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I Know What It’s Like to Be Told to ‘Go Back’ to My Own Country

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/16/i-know-what-its-be-told-go-back-my-own-country

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it is not just a matter of race or immigration status - I’m a US born white male who heard say more than once when protesting the Viet Nam war the suggestion to go live in the Soviet Union or, leave the country. That this kind of middle school bully comment is elevated to the level of a President, who also makes that level of comment about white men from the British Ambassador to Paul Ryan, Joe Boden, John Mccain etc shows our national decline.


Any good and moral person would willingly leave Hell, if given the chance!

Actually, there’s another angle here amidst Mr Trump’s arsenal of evils.

He did not actually tell the representatives to go back to their countries. He told them to go back to their districts.

One might imagine that this would make the statement less racist. I am not so sure. It is not as though there were no history of people being told to go back to their pogrom or ghetto or barrio.

But there is a bigotry that appears more certain here, even more trenchant, as deceptive. He says “go back to your poor districts.” You work on them.

This betrays some terrible assumptions. But Trump can do that publicly because these are assumptions of both major parties, though not currently of every hopeful candidate:

  • The poor are themselves “broken” in some sense and therefore must be “fixed,” and hopefully not like a dog who keeps wandering into the neighbors’ yard.
  • It is very likely though not certain that these poor are “broken” in that they have faces or customs from other races or countries
  • The rich, then, have no hand in poverty.
  • The rich having no hand, poverty is to be fixed locally with no reference to the larger economy
  • Poverty may be “fixed” by making some people within the district rich; whether this happens by their victimizing others is moot, since that is not what wealth is held to do
  • The poor should not criticize nor participate in government by the wealthy

Why do we not hear about this? I have to speculate, but it seems to me that this is because both major parties largely share these assumptions.

It has become abundantly clear that if you as an American politician, identify your political party affiliation with an R next to your name, it now means that you are a supporter of "Racism."

With very few exceptions.


For American Indians the racists insist that we go back to our Reservation.

Even when the city or state has an indigenous name, like Massachusetts, Ohio,
Alabama, Tennessee, Dakota, and several hundred other examples.


Go back to my own country? Well if that racist, xenophobia were taken literally that would mean everyone in America except the descendants of Native, Americans and descendants of African,Americans who were brought to America against their wills.

America is their own country every one else, including Trump need to leave NOW!