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I Learned More By Leading a Student Debt Strike Than I Did At College


I Learned More By Leading a Student Debt Strike Than I Did At College

Nathan Hornes

Five years ago, I was lying around the house watching Maury when a commercial for Everest College came on. I can still see the woman on my TV screen telling me how I could get a degree and go to work at the same time.

I was lying around the house watching Maury when a commercial for Everest College came on.


Impressive writing for a spoiled brat! :sunglasses:

Pwr 2 the CORINTHIAN 200!


I wish him luck, but he is in for a REAL fight. As in, “fighting the system”. The Wall Street regime we live under depends on debt slavery. Just as the Greeks can’t discharge the debt that European bankers have foisted on them, US students won’t be able to do it without a fight of historical proportions, one in which Wall Street is defeated…at the end of the day what we are talking about here is the fight against global capitalism.


Beautiful resistance!

The thing is, broadly understood, the ENTIRE STUDENT DEBT SCAM is illegitimate, and should be resisted and overthrown.

The trillion-dollar “student debt” was ENGINEERED, intentionally, by profiteering corporatist privatizers and their political lackeys.

No one should look at the egregious crimes of putrid criminal enterprises like Everest and Corinthian, and somehow believe that the entire engineered trillion-dollar student debt scam has any legitimacy. Also, Everest and Corinthian were only made possible by the structure of corporatization, privatization and profiteering that had been put in place by the broader scam.


Actually it was the government who promoted all this by backing up student loans for everyone and their grandmother without regard to their ability to pay. Same like the housing crisis. Free money also made tuition skyrocket.


“… and their political lackeys.”

You really do live in an amazing dreamworld. Keep those emerald glasses on, and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


Well, let’s see. Govt bailed out banks and nobody was punished, govt backs up all sorts of fraudulent loans, or do you deny that is a statement of fact?

Oh, and BTW, most of the student loans are direct federal loans.


As i made the very clear point in my original post, and in my reply: “… their government lackeys.”

For you to pretend you do not comprehend what i am saying, and that you do not comprehend that this is a corporatist government acting in the interest of the privatizing profiteers, is your game. i hope you are enjoying yourself.


Oh i totally agree with that. However, I’m not the one on this board who wants to nationalize everything. I think govt should be stripped of a lot of its powers, but that’s just me.


A whole issue that gets little attention-loans driving up the cost of collage-also how the cost of insurance drives up costs-the idea behind insurance is to make it affordable but seems to do the opposite. And most of this is done by the private sector taking advantage of something that should help people-such as health care. The bills that hospitals charge is outrageous,but they get away with it because the insurance companies pay it-


Lamonte’7, you talk like you think that dirt bags like those running Corinthian would just disappear if voters would just vote down Government. The fact is if Government was gone, only Government would be gone. Ass hats like those running Corinthian would just pay some one like you to make an example of debt strikers the old fashioned way, instead of following them around with a credit score and stopping short of out right violence.
Elected Government has many weaknesses in its ability to organize productive people against abusive employers and lenders and slavers. But without Democracy there is a shorter path for those employers to become the lenders who become the slavers.
Elected Government has many advantages over violence as a vehicle for change. Including the ability to solve debt slavery by making lending at interest illegal, or simply punishing the worst lenders, or making the lenders take the risk they are paid interest for taking by making bankruptcy laws apply to all loans.
Who you vote for matters.


So, let’s see if I’ve got this right. You dropped out of high school (Bad Idea #1), moved across the country to break into show business (Bad Idea #2), then enroll in a dodgy, unaccredited school to get a “degree” no one has ever heard of (Bad Idea #3). You fall for the used car salesman pitch and sign a bunch of papers without reading them or getting copies for yourself (Bad Ideas #4, 5, and 6). The government takes money away from me to pay your tuition, and over the course of your “education” you never once ask how this is getting paid for (Bad Ideas #7 and 8). You got some sort of business degree and were still surprised that you’d run up a tab to pay for it? No wonder no one will hire you! All you have demonstrated is that you are a gullible shill incapable of doing sound research and incapable of making good decisions. And now, as a result of YOUR accumulated bad decisions, you want to just keep my money? So, in addition to being one of the dimmer bulbs in the chandelier, you lack the honor and dignity to live up to your obligations. You were an adult, and your signatures are legally binding. It isn’t my fault that you wasted the money. Grow up, suck it up, and be a man for a change. Quit whining, own your mistakes, and learn from them.


Good points Derek! Thank the gods there was no lying dirt bag piece of shit conniving bastard in the story.


Steven, the world is full of conniving bastards willing to take advantage of patsies. Anyone with good sense knows to at least ask a few questions and at the very least know what you’re signing. So he got suckered. Lots of people have overpaid for a POS car at the hands of a used car salesman. This kid fell for the educational equivalent. Maybe he should have gone across town to the University of California. At least he’d have an accredited degree to show for my money.


Seems to me like Nathan has learned a lesson and now he is teaching one. Lenders, piece of crap ones and less piece of crap ones alike are all supported by investors buying income streams. Some income streams aren’t panning out. Students, Greece, Detroit, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Iceland, mortgages, natural gas, oil. Investors did not learn the meaning of risk in 2008, but they are going to learn it soon. Students like Nathan and investment advisors like Goldman and JP Morgan are going to teach investors the meaning of risk.
He got suckered, but it is not him or the Government that was the bad guy. It was the college, and they are lucky Nathan is simply not paying, because without Government and the hope of legal resolution, Nathan and his friends, and the investors in that college debt who were also suckered, would have to go kick some ass.