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I Had an Abortion. It’s None of Your Business Why.

I Had an Abortion. It’s None of Your Business Why.

Elly Lonon

Last week, I attended a local Day of Action rally to support abortion rights.

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From the article:

“I had an abortion, and I need no one’s forgiveness. Nor should I need your permission.”


And for those who piously intone “All life is sacred,” I say “tell it to John F. Bolton, Mike F. Pompeo and Donald F. Trump.”


Abortion is healthcare. Whatever the reason a uterus bearing person needs to get an abortion , she could be able to without offering explanations. After all, no one walks up to me and offers me advice on medical procedure I am having done. Planned Parenthood, for example, shouldn’t have to justify its existence and funding by saying that they provide regular health care services too. As if it was a bad thing if all they were providing was abortions. We need to change the narrative here and stop apologizing and tip toeing about abortion.


I’ve never had an abortion. Turns out, I couldn’t have children anyway. Yet, I feel exactly the same way as the writer. When we start arguing about whether or not abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or incest, then I feel like we have already ceded the ground that abortion itself is a right.


It’s a healthcare issue and is awaiting Medicare for All.

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How would medical provision for abortion be changed by Medicare for All? Medicare is federal funding and prohibited from funding abortion. Further, Medicaid which in some cases provides for it would be eliminated.

What makes abortion different than other medical procedures is that it ends a human life. Isn’t that obvious? Whether you believe that ending the life of a human fetus is acceptable or not, isn’t it obvious that this makes it different than… let’s say, the removal of a skin tag.

It’s true that an argument is made weaker, when we only defend the most righteous reasons for our policy (we should be able to defend the least righteous reasons as well. However, it is also true that arguments are made weaker when we cannot concede that the other side makes valid points.

What makes abortion different from other medical procedures is that it’s only performed upon women. No man—unless he provided half the DNA and has pledged to provide at least half the support for that particular product of conception—has any standing to intervene.


Wrong. Have you ever heard of transgender men?

Furthermore, ideas are valid or not because of the idea itself, not because of the genitalia of the person espousing them.

What part of “It’s none of your business” don’t you get?

Both the House and Senate “Improved” Medicare for All bills specifically site abortion as a payable procedure.

Ok, can you show me the provision?

I see. Anyone who disagrees with you get’s hit with the “it’s none of your business” argument. Do you use that argument on other issues? You could certainly do so, but you may find you’d become quite the libertarian. You’d also be losing out on valuable debate and discussion.

Sorry, but it seems to me that all people have a right to a voice on ethical and political issues.

I see that you believe the father of the fetus has a right to his opinion on the issue of abortion. I must have become defensive and missed that earlier. I think it’s great, at least, that you allow for that. Have a great day, and keep that mind open.