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I Endorse Jacinda Ardern

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/11/i-endorse-jacinda-ardern

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An excellent article which clearly illustrates the differences in leadership between the two Countries. New Zealand did not have anymore information on this virus than did the USA. The wearing of masks, lock downs and social distancing all seemed to work in New Zealand even as people claim they do nothing.

Yes New Zealand is an island nation thus better able to control its borders but other Countries did a far better job then did the USA that are not “island States” some of these Countries bordering directly with China.

In Africa Kenya has a population virtually all black of some 54 million and saw less BLACK people die to the Virus than occurred in the USA. This one of the poorer Countries in the world and I can not recall the leader of Kenya ever claiming his Country had the greatest health care system in the world.

That the USA has 25 percent of all COVID deaths with 5 percent of the World population is solely on its leadership. Before that same crowd trumpets “The people in the USA are dying of other things and they blame it on COVID” i point again to the EXCESS death measurement which is 220000 higher then normally happens year to year.


There exists the World Socialist Party (New Zealand) that although of an insignificant size stands by its principles.


It’s nice to air Arden’s record a bit, but none of this appears relevant to the election in the States. Biden? Convalescence? Surely Jacinda Arden cannot be the connection.