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‘I, for One, Welcome Our New Insect Overlords!’ How the Chattering Class Bully-Worships Trump


‘I, for One, Welcome Our New Insect Overlords!’ How the Chattering Class Bully-Worships Trump

Mike Lofgren

In his review of Bertrand Russell’s Power: A New Social Analysis, George Orwell wrote the following: “Bully-worship, under various disguises, has become a universal religion… ”


What if Trump coopted the money-power by naming them to heads of agencies and government? By putting them in charge, he put them on the firing line. Genius?


Direct Democracy


...the notion that Trump is some unstoppable force of nature with whom we must make our peace is a disgrace. Once Americans of good will adopt such a message, we are doomed."

That is PRECISELY right.


I agree 100%. I'll never accept Trump. I know people who voted for him. They're motivation was to show women, minority populations, " the others ", etc. the door, so to speak. Their flag decals and hats aren't patriotic, they're hate signs, imo.


Well Mike, I would suggest that although it is easy to take things on face value you might wish to explore what is behind the person. What has not been held accountable are the state actors that killed MLK, JFK and many other Kennedys. So what you are thinking is that the Trumpster is really running the show. If you are a good reporter you will dig deeper. If not its propaganda and you are a lazy ass.


Due to the courage demonstrated so far by several Federal judges this might take a while, as any attempts to subvert the First Amendment would - at least initially - be declared unconstitutional.  But with Neil Gor­such on the Supreme Court, it could be only a matter of time . . .    Of all Trump's horrible appointees and negative im­pulses, other than nuclear war this could be by far the most dangerous to what's left of our democracy.


"Already he has done Significant Reputational Damage to the United States abroad."

How is that even possible, at this point?


That is hitting the nail on the head, diveshopingoa!


You and Howling go at least one step (huuuuge step) too far. Sure there are always powerful people in the background, but the most important person is not always "behind the curtain." The powerful are always dueling in the background to support their agendas, but they are not always killing each other or killing powerful "puppets" or whatever you want to call public figures with a political agenda. It's been sadly demonstrated over and over that rabid radicalized citizens will use murderous force because of their convictions.


Guess I'm siding with diveshopingoa, because it seems to me what this otherwise good analysis leaves out is that Trump is hardly acting alone--in fact, it seems to me he doesn't really HAVE an agenda, doesn't care what policy is enacted. What he cares about is his personal wealth, and the attention and adulation he's addicted to. He made a deal with the Republicans, after they failed to stop him from winning the nomination, in which they got to decide policy in exchange for risking constant humiliation with him as their nominal head. It seems unlikely to me that he gives a rat's ass whether women can get abortions or not, what rights gays have, how many immigrants there are, or how much pollution is legal. But the Republicans care about these things, and removing Trump would not change that.


Well, I pretty much agree with you. I would say, however, that republicans are divided on the immigrant thing.


You must not pay much attention to international news or travel abroad much, hu? As someone who does on both accounts, I can tell you it not only is possible, but has happened. And the people who are most exposed to the hate he has unleashed against Americans are those who travel outside the confines of the United States. But, of course, most trumpsters don't do much traveling and so are further isolated from this very real aspect of trump's reign.


Totally agree with you, Wildfire, and well stated.


Martin Luther King nailed the US Govt as the World's Greatest Perpetrator of Violence a Half Century ago.

The hatred of the World, against the US Govt, has, only, steadily increased.

Trump's just the latest guy in the Puppet Seat.


Hate "he" has unleashed?

That horse left the barn a long time ago.

MLK recognized the US Govt as the greatest purveyor of violence in the world, a half century ago, and we have made enemies, through our use of it, steadily since then.

Trump's just the latest guy, in his position, making sure the barn door stays open.

Trumpster? Is that what you get from that comment? :grin:


Not far enough in my mind. I have seen the death and destruction from the leaders of our country. I have felt it.

Let us not confuse rabid radicalized citizens who have crazy ideas and citizens who have lost the rights that should belong to the people under law. Lets consider quite reasonable people who wake up to find out that they are really only a slave in a system of debt and no matter what they do can not climb out of the hole that has been created for them.

Lets talk about the most tortured election system in the world that drags on for years before resolution and then the people who vote more for policy than personality find out that the traffic cops at the white house door don't do no people programs. Think about JFK and I am sure you will come around.

I guess I missed the vote to go to war on a forever basis. I missed the vote for the USA my country to dominate the world or kill it. Did you vote for that? Did any candidate run on that as policy other than McCain and Graham?

For me it is immoral to dominate others, kill, rape, poison and do other damage to other human beings or species. So for the last third of my life I have chosen to not make enough money to pay taxes. I am then free of the burden of knowing that I paid for the rife, ammo ,flak jacket and rented a young person until their blood was spilled in some land my country wanted to dominate.

So Monkes Tale have you paid your taxes to the authorities? If you are a good little USA citizen and paid your taxes then around your neck is lives lost on your account. Now would you like to discuss rabid radicalized citizens who use murderous military force because of their need to dominate and control. So what side are you on. Are you asking for present and past leaders who have broken the law be arrested and put in a privately run prison. You know something like the ones we had in Iraq. Or are you an appeaser? Its okay to start an illegal war and kill 1.4 million. But lets not over react.


An Insightful and most accessible essay—...well, at least for those who are not entirely ignorant and appreciate history.


Humans are imperfect. Our government has long taken on the role of policeman of the world. It's not all terrible, but yes, sometimes our efforts have been amazingly horrible and stupid.


Agree! Can we work together to make it better?


Eh, hum... At the risk of seeming pedantic or improperly reading too much into your terminology... But, "Policeman of the world?" Well, I guess that depends upon your viewpoint and your recognition of historical patterns. Regardless, I think that the term "consigliere" for the global power-elite is a more apt term. After all, the rampart duplicity and patent contradictions in U.S. hegemony, geo-political strategies and implementations thereof should underscore the applicability of the latter terms.

I think that most reasonable people would agree that when most foreign nations do not sufficiently cultivate or otherwise yield to the monolithic capitalistic crusade. then woe be it to them. Perhaps, it is as the proverbial "Hanging Sword of Damocles." [used here in the colloquial sense] However, even many of the most notorious national leaders have been sanctioned by the the U.S. and its usual "allies,"as long as they cow-tow their economic and financial interests.

In a nutshell, it's largely about rationalization, hegemony, and "manifest destiny."