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I Don’t Have Qualified Immunity; Why Should Police?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/05/i-dont-have-qualified-immunity-why-should-police


What kind of human beings are the police generally? Whose side were they on in the 60s during the civil rights struggle? Watch clips of them mercilessly beating unarmed protesters and letting vicious police dogs loose on peaceful protesters, including women and children. Watch them beat peaceful protesters during the Chicago convention in '68. They haven’t changed. They are for the most part vicious right-wing thugs. This personality type should be screened out of the hiring process at the start. Even the “good ones” lie and cover up for the others.


Hired killers with a free “Get out of Jail Card.”

Only in America.

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If US police forces had any interest in keeping the peace they would have all gone on strike when Congress was ending the assault weapons ban during the Dubya Regime. As soon as they went on strike Congress would have reconvened faster than they do to confirm fascist judges, and continued the assault weapons ban indefinitely.

I’m wondering how far this goes in judicial and executive governance, it doesn’t stop at police officers.

“Although qualified immunity frequently appears in cases involving police officers, it also applies to most other executive branch officials. While judges, prosecutors, legislators, and some other government officials do not receive qualified immunity, most are protected by other immunity doctrines.”

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Where to start?
House The People? Feed The People? Educate The People?

very good article. unfortunately, qualified immunity for police is unlikely to be stopped anytime soon. america’s corrupt and grossly unequal and unjust society is dependent upon police thuggery to maintain ‘law and order’ and keep the plebes at bay, with brutality and intimidation.

besides discouraging protests with weapons and force, police have been used as death squads, as in the case when chicago police, acting in concert with the FBI murdered 21 year old black panther leader fred hampton as he lay helpless, drugged and asleep in his bed in 1969. similarly, according to attorney william f. pepper, who acted on behalf of the king family in a civil trial in memphis and has exhaustively researched MLK’s assassination, it was a memphis police officer, again acting in concert with a plot involving the FBI, who shot dr. king.

police are generally not good. qualified immunity is practically a license to kill. in combination with prosecutors who are extremely loathe to prosecute their partners in injustice, american police can and do routinely get away with violent criminal assaults while on duty. as the wickersham commission revealed in 1931, the practice of beating and torturing suspects until they signed confessions used to be a widespread practice. things have gotten a little better since, but only when this ridiculous and indefensible practice of qualified immunity is stopped, will police finally be properly reined in.

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there have been many documented cases of judges and prosecutors who have illegally suppressed evidence of innocence or used tainted evidence of guilt to put innocent men on death row. thanks to their gross ‘immunity’, none of them are ever held accountable. the u.s. ‘justice’ system seems designed to facilitate injustice. check out the marshall project’s excellent short article on prosecutorial immunity. check out DEATH ROW STORIES on the headline news network.

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There are some incredible stories, something most people do not hear or know about. I can’t believe how they can just take a persons life by virtue of the court system for years and then just say, oh we are sorry.

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