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'I Hope the Postmaster General Comes Prepared. I Know I Will,' Says Rep. Katie Porter as DeJoy Agrees to Testify on USPS Changes

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/17/i-hope-postmaster-general-comes-prepared-i-know-i-will-says-rep-katie-porter-dejoy


Every Democrat on the Committee should yield their time to Katie Porter. She’s an intrepid cross-examiner and doesn’t bother with usual 5 minute monologue followed by either no question or “Don’t you agree?”

I’m certain the rest of the Dems will waste our time.


My advice: skewer the guy.

And then get rid of him. He has no business whatsoever in that role.


Rep. Katie Porter is the Best. I can’t remember such a skilled shark-like questioner except maybe Sen. Al Franken.


Ànd yet what will be the outcome of the theater?

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At best, a shift or solidification of public opinion against Trump; but, with the election looming, that is not without value.

There’s an outside chance the USPS will emerge better able to handle the volume of mailed ballots, but I wouldn’t count on it. Maybe the damage at USPS will be slowed.


The NY Times article makes clear what these two arrivistes have in common who place money, “wealth” tackiness, crudeness/rudeness, sexual harassments and any concern for the commonwealth.

I have read elsewhere where DT intends (and has told all those who matter) that he will pardon them all if he loses the election, and then Pence will pardon him. Not the first time I have read that.

Biden iif he wins wins will do the “look ahead, not back”, but DT, and his family will not be saved from all those independent lawsuits running in place. None of them may go to prison which is what all of them, and more, deserve. Their arrogance is unfuckingbelieveable. Slumlords at the White House! Goddamn1 I just love this country sinking into historic oblivion like the Titanic. Is Friends on Netfiix? I need a good laugh. Hell, think I’ll watch a John Wayne flick instead.


Most comical is the concept, “Dejoy agrees to testify…”


We can only be so lucky if the worst of it is he (and the rest of his crew) leaves with a pardon. Just as long as he’s gone.

BTW, why can’t we know what Trump’s younger brother died of? After all, he is public property, if only by proxy, and, if it was covid 19, the President could alter his judgement because of the closeness of the tragedy. That affects all of us.

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A key into understanding the juggernaut in today’s America, most certainly.

One of the problems seem to be that he does, in fact, have business in that role, in the form of his investments in USPS competitors; a problem that should have disqualified him completely.


You have a strange notion of what is “public property”.

Alter his “judgement”?

That is truly the bizarro statement of the day. Trump is nuts(certifiable if any honest shrinks could get near him), and if he cares about anyone but himself it’s been a well guarded secret.

When someone decides to become President, and all of his decisions are what we are expected to cooperate with, the things that become the basis of his decisions are public property. However, we are still denied a look at Trump’s tax information. So, maybe you have a good point.

Got cha and of course, just what I meant.

Hi Roberto:
I wondered if it was Covid too, but then per his niece’s book, with she and the brother had their heath insurance ended abruptIy by Trump too. Trump must be missing the part of his brain where empathy usually Iives. : (


Yeah, I was just making a poor attempt at sarcasm.

Here’s a small piece of good news related to the meat of your post. Pence can’t pardon Trump in NY. state court, hopefully they will own his a$$ if he loses in November.

I think that’s right. We shouldn’t have to even be talking about this absurd appointment by trump, along with so many others.