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'I Felt Americans Needed to Know': Insurance Industry Whistleblower Gives Glimpse Into Effort to Crush Medicare for All


One caller wanted to know what the “poor” people who work for the insurance industries will do once they are laid off? Simple: Get another job!



Since we all age, get sick and eventually die why is health care a for profit industry?



Yes, if the information about the item being marketed is available. Unfortunately, more than half of marketing is to manipulate the perception of products, the instinctive reflexes of lizard brains, and the value of money. The ‘price’ is simply an imaginary number based on the availability of unknown valued credit now. It’s not the useful value of anything, especially since much of the production and overhead costs to obtain it are externalized to government deficit spending, loss of trade balances and global instabilities. Saturation advertising is tax deductible. There’s no opposing force to consumerism except destitute consumers, and even that is remedied with government intervention to prevent failure of industries or closing of unnecessary military programs. Very few purchase choices are ‘free’ choices with direct labor value for items that are useful to the future of that labor. It’s all open-loop, belief-based, imaginary value that’s spoon-fed to children from day one to create ‘demand’ for things that nobody needs.