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'I Felt Americans Needed to Know': Insurance Industry Whistleblower Gives Glimpse Into Effort to Crush Medicare for All

'I Felt Americans Needed to Know': Insurance Industry Whistleblower Gives Glimpse Into Effort to Crush Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an effort to inform the public about the corporate forces working to crush Medicare for All, an employee at the insurance giant UnitedHealthcare leaked a video of his boss bragging about the company's campaign to preserve America's for-profit healthcare system.


Just one–probably rhetorical–question: WILL THIS FIND ITS WAY TO CORPORATE MEDIA so ALL may be informed?!
(Sometimes I crack myself up)


Good Bless You Sir. You are a Hero.


Jamaican me crazy Clyde!


Jamaican me crazy Clyde!
Just part of the job description, PB.

By the way, I clicked on the link to the corporate video and couldn’t find it. Any clues?

THe video is at Washington post which wants money up front for content now - apparently. This is the second time today that I ran into this at WaPo

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Gotta LOVE that “GREED CAPITALISM”, eh, Phred?


CEO Nelson sez:
“Part of it is trying to be thoughtful about how we enter in the conversation, because there’s a risk of seeming like it’s self-serving."

Pity you’re having such difficulty coming up with a message of compassion and altruism to combat such unfortunate optics.


Phred, just check your cookies and remove anything that has washingtonpost.
Its a tracker cookie with a counter. get five free articles and you are cut off.
Same at all the media propaganda sites. NYT, etc.

Erase it and you’l get 5 more articles.

I refuse to pay for brain washing, but it is good to track the stupid ideas they pump into the matrix.


Thanks - I’ll try it

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Tune in to the Rachel Maddow show tonight to find out.

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At one time we broke up Ma Bell, as we affectionately called the monopoly that controlled all phones. Boy did that change the scenery.

You realize that once we get rid of the Insurance Scam of America, we might just get rid of those pesky Profiteers of Endless War, like Lockheed, etc.


I’d rather eat a pair of week old gym socks. No thanks. I’ll see if there is any follow up on the “REAL NEWS”…the internet.


I’ve been saying it for years. The private insurance business model is to sell a service, collect the money up front, then refuse to provide the service that was purchased. What other legal business is allowed to function that way?


And I’ve said for years: All the term “insurance” means is that the company will INSURE IT MAKES BIG PROFITS!


Sounds just like Trumpf’s moda operandi.


Former insurance executive Wendell Potter has been credibly blowing the whistle ever since Obama’s secret meeting with Billy Tauzin launched the ACA more than a decade ago.

Why will this be different ?

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Yeah, it’s not like the truth about promoting the profits of the healthcare industrial complex over actual healthcare hasn’t been out there.

Out there and papered over by our political “leadership.”


UnitedHealth Group, the parent company of United Healthcare, raked in around $17 billion in profits and “spent about $8 million on lobbying efforts” in 2018

Gee, I wonder how far this $8 million would have gone to provide medical for those they denied coverage to. While $8 million is chump change to United Healthcare, it was more than likely a matter of life and death to a few to which coverage was denied.

Under genuine Socialism – in which the working class people actually own and manage the means of production and then coordinate the distribution of those products and services based on need – you will not see this type of exploitation and oppression of the working class people simply for the need of ever-increasing profits.

This article perfectly illuminates the results when the production of products and services is for profit instead of meeting the actual needs of the people.


Why we must be the unrelenting advocates for Expanded, Improved Medicare For All everywhere we go–talk to everyone, write commentaries for your local papers and other media outlets. Organize and organize!