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'I Have Become a Body Without a Soul': 13 Yars Detained in Guantánamo


'I Have Become a Body Without a Soul': 13 Yars Detained in Guantánamo

Pardiss Kebriaei

I feel like there is a heavy weight on my chest – it’s as if I’m breathing through a needle hole. And then I ask myself, “If I write or say something, is anybody going to listen to me? Is it really going to make any difference?”


From Kebriaei's commentary: "116 prisoners still detained there six years after Obama promised to close the facility."

And O had Democratic Party majorities in both houses of Congress for two years.

It reinforces the spectacle of pro wrestling-type action in DC, where the circus is carefully scripted, and the actors follow the directives.


Is there such a thing as justice? How can one human being imprison another human being without the use of the law? That is itself a crime. Kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment. We imprison criminals based on laws not on the arbitrary say so of another no matter what his position or authority. All human beings are subject to the law not only the accused but also their accusers.

It is sickening that so many years of a person's life be taken from them without showing cause. Moreover to not even charge someone with an offense is to remove them from their place among humanity as if somehow they are not deserving of being treated like other human beings.

Bush/Cheney did this. They disdained respect for the law and for the bill of rights and our Constitution and covered up their incompetency by imprisoning people without them being charged with a crime nor allowing them a trial.

This is not America. We are decent human beings and we do not act like a King who is above the law and throw people into prison without explanation (according to OUR laws).

Even Guantanamo is part of that sleezy disrespect for our laws and disrespect for the American people's intelligence and self respect. To say that because Guantanamo, a military base is on foreign soil (as are embassies) that it is somehow not subject to our laws is specious and shameful. American law exists at Guantanamo and always has.

What crime deserves 13 years in jail btw? But what if there were no crime at all? We are told by our own government that innocent people have been imprisoned wrongfully but that they are angry at our mistake so we don't want to let them go? Are we monsters then or are we human beings who make mistakes and correct them?

Is there a difference between innocent and guilty? You can't keep innocent people in jail for no reason. If they are innocent they do not belong in jail according to law and that is that. The law imprisons them not the whim of the jailers. According to all understandings of justice and decency, the innocent should not be imprisoned because according to law that would be kidnapping and that is a crime.

Bush/Cheney have demeaned America by this shameful subterfuge in place of our sense of justice and the rule of law. It is disgusting that Obama who apparently has neither the courage or the strength of his own beliefs (what a pitiful example he is for the young) to free the innocent and rectify this injustice, Surely to imprison a man without charge for 13 years is like an acid eating away our own trust and faith in our legal system. If the innocent can be imprisoned without charge then where is our respect for our own laws?

How long will it be before Americans are thrown in prison without trial because someone in authority felt like that should be done to them? Maybe one day Americans will be hauled off to Guantanamo and held without charge or trial (or perhaps even any evidence whatsoever?) and told that once the mistake was discovered that it is too late to let them go because they've been in prison too long?

Bush/Cheney's deceit and incompetency hurt America more than any foreign enemy ever did. The Bush/Cheney administration weakened us and corrupted our soul. Continuing to keep the innocent in jail without charge continues to corrupt us.


Until a matter thought unchangeable turns around, people think it can or will never happen.

I pray and hope that the opening-door policy with Cuba leads the U.S. military to abandon Guantanamo. I would not be surprised if Cuba--out of the same generosity that sends its doctors to areas hit by earthquakes and hurricanes--repatriated these souls forced to negotiate an Orwellian labyrinth that's a cross between Kafka's "The Trial" and Dante's "Inferno."

Godspeed to all who were falsely accused mostly to serve as props for a pre-planned war against an enemy that never existed.


You left out something important. When so-called Democracy becomes farcical theater, and military might trumps all decision-making, the Justice System is also debilitated.

This is not just about Pro-wrestling, wild, wild, world politics. As Sheldon Wolin explained, it's INVERTED totalitarianism. In other words, the appendages of Democratic processes--elections, media, courts--remain operational but all serve the same entity.

