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I Grew Up in Tom Price’s District. The Sex Ed He Promotes Is Dangerous


I Grew Up in Tom Price’s District. The Sex Ed He Promotes Is Dangerous.

Anusha Ravi

Last month, the Trump administration silently slashed $213.6 million from at least 81 institutions working on teen pregnancy prevention. The cuts hit a wide variety of programs: the Choctaw Nation’s initiatives to reduce teen pregnancy in Oklahoma, the University of Texas' guidance for youth in foster care, and Baltimore’s Healthy Teen Network’s work on an app that could answer health questions from teen girls.


The Under Privileged should obviously use the ubiquitous tool known as porn for sex ed. There, problem solved.
It will also ensure that females will be treated with respect. Who needs sex ed? I mean, what do we need that kind of education for? We are born with the knowledge of how.

Thanks for that great article.
I am not sure what kind of community you were exposed to.
In Indiana, the indoctrination of white male superiority begins early, and the churches make sure that it is deep.

The west coast, where I know reside, is under less of an attack.
The problem is that sometimes even though who are fighting for the right side don’t know the whole story.
And they continue to live in their echo chamber.

In my opinion, any organization propagating the right information should be given tax exempt credit, and not the churches.

We are being dragged into a dark age when information is so readily at hand.


Great article! There is a lot more going on behind the daily drama of dysfunctional White House shenanigans, that most never hear about.

Tom Price is yet one more glaring example of the wrong man being intentionally put in the wrong job.
Tom Price is yet one more glaring example of why the last election mattered. It mattered a lot!

Those who voted for Trump should be ashamed. Ditto for those who didn’t vote at all because of Hillary-hate.

Hillary was not my first choice. Bernie was, and is! However, the prospect of a Trump Presidency
was, and is proving to be, a nightmare scenario.

One thing for sure: She would not have appointed someone like Tom Price as HHS Secretary, to
make war on poor women.


There are school boards in all 50 states (more in rural areas than urban areas) that have always perpetuated this dark ages mission that Price in his pivotal position has branded like it has never been branded before. An analysis of comparative teen pregnancy rates among US counties and states provides evidence of who the offenders are.

I recently met a Planned Parenthood (PP) employee who said that PP offers to provide free sex ed. classes for school districts but most school boards won’t let them.

“The sex ed. he promotes is dangerous” indeed, however, is there any aspect of living in Murka in the 21st century that is NOT dangerous ?


This atrocity of a decision fits the entire Trumpist agenda of pushing in every possible way for more inequality. There is certainly no more effective way to assure the growth of poverty than to encourage teenage and unwanted pregnancies - which is exactly what the “abstinence only” nonsense is designed to do. There is virtually no one who thinks that human beings are going to refrain from sex, so various power structures put it to use for their own profit. A large and growing mass of poor, uneducated and desperate “American” workers is always beneficial to the Trumpist class, particularly now that impoverished immigrant workers have been targeted to serve another, perhaps equally valid role, that of scapegoats. Who knows? If poverty can be pushed to truly third world levels, the Trump crowd will be able to move some of their pitifully low wage factories back to the USA.

The great weakness of the opposition to Trump is that there is absolutely zero economic analysis of how each of the supposedly crazy policies pushed by Trump fit the one universal criterion of promoting inequality. The rich must be get richer and hence the poor must get poorer, both at home and abroad. Only countries in which inequality is extreme does democracy itself become impossible - and the pattern is evident right here at home where the poorest states like West Virginia and Louisiana automatically slide into authoritarian one party systems. And why wouldn’t they? No one with a sound grounding in socialist theory ismobilizing the workers to identify their real enemies so the republicans have been able to tap the justified anger of the working class and direct against the enemy of the week, Mexicans today, Muslims tomorrow, Jews the day after that.

If nothing else, read Thomas Piketty to get a context for the blind economic forces driving inequality worldwide. Trump is a symptom, and the problem will not end when and if the Mueller investigation proves him to be a criminal months or years from now.


Human biology being what it is I think this is huge opportunity for unintended consequences which is why we evolved to different levels of thought on reproduction and health.


Keeping women chaste until marriage supports patriarchy in several ways. One, it allows male dominance to operate largely unchecked by suppressing a female trait that in nature often serves as a counter balance male’s physical dominance. Two, it conditions females to suppress and reject natural biological emotions and desires. And three, it supports the male dominated marriage culture where males select their mates. This is particularly interesting because evolutionary research suggests that sexual selection is responsible for domestication - that is mate choice which favors less aggressive traits leads to domestication. In this sense, women have the opportunity to build the species they want if they are willing to take control of the mate selection process.

Edit - There’s a good article on sex ed in Denmark that was just posted at Salon that notes another reason for conservative backlash to early and comprehensive sex education: “Even the idea of encouraging children to make their own informed decisions about their sexuality implies a belief in the notion of the self — and the significance of autonomy.” (link not allowed but title is “Sex-ed for kindergarteners? Yes, please”)


The Salon article was about sex-ed in Scotland: