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"I Can't Breathe": Chokehold on Diplomat Exposes Israel's Special Type of Apartheid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/23/i-cant-breathe-chokehold-diplomat-exposes-israels-special-type-apartheid


Israel, yet another how-not-to example for the world since 1948.


You left out the fact that 1948 was the start of many Arab wars trying to kill off the Jews, and the attempt has never ended. Or that Palestinians were told to get out of the way of invading armies so they could return later and claim the dead Jews property and enslave the survivors. Or that Israel has gone to the peace table many times only to be rejected because the aim has always been the destruction of Israel and the death or expulsion of the Jews. Or that Jordan occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem and expelled the Jews. Or that in 1929, before Israel ever existed, Arabs twice massacred the Jews of Hebron because 750 Jews living there was 750 Jews too many. Or that nearly every Muslim country has forced out their Jewish citizens and usually confiscated their property. If Black Lives Matter and Palestinian Lives Matter, why don’t Jewish Lives Matter?

“So strangely, the African-American minority has found itself treated both as second-class citizens and as an unwilling shop-window dummy on which the USA can hang its pretensions of fairness and equality.”

Oh, did it say Palestinian and Israel? Sorry - cognitive dissonance made me do it.

Israeli Zionist propaganda and disinformation. The Israeli hasbara propaganda machine and AIPAC subversion of US media and politics are a continuing threat to the US.
Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing og the Occupied Territories, illegal colonization, contempt for International Law, and the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty show their racist supremacist miondset and warmongering!

~https://ifamericansknew.org/history/origin.html A history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict



This attack is mild compared to the pre-meditated shootings/killings of near countless Palestinian men, women, and children by the Israeli IDF and “security” forces, but the choke hold is taught to US cops!
It needs to be added to this piece that Israeli forces are training American cops to Israeli occupation tactics - the more violence they export to the US the less their inhumanity and crimes are noticed. US cops are sent to Israel of Israeli agents come here to teach violence against mostly black and brown people just like they treat Palestinians and others in Occupied Palestine!

BAN ALL Israeli training of US cops!

~https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20200609-us-city-bans-brutal-israeli-military-training-of-police-forces/ - Israel exports brutality to US Occupation force cops!




All Jews worldwide are not the Murderous Zionist Nazi you are.
Begone Hasbara savage… enough of your slobbering hate …

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White Supremacy has no borders.

Are we “our brothers keepers?” If you answer yes, then all lives matter and it should not be hard to solve our collective global problems. If you answer no then no lives matter.


So the actual history I listed is now propaganda and disinformation? Here’s more: Jordan does not allow Jews to become citizens or own land. Syria does not allow Jews to work in government, work in finance, or join the military. Egypt expelled the Jews and confiscated their property. Iraq expelled the Jews and confiscated their property. Libya encouraged progroms that forced out the Jews. Algerian independence forced out the Jews. State-sponsored persecution in the Soviet Union prompted hundreds of thousands of Jews to leave. Black Jews fled Ethiopia for Israel. All the Jews of Yemen fled to Israel. Indonesia does not recognize Judaism as a religion and Jews must register as Christians.

This is a partial list of actual facts. Now I could list all the dreadful killings of Israelis by Palestinians, from the unarmed father and his five-year-old daughter walking on a beach to the toddler immolated in his stroller. Or I could discuss why Hamas and the PA, elected to four-year terms 12 years ago!, have refused to hold new elections while killing off political rivals. But why would I waste my time with a racist who thinks I must be an undercover hasbara?

How is it that Jewish worldwide population is said to be only 15 million yet you list the Jews in all these arab countries to say nothing of the jews in America, europe,asia russia,etc