That means there are no checks or balances to absolute power having corrupted absolutely.


You take a quote out of context and then argue off subject entirely? Give me a break.

Maybe you didn't read with comprehension or lost concentration because just a few sentences later I wrote

My point was that Bush/Cheney started this lack of respect for law and the bill of rights. At no time did I excuse Obama for being the republican he is and following their lead.


I do not like Obama which is obvious and I certainly do not dismiss nor excuse his crimes including the kill at will self appointed executioner in chief (without trial and which includes Americans abroad) drones of death crap that the world will regret someday when others choose to give themselves similar powers to kill without trial.

However The F_ _ _ ING article was about Guantanamo. Obama did not start Guantanamo and should have closed it by now but has been too gutless to do so. Nevetheless I was pointing out that nothing like that had ever happened before Bush/Cheney and they set the precedent of this utter lack of law and abysmal cruelty. Even f'n Jeffrey Dahmer the cannibal had a trial. Bush /Cheney tried to suggest that people didn't deserve trials. That giving them a trial was being soft on them? Bullshit they knew that innocent people had been falsely accused and others with insufficient evidence to go to trial with so they sleezed their way out of responsibility for their own incompetence and debased the concept of justice in American law.

What is so damnably cruel is that an innocent person from Bush/Cheney days may still be imprisoned all this time. Obama the republican is truly gutless and weak.

The article is about Guantanamo. My comment was too.


I guess you aren't reading what I write.


It's impossible to deal with that person. You have been very clear in your remarks, you have not tried to excuse Obama, indeed, you rightly lay much responsibility on him, however, the terror of Guantanamo started under Bush- Cheney that is simply historical fact, and they carry the greatest responsibility. You are not manifesting, in any way, shallow partisan bias, nor am I manifesting shallow partisan bias in joining you on these issues. I do not support Obama at all. Of course Obama should close that God awful place, you did not say Obama was not related to Guantanamo. At least I didn't read that.


I don't think that's true. Your phrasing makes Obama a non-actor, just someone who passively went along with the crimes BushCo actively committed. Yet Obama's many other acts suggests that the passivity you perceive is an artifact of your perception, not an accurate appraisal of his culpability. Whenever he hasn't appeared to act, he did act--it just wasn't visible to us.


The disrespect for the law and ignoring of the Bill of Rights goes right back to 1776. It did not start with Bush/Cheney.

It important to recognize this in order to understand that it the model and the system that is the problem rather then specific individuals. It is the nature ofa society that elevates one small segment of the population above all others when it comes to wealth and power while claiming it about "freedom liberty and justice".

If I started a list of all political leaders that ignored international law or the bill of rights or social justice or that favored the wealthy over the masses it would include virtually every President and Vice President the USA has ever had.


Thanks, I am begnning to wonder at those who strive to cause dissention and that try to be disruptive. Maybe they have an agenda? Maybe there are multiple agendas for different people?

I've decided that agent provocateurs seek only to mess with us progressives and basically prevent peaceful dicussion and debate. So I write the truth as best that I know it so that if someday I look back I never have to be embarrassed at having stooped low or resort to deceit.

It is a sort of arrogance I suppose that I feel that they are unable to make me ever feel the need to lie or exaggerate. I enjoy throwing the truth out there and it is always nice to know that there are those who also respect the truth and are 'arrogant' enough to believe that they don't have to lie ...lol.

I'd be embarrassed to lie ... that would mean that I didn't do my homework...lol I know you know what I mean.

Thanks for the comment and right back at you too. The truth is what it is and people like us really don't need anything else when you think about it.


I recognize where you are coming from however in a discussion or debate the 'everything in history approach solves nothing. Go back to 1776? That's all? !600's the Star Chamber? Why stop there? Pre magna carta ... um... wait... Justinian's code...pre Justinian? You get my drift?

