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"I Don't Believe That's By Our Laws," Trump Says of Counting All the Votes in an Election

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/27/i-dont-believe-thats-our-laws-trump-says-counting-all-votes-election


No, we don’t have Bernie or anyone else who values real democracy, but we are stuck with Biden. For those who think he’s not worth voting for, they will be partly responsible for another four years of a bafoon who is much worse than Biden. If dump wins, and with the Supreme Court working tirelessly for their corporate masters, say goodby to many freedoms you used to take for granted like affordable access to healthcare, peaceful demonstrations, women’s reproductive choices, renewable energy, and even the freedom to speak out against those who aim to oppress us. Say all you want about Biden, but he is our only hope against the monster in the White House. After the election, then we can start working on a multi-party system where the Green Party and others will have equal billing to the rogue repubs and dems.


I hope there are many out there who will drive lefties to drop-in boxes soon and deprive DeJoy of his depravity!


You admit Biden is not a good choice and then espouse a plan whereby the progressives have to try and sway corporate right wing democrats, deeply indebted to their right wing corporate sponsors into enacting a progressive agenda which goes directly against what they were hired to do in the first place. This system one agenda fulfilled by two party’s is how we arrived at this point in time, and before this election the argument was made that voting for Nader was a vote for Bush, or a vote for Kusinich was a vote for Bush, or a vote for Sanders was a vote for trump - what was the result of that logic? Bush won, and Trump won! they didn’t win because too many voted for Kusinich and sanders and for Nader, they won because too few voted for the progressive candidates and voted for people like Clinton, and Obama and Pelosi and Schumer and Feinstein, who collectively would do nothing to reverse right wing gains made over decades. Now those gains and the failure to support the many good candidates who have tried is the reason for our current situation. Isn’t it obvious that if good candidates, out-funded by their corporate opponents, can get little popular support, then only bad candidates have a chance to win? The apparent inability of Americans to grasp that incredibly simple principle is the singular primary cause of all our political issues to date.


“Donald Trump is planning to everything he can to make sure your vote doesn’t count.”

Proves one thing: According to the late Mr. Carlin that if voting counted it would be illegal means this year that our votes must count!


Listen carefully to the way, mannerism, in which he talks. He’s a pychopath manipulating people to their own demise for his personal gain. We cringe at the thought of a serial killer in our midst. This guy is responsible for killing how many now, and he’s trying to steal an election to keep himself out of prison. America, please wake up!


That is the million dollar question! He’s been Michael Cohen’s co-conspirator individual 1 all along. There is a sealed indictment waiting for the result of this election. The media should have been reminding Americans on a daily basis that their prez is individual 1 on a SDNY seald indictment. He has to be, no one else is protected from from being served. It explains 100% the motivation behind his behavior of winning reelection at all costs. Lying, cheating, stealing, willing to let people die, he’s a psychopath.

p.s. corporate media plays games. When the bottom line is the first objective, people finish last.


Biden is ahead in the polls. There is only one thing to talk about now and that is the blatant theft of this election. That is the story! MSNBC, CNN et al are still talking about how trump is a psychopath, the fact about how he has mishandled Covid and a hundred more reasons why he does not deserve to be our next president. All true but all secondary now to the fact Trump is going to, ( 2 + 2 = 4 ) declare himself the victor on November 3 with a SC and power structure to get it done. It’s so absurd most people can’t absorb what is about to happen!! We’re so behind the eight ball and we’re all going to be so “shocked” at the unconstitutional injustice of it all! There are many demonstrations set up for Nov 4…


“Can’t you understand what’s happening here? Don’t you see what’s happening? Potter isn’t selling. Potter’s buying!”

That’s from “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Not only a film which has held up over the years but a film which should be required watching before Election Day.

The quote above is the answer to why the Stock Market is doing so well when over 1,000 people are dying from a pandemic every day.

The 1% are buying up the distress of the 99% at bargain rates and profiting, again, from disasters:

If it’s a pandemic the 1% will own the patents, drugs, distribution, and sell you the vaccine.

