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I Don't Trust This Administration* With a Lemon Zester, Let Alone a War With Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/13/i-dont-trust-administration-lemon-zester-let-alone-war-iran

we must start protesting/we can’t afford a war and not under these circumstances. this administration is nuts.

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I think and then that is the problem right there but anyway it seems to me that these folks that like guns and war and killing things watched too many John Wayne movies, way too many. If you you recall in his early westerns his hat never ever got knocked off or his nose bloodied, what? Right now the troops are painting a fence, what? Ya know, if we do go to war, which I pray we do not do, but if we do we deserve to get our ass-kicked big time because someone has got to put the MIC in it’s place…okay…I’ll stop…before my head explodes all over my monitor…have a nice day.

(No comment needed: the essay speaks for itself. Flabby Mike Pompous-ass is indeed fighting way above his weight class, and that’s pretty heavy to begin with.)

The ONLY question here is “who did the U.S. get to sabotage the ships?” Israel has a history of planting mines on ships in false flag operations and eyewitness accounts from onboard the targeted ships say missiles or some other projectile were used.

Someone within the intelligence agencies knows what’s up and they need to understand that they can offer up the truth or they can take the responsibility for another war. Keeping quiet and ‘following orders’ does NOT excuse murder and war crimes. This Empire is going down, and the truth-tellers, the Snowdens, the Assanges, the Mannings will be remembered as the great patriots and martyrs of our times.


If I’m being strangled, there’s going to be blood before I give up.

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