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I Feel a Political Revolution Coming


I Feel a Political Revolution Coming

Erica Garner

Four years ago, if you had asked me who I would vote for in this presidential election, I would have said Hillary Clinton. However, in the last four years, my views of Hillary have changed and as I dig into her past and notice inconsistencies. She has been flip-flopping her whole life, and while changing opinions isn’t a crime, someone who is running for the presidency should have unwavering consistency in backing up campaign promises.


Indeed, Ms. Garner, with all her fame, money and political power, why did Slickery wait until she decided to run for the Presidency again, to start talking about issues that are a concern to all of us little people. She could have been at the vanguard of a grassroots movement to change the status quo, that she "claims" she is against now...Many people would have jumped on her bandwagon...But she is the consummate
politician, and that is a consummate LIAR AND FRAUD. If she gets s/elected: NOTHING will change....only get incrementally WORSE.


Ms. Garner hasn't found peace of mind over the murder of her father. She has found instead that there is no peace of mind when the same things happen to others and injustice and racism gets away with murder. She stands for justice and truth and against the injustice and the lies. She stands with Bernie, with her people, with us - a change is needed and most importantly that a change is coming. She isn't getting paid nor being given bribes or enticements to go along to get along! She does this from her heart and her convictions in a search for the truth, for justice and maybe for the peace of mind for all those who fear a militarized police who have been given impunity (not immunity) by the courts. Police who demand that innocent people behave as if they have no rights and must 'Obey instantly or die!' She doesn't have peace of mind... She has the determination to prevent more tragedies from happening to others, to speak out for the need for change, to educate and engage with people (and particularly young people) who are often taken for granted.

Her activism honors the memory of her father. We are all in this together and maybe we don't have leaders but Erica leads ...from the heart.


Thank you, Erica, from the bottom of our hearts (many of us)!


Great article Erica. I'm with you all the way.


Thank you Erica for your heart felt message and hard work for Bernie. Many of us out here suffered too while watching the murder of your father. We in our family were devastated. That's why we've turned to Bernie the only candidate we can trust to have his heart in the right place and a moral center in foreign affairs. We just can't go on with the rich deciding who lives and who dies. Bless you and your family and thank you again for raising your voice for all of us.


The contrast in experience and heart and deep morality between Erica Garner and the Hollywood Clinton bots are as extreme as between HRC and Bernie Sanders themselves.

We all would be the very much poorer in spirit and idealism but for the likes a genuine Human Beings like Erica and Bernie.........


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Clever girl. It's a shame her father isn't around today to see what a great woman she has become. I'm sure she would also support Michelle Alexander as Bernie's running mate. I can't think of another person who is so well informed and positioned to end institutional racism as Mrs. Alexander. And if she does become the VP of America some day, maybe she can get Erica Garner a job in D.C. as well.


Thank you Erica for the heartfelt article. your voice is strong and clear.