The man is in Guantanamo I think he deserves the respect that discussion restrict itself to Guantanamo and when it was created. Moreover Guantanamo's detention without charge or trial is fairly unique as that has NEVER been part of American law. A limited temporary indefinite detention is permissible in the law but must still adhere to the principles in American constitutional law and the Bill of Rights. A speedy trial being the hallmark wrested by blood and sacrifice from an unwilling king. As well as habeas corpus and the right to know the evidence used against you etc,

Bush/Cheney have literally soiled the reputation of American law and ideals of justice. It no longer exists now. It as if cowards declared that courage and honor were no longer important.


They couldn't disrespect or ignore the Bill of Rights in 1776 because they didn't exist. The House of Representatives sent to the states 10 Amendments (The Bill of Rights) for approval in 1789, Virginia was the last to approve them in 1791. The Founders were hypocrites regarding the select application of the ideas in the Declaration of Independence of 1776, one of the great documents in world history.


It was not a great document any more than was the Magna Carta. Habeus corpus does not have its origins in US law. It predates it by centuries as did the right to confront ones accusers in a court of law.

That people had to put those words to paper once again because governments of the time were ignoring them shows how valueless words to paper are.

You now have presidents ignoring these words once again just as happened when the Britisk King ignored the British Bill of Rights (and yes the so called founding fathers copied most of an already existing bill of rights) and I highly doubt putting the same words to paper once again some several centuries later will suddenly make those freshly written words an evolution.

If we want a true evolution it the system that has to be dismantled and not adding more words to another piece if paper claiming to restrict the excesses if those in power.


The Declaration has provided inspiration to people all over the world, including Ho Chi Minh:


Because people ignore them diminishes them not one whit. The Declaration of Independence is one of the great documents in World HIstory, period. You might not like it but it is included in any collections of works that have had universal applicability and influence.


You are simply ignoring the larger issue. Bush/Cheney are merely symptons of a much larger problem and singling out those individuals for blame when the issues systemic only perpetuates the system.

You do not have to go all the way back to the Star Chamber to come to the conclusion that this all the result of the Dominator society where power assigned to those at the top. The injustices at gitmo are the same ones committed against the Filipinos when the USA seized those territories. They were the same committed against the peoples of Laos and Cambodia and Vietnam. They did not start with Bush Cheney and they will not end with push Cheney as long as the current system exists.

There have been people in solitary confinement in the prison system of the USA since before Bush was president.


Again , meaningless. The declaration of independence first and foremost is not your consitution nor is it your Bill of rights.

It is words put to paper that others spoke thousands of times before 1776. That call for justice goes back thousands of years.

given the state of the world today including that of the Government in Vietnam , I do not see where those words have had a positive effect.

Outside a handful of countries the same thugs are still in charge.

As to Ho Chi Minh , he was seduced by that shining city on the hill , the worlds one indispensable nation , just as many millions if others were . He did not see the USA for what it really was.

His inspiration on reading those words was very much the same inspiration felt by all those people buying the latest and greatest bottle of medicine from a snake oil salesman.


With all due respect are you talking about unjust imprisonment in general throughout history? Hell that was the point of the Man in the Iron Mask by Dumas. Yes It goes way back? Is that your point?

I ask because I am discussing the specific legal framework created by the arcane pseudo legalistic logic of Bush/Cheney advisors who countered constitutional challenges to the incarcerations of people (uncharged) by transporting these poor souls to this supposed legal no man's land where America claims llegal juristdiction but at the same time it is claimed that the rule of American law does not apply. That has not happened before and that was what I was commenting on.
That bull started with Bush/Cheney and has been continued by Obama. That didn't exist before Bush/Cheney.


I do not need you to tell me about my Constitution, especially since you have no idea when it, or the Bill of Rights, came into existence. Because you say something is meaningless is meaningless to me.