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"I Don't Think That You are Telling Us the Truth": At House Hearing, Pompeo Dodges on Iran, Coronavirus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/28/i-dont-think-you-are-telling-us-truth-house-hearing-pompeo-dodges-iran-coronavirus

The wait seems calculated so as to deny the role of Congress’ oversight of the executive branch. The long wait (and obfuscating answers at that) removes any immediacy from Congressional oversight rendering it minimal at best. The unitary executive superseding the three branches of government mandate.

Yes kiddies, we grow nearer and nearer to having a king who doesn’t have to answer to nobody.


Each day, more danger. We appear impotent to do anything about anything. It’s profoundly discouraging that the plutocrats and oligarchs have purchased governments with their mentally and emotionally unsound ideas about their own value and the worth of the rest of us. It is a fatal disease acted out on all of us, allowed by the purchased. Not to mention that we as a society appear either too comfortable, too preoccupied with bringing in cash, or too alienated, sick or despairing to utilize our power of strikes and walk-outs effectively. Marches and protests are not enough. The corporates have to feel some pain, which means we might have to feel more before we feel any less.


Of course pompeous is deceiving and manipulating the truth - that is what the trump regime is about - wjat it’s all about; that and astonishing ignorance, extremist belief, service to wealtha nd power and cronies.

That ugly reality of corruption and blatant pathological lies by the thousands is contrasted by the moral quality and integrity of Bernard Sanders. If we fail to achieve the changes critically needed, we all are done.



Find me “one” Rump administration official that’s says, “I’m telling you the truth,” and you will have found a liar.


You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Support Bernie Sanders in 2020! Peace


The person being questioned, like Trump, does not belong in the U.S.A.


Recently, the Japanese Asahi Corporation thought that some of those tens of thousands of Americans who were stricken with flu or died this winter could’ve been Covid 19 victims. If there’s any truth in this, then the problem predates Trump’s announcement. Trump mentioned the thousands of deaths caused by flu every winter: perhaps he knew something we don’t?

Another suspicious thing is the headline used by almost every tv network - that fear of the Corona virus caused a sharp downturn in the stocks when everyone knows a correction of the grossly inflated stocks have been overdue. Given this common knowledge, can we blame Trump for thinking that his enemies (the fake news organizations) are again conjuring new attacks against his administration?

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Round up the whole cabinet and along with trump, give them free rooms at Gitmo. They can stay there until an extensive investigation of every one of them is complete. They are as close to terrorists as I’ve seen in America.


May this virus infect every single recalcitrant member of the Trump administration. Perhaps nature will intervene to do the job the Senate refused to do.


I was thinking it was time for Iran to gift Trump, Mulvaney, Pompeo, Pence, McConnell, Bannon and the rest of the idiots a few beautiful Iranian rugs contaminated with Covid-19.

The pope is coughing. He needs to stop meeting folks for a while. Vatican confirms Pope and two aides have it.

We will see where we are after the election.

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