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'I Know Where I Came From': At First 2020 Rally, Sanders Shares How Childhood in Brooklyn Shaped His Drive for Political Revolution


'I Know Where I Came From': At First 2020 Rally, Sanders Shares How Childhood in Brooklyn Shaped His Drive for Political Revolution

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) kicked off the first rally of his 2020 presidential campaign on Saturday at Brooklyn College, where he spoke about not only the political revolution driving his second run for the White House, but also how his childhood in New York City shaped his politics.



"Not me. Us."

Never thought I’d have a man crush, particularly on a septuagenarian.



It’s not Bernie’s memory of his childhood roots that make him so different, but his Honor to it’s conditions, terms, and historical myths (past and future!). He never sold out like 99% of the bourgeoisie, professional class, leveraging their careerist privilege with and for their personal material conditions-in perpetuity, no matter what poor, decent working person had to pay the toll. Times up professional class.



Good to listen to someone who came from humble beginnings and not a spoiled brat that had a fortune handed to them. Most of us who follow him already know what his campaign is about, which is helping people survive in a country where billionaires have all of the wealth and the population is struggling to stay alive. For Seniors like me, this is an important election. If he does not win and another crook does, it will be my last election. None of us will survive. Hope the populous will give Bernie his chance to help us. Remember, no candidate is perfect, but he tops the list in my book.



He tops my list too — and I hope he tops the ballot in 2020 so that I don’t have to protest by writing in “Bernie & 'Beth” like I did in 2012 and 2016.

“Sander & Gabbard” sounds O-K to me at this point, though I don’t know enough about her – or any of the others – to put her in first place for V.P. at this point.  IMHO, it’s GREAT that so many good people are already running, and Bernie will have – or be – an excellent choice for a running-mate!

The DNC certainly did everything it possibly could in 2016 to make that statement true!



I watched this rally online. Bernie’s speech was brilliant, which was not surprising.

But even the speakers who spoke before Bernie were outstanding, which is not usually the case at political events. The opening remarks by Jane Sanders, the fiery speech by a leader of the UE ( United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America–now on strike in Erie, Pennsylvania), and the great speeches by Shaun King and Nina Turner–all were excellent.



Sanders/Gabbard 2020. “Fascism is the result of failure of the Left to provide an alternative” - Trotsky



… Its a 40 year track record of consistency that makes him almost unique on the Left



I wonder which one of the right wing democrats will effortlessly destroy Sander’s this time around, and in the process hand Trump another term?



The DNC WiKiLeaks dump shows us that their anti-democracy conspiracy was FAR from ‘effortless’
Apparently you choose to ignore that part

But, it remains a PRIVATE CLUB and Corporation that feels it has the right to do any damn thing they want. THAT worries me



“The DNC WiKiLeaks dump shows us that their anti-democracy conspiracy was FAR from ‘effortless’
Apparently you choose to ignore that part”

And this negatively impacted their agenda in what way?

I see it this way:
Democrats are in competition for money and influence with republicans.

Like Republicans, Democrats are right wing, and dependent upon the status quo going forward mostly unchanged, and are therefore strongly opposed to a progressive movement or any sort of economic, social, legal or environmental reform.

While democrats would prefer to win the election for themselves, it is more important to them that progressives lose, because if progressives win, they will be out of business for good. If republicans win, the status quo is maintained, and democrats go on as a minority party with the hopes of winning in the next election. As right wingers, this is preferable to them over a popularly supported progressive movement.



Bingo !

Until there is a 12 step program to shake corporate money addiction, the DNC will stoop ever lower to keep the fixes coming.



Bernie/Tulsi 2020.

That said, we have the technology to fix elections for good. Why don’t we use it? Why depend on vulnerable leaders when we can have invulnerable Direct Democracy.



The Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore interviews at the bottom of the following list are where to start learning about Gabbard.

--------------------------Tulsi Gabbard - (takes no corporate PAC money)----------------------

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Full Tulsi Gabbard Interview with Jimmy Dore – Jan 12, 2019 – Jimmy Dore - YouTube
(This video has all four parts of the interview)

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Pretty interesting hypothesis. Is this yours; or, did you read/hear it somewhere? Just curious.



What an historic moment. I didn’t think Bernie had it in him. That speech was electrifying.

I couldn’t resist. I went to the New York Times to see how they were covering this – history – and, sure enough… " Bernie? Bernie who?" Nothing.

Y’know, Donald Trump calls them"fake news". And while I have no use for “Individual # 1”, I do clearly remember the NY Times bringing us Vietnam, and the Iraq War, all lies. And now Venezuela. Thanks, Grey Lady.

Bernie’s message, whether the Times covers it or not, is going to come out



I’ve read lots of stuff, but i arrive at my own conclusions. I don’t think I’ve encountered many who even arrived at the conclusion that democrats are right wing, I’ve simply seen no evidence that they aren’t. Just think about it though - If the initial hypothesis proves out, and it does - that they are right wing - then everything suddenly falls in place and makes complete sense. Otherwise we have to pretend ineptitude, or fear, or just lazy. No - follow the money, Democrats work for the same corporations as republicans and they are neither afraid, inept nor, lazy. In Fact democrats have a harder job than republicans, they have to advance right wing doctrine in left wing districts.

The right wing movement going back to about the mid seventies has been well funded, well organized and highly successful. While much depended on the winning over of the church, it was at the same time problematic that enough population centers leaned leftward, because ultimately the left would win from time to time and reverse gains made by periods of right wing domination. This however did not happen, True leftist candidates were ultimately weeded out and replaced with supposed centrists, who were at the same time being paid by the same corporations funding the republicans. When people were unhappy with corruption and greed of the republicans, they voted democrat, but things did not turn leftward, in fact often they moved even farther rightward during these times. Clinton passed NAFTA, ended Glass Steagal and converted democrats to right wing. Pelosi said impeachment was off the table. Obama kept Summers, Paulson, Geithner, etc. Drone attacks increased by a factor of 4X over Bush, and the defense authorization act was even worse than the patriot act, Obama signed it into law.

Evidence is a better lead to follow than the evening news



It’s so hard to resist the urge to out-cynical one another. We’re all old farts, we’ve seen it all, been screwed by the Dems an infinite number of times and ways (in 1968, in my precinct, when they saw McCarthy was gonna win, they locked the doors, called in their missing buddies, and gave it to the Hump).

My victimization claim can stand against anyone’s: in early 1964 I walked around shopping center (they weren’t “malls” then) parking lots, putting leaflets on windshields. The message was, vote for LBJ, he’ll never go to war in Asia. And on and on through the years, ad nauseum.

BUT now, we have to give that up! This is our best, and maybe our last, chance to stand up and take action in support of the same values we marched for 50 years ago. Drop the cynicism. Swallow your sarcasm. Bite your know-it-all tongues. Go out and knock on f**king doors! Organize neighborhood coffees. Ask the kids how you can help!

OF COURSE we don’t agree with everything Bernie says – so what! My grandkids and yours deserve the kind of world Bernie is talking about. For their sakes, please help make it possible!



I agree with you on every point completely, except that I do agree with everything he says. but also never take your eye off of the opposition, and make no mistake about it,the democrats and republicans both are the opposition. If we don’t understand this fact to the core of our being we’ll be looking the wrong way when we lose.



Bernie Sanders for President in 2020! A fantastic speech that the entire country should watch. People need to be educated with the facts and truths to shed the burdening lies of right wing propaganda! Looking forward to a new bumper sticker for Bernie to go with my old one. You lie? Goodbye! Vote 'em out! Peace