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'I Know This Is Shocking,' Says Sanders, But Trump Is 'Lying About Medicare for All'


'I Know This Is Shocking,' Says Sanders, But Trump Is 'Lying About Medicare for All'

Jon Queally, staff writer

In reaction to President Donald Trump's op-ed on Wednesday—titled, "Democrats 'Medicare for All' plan will demolish promises to seniors"—Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) responded in a sensible and honest way by calling the president a liar.


And Heeeeeeeeeers the FACT CHECK - take 'em on back to back:

Thanks once again Common Dreams!


Trump channels the ghost of Cohn and lies as easy as breathing. Now, let’s see to it that S1804 becomes HR 676, true Expanded, Improved Medicare For All which is a true single payer system.


M4A is going to have to be vastly improved. It only covers 80% of what is covered and -0- of what it doesn’t.

We learned this week, after the death of Leon Lederman, Nobel Prize winner in physics (1988), had no choice but to sell his Nobel Prize Medal to pay for medical expenses. We should all be ashamed:

Only in America: Nobel laureate sells his medal to pay medical bills

A Nobel Prize-winning physicist sold his medal for $765,000 to pay medical bills. Only in America.

"Leon Lederman won a Nobel Prize in 1988 for his pioneering physics research.

But in 2015, the physicist, who passed away Wednesday, sold his Nobel Prize medal for $765,000 to pay his mounting medical bills. The University of Chicago professor began to suffer from memory loss in 2011, and died in an Idaho nursing home.

**… He went on to discover the Higgs boson subatomic particle, the so-called “God particle.”"

And from a British newspaper [Independent]:

Scientist hailed for ‘extraordinary contributions to our understanding of the basic forces and particles of nature’

An experimental physicist who won a Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking work on subatomic particles has died aged 96.

Leon Lederman coined the phrase “God particle”, a shorthand description of the then-theoretical Higgs boson, in the title of a 1993 book.

His discoveries proved crucial in the identification of the subatomic particle that accounts for matter having mass in 2012.

The American scientist later auctioned off his gold medal for $765,000 (£665,000) to help pay medical bills after being diagnosed with dementia…


Now if we can just get Corporate State Democrats to support Medicare for All.


Healthcare for all has worked for us here in Ontario, Canada for over 50 years now. It’s Christian and it frees so many from needless worry which itself can cause illness.


We need more than healthcare. "Health care executives now routinely remind us that our zip code matters more than our genetic code. "


Healthcare? The US is more interested in funding bio-warfare research.


Of course the dump did not write that op-ed. His name was attached to it to draw in his mindless lemming supporters to read it. After all, if his highness wrote it, it must be true.


It was most likely written by Steven Miller, his new Roy Cohn.
There were too many “big words” for it to have been penned by trump.


Not shocking at all! Who ever said he and hid thugs ever wanted to help anybody? From day one he and Ryan started their attacks on the ACA. What else doesn’t everyone understand?


Don’t I feel dumb in Trumps America now.
8 years ago I told my lying, cheating son that he was no longer welcome in our home, as that sort of behavior is unacceptable in polite society. After all, if you lie, or if you cheat, how can anyone ever trust you again?

Fast forward to today. I guess I owe him a Huuge apology. He was apparently ahead of his time.


I’ll know that Medicare for all has a chance the day I see Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Durbin and the Clintons safely under six feet of dirt.
It’s not the GOP that is stopping it. we must get our own house in order before it will be possible.


The GOP has indeed not been the biggest obstacle to achieving single payer.

Despite being touted by corporate Dems as being a path TOWARD single payer, the ACA has proven to be an 8 lane freeway AWAY from single payer.

Had Obama simply reduced the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 60 (rather than hiring Liz Fowler to draft the 2600 page Heritage Foundation-inspired ACA) Obama would have been able to have a third SCOTUS justice confirmed and Trump would have never become POTUS.


What is so “shocking” about Trump lying? This POS is the most shameless lying asshole in presidential history. He is a complete and utter fraud and a regressive nightmare. Now try and imagine how much different the country would seem if the DNC had actually supported Sanders and he had won the election?


Yes, and Canadian life spans are going up as well. US life spans? Look it up.


Good point about the greedy people you mention being 6 feet under. That would solve much more than just Single Payer!


According to the latest stats availiable, the average Canadian is now living to 83, while the average American woman lives to just about 80, and men to 78.8. Those numbers apparently stagnated about 10 years ago and have actually dropped slightly in the last five.
While America’s wealthy are living as long a lives as people anywhere in the world, our poor aren’t doing nearly as well. America’s rich live into their mid 80’s, while the bottom 20% of income earners in the USA barely live to 70.
The conclusion is pretty obvious. Those that have access to the pay as you go healthcare system in America most of their lives do very well. Those who don’t have the money, well, no.


Here in the UK we have our NHS hich the tory government is busy trying to dismantle by allowing US healthcare companies to take over the profitable bits. Sooner or later they will have us over a barrel as these companies do with citizens of the US. We are fighting hard against these charlatans and the American people need to figt for a similar system in the US, anything else is criminal negligence by greedy doctors.


Canada decided healthcare should be a service, no a profiting industry. The rest is a good sound outcome for them, and a financial sink hole for Americans.