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'I Don't Know, Man': Joe Biden Cracks #MeToo to Room Full of Union Workers

'I Don't Know, Man': Joe Biden Cracks #MeToo to Room Full of Union Workers

Jon Queally, staff writer

Less than two days after issuing an acknowledgement of the controversy over his inappropriate behavior towards women over the years and saying he would do better in the future, likely Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Friday took a less conciliatory approach to the issue when he took the stage to speak to a ballroom full of trade union members.

Being of a similar age as Biden I feel i can speak to social norms way back then: . I don’t recall my father or any of the other fathers, or male relatives I knew sniffing little girl’s hair (my hair or my sister’s hair) and pulling them close for photo ops. Biden, as evidenced by this trade union presentation…yet again presents himself as someone who thinks he is special and above the social norms…it is almost reminiscent of Trump in that regard. . .


This guy is clueless and always has been. That is why he is a top pick for the establishment Democratic party.


Maybe Biden and Roy Moore can team up and run an independent campaign based on their backwards attitudes. They would probably have a lot of supporters in the US and maybe would pull away a lot of the traditional Trump supporters.


At least he didn’t cross himself after he got permission to hug a IBEW member ( most broadbacks are male, narrowbacks, not so much ).
You’ve heard of Tone Loc? Well, meet Tone Deff.

Yes, Biden is creepy and clueless, and his serial hair-sniffing SHOULD be enough to disqualify him as a candidate. But as OneEarth points out, there’s a sympathetic audience out there that finds it, if not exactly endearing, at least relatively unimportant. His efforts in support of Clarence “Uncle” Thomas’s SCOTUS nomination are part of this larger pattern.

What should have disqualified him long ago is his shameless backscratching relationship with Big Finance, which is going largely unremarked in corporate media. But since most of his colleagues have done—or are doing—the same, to one degree or another, I don’t expect much from that quarter.


#Biden beyond toast, good for compost, bassackward


He is a moron.

I do not believe one single poll that puts this “Status Quo Joe” above Bernie Sanders.

I hope none of you do either.


I know I don’t believe Bernie is second to anyone.

I do believe though, that if Al Franken had to go, so should Joe. Their behavior doesn’t bother me though. Their will always be people that are less comfortable with people touching them than others.

It makes me think of the people who like Pelosi because she is a “woman” in power or like Obama because he was a “black” man in power. They don’t seem to look beneath the surface to evaluate these people on their true merits. I guess it is just a reaction to how “white males” have hogged power for so long that anyone not a “white male” can look good even if the “white male” is more progressive. It is very desirable to see woman and non-white males take on power roles but even then there are really, good progressive woman and non-white males and there are some really, really bad woman and non-white males. DeVos , Carson and Thomas come to mind.


It does not appear that Biden gets it.


He gets it

He just doesn’t want it

And we sure as shit shouldn’t give it to him

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I understand tactile defensive. I even hate holding hands in church, but I also understand that it isn’t “healthy human.” To all the Biden haters including Sanders and all the piling on ditto crowd, get a life and see a shrink. It probably won’t help, but will give you a better understanding of healthy human relationships and stay out of France. I spent a summer in France, not a country with a fear of touchy feely. I didn’t realize that I had so much company. Then I should have guessed with our easily seduced by the Brit accent. Want to impress with propaganda hire a Brit, even Cockney will do.

Looks like you have tuned into Qanon.

Yes, the Vice President is right. Norms have changed. It used to be legal to rape your wife. When a 14-year old tried to rape me (I was 9), his father told my mother, “Boys will be boys.” (I got away. I was not harmed. Unlike my mother, who was raped when she was 12 by her uncle. Repeatedly.)

Vice President Biden is incorrect in his belief that a minor can give assent to inappropriate touching.


just another old white boy who has learned nothing. neither has the likes of Pelosi or his party. go home all of you - shame on you.

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You’re conflating and Joe’s gaslighting, older Democratic voters and … same ol’, same old.
Look up benevolent paternalism.


I’ve been in France a month or two a while back. Anyone French can contradict me but if you are saying an average French dad is Ok with a person who is a total stranger to his daughter touching her in a way she doesn’t like and is uncomfortable with, you are off your rocker.

No Biden isn’t a monster for this, just an idiot.

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A few things immediately come to mind. Why didn’t any of these women say something to Biden at the instant that these alleged incidents occurred? Why did they wait years later to complain about it to the media instead of to Biden?

Could it be that millenials have a problem relating to people on a one to one basis? They are born with a cell phone in their hand, and most of their interaction with people is staring at a screen of Facebook or Twitter. Their people problem is so bad by age 21, that colleges are now giving them coaching on how to act to interviewers and business associates after graduating.

Finally, how many of these comments come from trolls of Putin who know that Biden can beat Putin’s compromised Trump.