If it’s a Banking Meltdown the 1% will get bailed out, grab all the mortgages of houses underwater, and then rent housing to the current generation who can’t afford to buy a home.

If it’s a hurricane the 1% will handle all the insurance payments, the FEMA reimbursements, and all the bank loans to insure that as little as possible trickle down to the victims.

Basically, if you’re on fire the 1% will sell you water by the glass and if you’re drowning the 1% will sell you rope by the foot.

The 1% are now basically fighting over what’s left of a generation who lease their phones, lease their cars, rent their housing, and struggle to pay off college loans which the 1% have ruled are not eligible to refinance.

Yes indeed, Potter is buying.

Why should this film be required watching before Election Day?

The sad fact is George Bailey and the people of Bedford Falls had no recourse against Potter but we here today have the chance to vote Potter out of office in next week’s election.

And if we don’t Bedford Falls will be gone and we’ll all be living in Pottersville.


I agree with you, that’s is a very likely scenario. It’s sad to see what America has been reduced to.

To Barton: Agreed. First stop the bleeding. No one realized 4 years ago how extremely off the rails the Trump grenade would be. Now we know. Bleeding stopped with the Biden bandage, the citizens of the USA must put their political energy into creating at least one more political party. Whether its called Green, Progressive or anything else the most important thing is the fragmented progressive parties must merge and build up into one party big and powerful enough to take the stage and win elections.


What does that (equal billing) mean exactly? Are we not allowed to vote Green Party for president until we have RCV with a national popular vote? Even then, there is the chance that a third party candidate can knock out the Democratic party candidate before the final showdown with the Republican who could win (but would lose to the Democrat 1 on 1 - multi party races are a bitch that way), so are we not allowed to vote Green Party then either?

Bottom line is nobody is asking for your permission or anybody else’s for when we decide to vote Green or not depending on what state we are in, and just how fed up we are with the Democrats (often a function of how many crappy Democrats we’ve had to endure over the years). Krystal Ball, who is hit or miss for me, nails this pretty well at ~https://youtu.be/Up61RiMEuZM when she says: “there is nothing I find more frustrating or counter productive than voter shaming”. Yep.


I’ve been watching the ballot returns in Florida for that reason. Florida counts early and Trump’s shenanigans are going to be harder to pull if he doesn’t pull it out there. If anyone is a Florida voter here, and wants to stop Trump, I urge you to get your ballot in as soon as possible or vote early.


It is amazing how Trump, in his 70’s, is terrified of ‘losing anything’ because he never recovered from his Daddy( especially)and Mommy. This is very sad. People born to extreme and toxic parents must at some point become adults and put said parents in their proper place to remove their power. Otherwise, their parents will haunt them for their entire lives making them miserable and forever struggling for parental love. Since no amount of riches and luxury can take the place of a parents priceless love, it must be emotional hell to live with this. Trump must be rendered powerless before he finishes taking the whole country down because he was overprivileged and under loved.


Well said indeed.

Ah, it’s crunch time and the vampires are out… Anyone who said ANYTHING in defense of appointing Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS is hereby proven wrong, because NOTHING says an ignorant bigot can be a Justice… unless someone CHEATS… which is pretty much a statement of base requirements to be a ROTpublican.

We already had the separation of children from parents, not to be reunited.
If any votes are thrown out the voter should be notified of such, and the reason it was rejected. Otherwise count the vote.

And what goes here with states running elections? All I see is federal obstruction, all the way to the SCOTUS.
Make it state or make it federal, not both.


It just hit me. This is how people in other countries, like Venezuela, feel when the USA and the CIA move to delegitimize their governments and elections. How does it feel Amerikkka? Shoes on the other foot this time around.


" Leslie Moonves on Donald Trump, ‘It may not be good for america, but it’s damn good for CBS.’" He said the quiet part out loud. How many other media heads feel the same way.


Hi Pipar:
Sigh----what we need is an angel who needs to earn his wings—as in that same movie.