given I am from BC that bill could be high.

Vision and Dental Care also varies with some provinces covering it and others not . Most provinces will have Government funding of dental care for children in some form. Most have special plans for seniors and prescription Drugs.

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There is treatment for addiction but you still have to deal with the pain issue. Cbd might really help. Of course everyone is different.

Right, there are various pitfalls. If someone puts the wrong code or even the wrong date you can end up owing the whole thing. If that happens you have to appeal it.

YES! I know, personally, this one. 10 years ago, just before my disabling stroke, I had driven 20 miles in the late afternoon to see any available doctor in rural Oracle, AZ. I was beset with sudden nausea, dizziness and crossed-vision. The attending doctor at first would not take any patients! The nurse had routinely taken my blood pressure reading - it was over 300. Knowing this, changed the situation dramatically. The doctor pleaded that I needed to visit an emergency room right away! I refused. An emergency room visit would have cost thousands. This was just days before my Medicaid was to begin. Going right away, to a hospital that day, would have meant that I would lose my land, my tent home, phone line and internet - and be forced into selling to vultures for pennies on the dollar. I had already lived in poverty and knew that iit would kill me. To be forced to move back into the chaos of Tucson meant an early death sentence. So, I was ready to die right there in that waiting room.

Alas, she (the doctor) acquiesced into immediately having me take a large dose of a hypertension medicine. I was told to sit there and wait while my blood -pressure came back down below 200. It did. I became Medicaid eligible and now at 73 am on Medicare Advantage Dual coverage with Medicaid.

P.S. She quit two days later! To this day, we have no doctors that stay permanently, but change month-to-month and year-to-year with instances with only a nurse-practioner for months at a time. I still live on my land. A newer, better tent but the future is shakey at best. Writing for CD, TI and other blogs helps to keep my mind and spirit active. Keep ROCKIN’ out there!


That sucks. A traction splint actually pulls the bones apart ( you’re leg muscles are the strongest in the body, in a fracture like you had, they almost always contract the bones and cause extreme pain ), relieving the pain from the contraction. I’ve witnessed patients go from screaming to total relief, when splint is applied properly. You really need to talk to a lawyer, can’t hurt.


Expanded and Improved Medicare For All combines Medicare and Medicaid and covers 100% of all our necessary medical needs. HR 676 IS a Single Payer system. Period


Another Link:

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The ambulance services you talk about is a perfect example of how Democratic Socialism could do it better. When I was a firefighter, we had a rescue truck that responded to all emergencies inside the city, and a lot of times outside the city. We provided all care on the scene, often the only paramedic, packaged the patients for transport, all at no direct cost to the patient (city taxes covered the expenses), then we would have to turn the patient over to a ambulance company. Those companies would then gouge the patients, often charging them for care we provided, and a ride to the hospital. This would piss me off to no end. There was no reason we couldn’t transport the patient for the cost I stated above (taxes), but the ambulance companies got to the city council, that let them charge their ridicules prices. The citizens paid for their care twice. No excuse, except capitalism.


Another had posted of how Government was EVIL because it might provide a service for Free (read taxes pay for it) wherein this lead to people wanting more FREE stuff.

It an odd definition of evil. Gouging people that are ill with a “pay me XXXXX$$$$ thousand dollars or die” choice is what I call “evil”. People forced to choose between suffering an injury or paying an ambulance or Medical bill they can not afford is “evil”.

Yours an excellent sample of how these services can be provided with little in the way of added costs. The only reason any would object is because some small few want to get their fingers in on the PROFIT pie and making money off anothers suffering is one of the best ways to do this in this thing called “the free market”.


Perhaps the Times could cease supporting a Democratic elite foursquare opposed to universal care (not coverage … care) to evince their fealty to same?

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Part A and B: requires a monthly premium of over $100, plus a 20% co-pay for hospital stays and doctor visits - plus medications with Part D (requires self-pay, self administer discount for some who qualify). Is portable to any U.S. jurisdiction. Part A and Part B, thus cost the monthly premium and the 20% and cannot be combined with Part C. I am stuck with Part C because I am poor.

“Advantage” or Part C is managed care that supposedly combines Parts A and B and is NOT PORTABLE. C has become continually more bogus over the ten years that I have had it. Part C is not portable. You are “captured” by a usually privatized “big box” monopoly like United, Banner, etc.

Poor, like myself are stuck with this Part C crap or worse - If I wanted the truly portable original Medicare of Part A and Part B with D, and have Medicaid pay the monthly premiums, then I must submit to having a third party PRIVATE INSURER pay the state-run Medicaid part - thus still having to STILL deal with the “big box” mean-ness of a for-profit insurer.

(Notice how unwieldy this crappy insurance is already by just having to explain it? And I’m a teacher!) We are being used and abused like slaves with no Rights. “I will not enable the lie any longer.” So said the laet great First People’s Poet, John Trudell.


It seems it made overly complex with its “parts and schedules” so as to ensure that not only do the profiteers get their cut but so that the Poor as is the case always, only get the 4th rate stuff. It seems just another entrenchment of the class based system.

It doesn’t have to be, I received care at a general hospital which there are very few if any where I live. They still provide medical treatment but not acute care. You can also get second rate very expensive care as well.
I rarely use medications and Medicare doesn’t cover what I do use.

Awful scene on the orange line. A woman’s leg got stuck in the gap between the train and the platform. It was twisted and bloody. Skin came off. She’s in agony and weeping. Just as upsetting she begged no one call an ambulance. “It’s $3000,” she wailed. “I can’t afford that.”

The only answer to this is to come out into the streets to march for Medicare4All.
And to demand that the leadership of the Democratic Party – and its members serving in House and Senate – also come and lead the way and march with us.


In NJ medical marijuana is legal but doctors still won’t prescribe marijuana for glaucoma patients.