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"I Didn't Need To Do This': Watch That Little Moment in Bizarre Speech When Trump Admits National Emergency Is a Sham

"I Didn't Need To Do This': Watch That Little Moment in Bizarre Speech When Trump Admits National Emergency Is a Sham

Jon Queally, staff writer

Amid the bizarre calvacade of lies, false assertions, exploitive tropes, and sing-song explanations of the likely legal battle to come over his national emergency declaration on Friday morning at the White House, President Donald Trump let one little thing—obvious to many—slip.

Of course what he meant was “I didn’t need to do this but the Democrats refused to deal with the [fake] emergency through legislation…”

Not to support Trump! But pouncing on quips is not organizing to wrench this country out of the hands of this putrid bully, nor is it organizing to wrest this country out of the hands of the ego-manic looting class that paved the neoliberal road to Trump.


Its the old “not my fault, they made me do it” ploy of the narcissist.

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The NeoLiberals and the NeoConservatives have no place in a Democracy of, by, and for the People.

Their ideological bents do not include the masses in their decision-making. Therefore, the writing is on the wall for the demise of their existence.

If, the masses continue their Zombielike support of these two ideologies by allowing the two Corporate parties to misrepresent the People’s wants and desires, I am afraid that we are in for more of the same.

This nation of ours must have more citizen involvement.


"Fake president = Fake Emergency."


Did you see CD’s article today on the mass mobilization planned for Monday? MoveOn and gobs of other orgs. Of course, writing and calling as many Congresscreeps as possible…even outside of one’s own district and state. What I’m telling the people who aren’t my reps in Congress is that they are in a NATIONAL body, so they should have one foot in their districts and their other foot in the welfare interests of the entire country.


No, it won’t get him out or stop the rich from hurting us. But in a court case it could be used to stop this particular power grab.
Unfortunately we have to take each small victory as we can. Until americans finally stand up and decide to fight for their country and take it back from the rich. That will be the start of a revolution.


The supreme court will vote for this idiocy 5-4 thanks to Susan Collins, but in the process we have devalued actual national emergencies like floods hurricanes nuclear attacks to the medieval wall to accommodate American idiots. In the process we have alienated a neighbor along with traditional allies while China and Russia continue to gobble up global wealth and influence more and more of the nations of the world.The great wall of China and Trumps wall stand as symbols of how inane people can be when they are isolationist.

Watch the spin. The hacks will say “Trump took hezbollah and went home”, and call it a victory.

i really think that he feels he owns the supreme court and is making a point at that. just the thought of that makes me ill. i still feel that if it looks like he won’t be re elected that he will declare martial law


“I didn’t need to do this”

That could be his hint that he was forced by the Deep State to do this.

Well I agree. He didn’t mean to do this, he says.
Well, guess what Trumplestilskin,
“We didn’t mean to see you become president either.”


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You others have used up most other ones. Ha