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I Let You Down: A Public Apology to Michael Moore


I Let You Down: A Public Apology to Michael Moore

Donna Smith

Dear Michael,

I am sorry. So damned sorry. When you included my story in your 2007 documentary film, SiCKO, I felt not only a huge sense of hope and gratitude but also a larger sense of responsibility to make the whole experience matter. Here it is. 2016, and I have failed to change the system enough to protect people like me. The reason I use the 'people like me' label is because you captured the scene in SiCKO during which my youngest child asked the question, “What do we do with people like you?”


Please, please don't kick your own ass on top of how the system is treating you. You have an army that has your back, Donna. Sometimes the Fog of War makes them an invisible army. But we are there. Right behind you. You didn't let Michael down, you didn't let me down. You can't be strong all the time. I'm right behind you.


The Green Party is the only party that any Murkin not in the top 1% should identify with and vote for.

In 2018 when Obamacare requires (both the value of the employer's contribution AND the employee paid portion) of employer sponsored medical insurance to be fully taxable, even more Murkins will experience what Donna and many of us are already experiencing...insurance that is unaffordable.

Hopefully Jill Stein, during the next two months, will point this and some of the other Obamacare nuances that are accelerating the decline of the middle class, that few Murkins are aware of.


First, Colorado has a citizen's initiative on the ballot in this November election, #69 Colorado Care, which will be a medicare-type single payer plan for all Coloradans. Google Colorado amendment 69 for details. Once again Colorado's citizens are leading the way forward despite our Democratic governor Hickenlooper, and US senator, Bennet. (I was a life-long Democratic, 71 years old, until that intolerable display of cheating by the Democratic Party establishment led by Hillary Clinton and the now infamous Debbie W Schultz).
Which leads to my second point. There is no helping the Democratic Party from within; as the corruption is too ingrained and established. What we need to do is destroy the Democratic Party with an entirely new party with the merging of the beliefs of the truly progressive democrats and the Green Party. I propose naming it the Progressive People's Party. For now I am voting Green and Jill Stein.


Spend every penny you have and figure out a way to distribute all your assets before you pass along to the great beyond?


Having just become a Medicare beneficiary after not being insured for close to a decade...I can only say how much I empathize. I refused to donate money to those greedy little bastards in the insurance industry and raised a figurative finger to the system. Luckily I survived relatively intact. Keep up the good fight, Donna


Wow, that is really sick. Definitely enough material for a sequel to Sicko. A friend was in a horrible situation where she lived with her parents all her life and took care of them in their final years, and she almost became homeless after losing both of them because the house was in her parents' name. She was "fortunate" they didn't linger too long after being forced into nursing homes, or the state would have taken the house for medical bills.


In my state you better do it at least five years before you die, or before you start accumulating medical bills, I'm not sure which. They will look back in time and claw it back from your kids.


With all due respect, Donna, I think you ought to consider the impact of lobbyists in Washington, 30+ years of the Koch Brothers' financing of think tanks, and who it is that writes policy in this nation.

As the "Page and Gilens Study" demonstrates, citizens have close to ZERO impact over policies.

Therefore, this is untrue. And by internalizing it AS true, you show that you have been programmed by a Mass Media dominated by Corporate entities:

"The system is a representation of what we as a society collectively value -- and trust me, it ain't me."

The actions of persons in power which include, but are not limited to: cops murdering Black citizens in cold blood, maniacal warriors making war on the basis of fixed (as in devious false) evidence, and corporations writing the rules of trade behind secreted closed doors... are NOT an honest reflection of the citizenry. However, people paid as media talking heads along with the hundreds employed to set up message consensuses in on-line media threads want you to confuse one with the other.

That way, you can just look to fellow citizens to project blame... as if they are the ones writing the scripts.

ONLY changes to a system that benefits the 1% at the EXPENSE of mostly everyone else will allow for JUST systems of financial compensation, protection of the commons (and Natural World), solid education, genuine security, and health CARE.

Needless to say, the above is precisely the recipe the 21st robber-barons don't want known...

Many progressive writers (Richard Eskow, Paul Buchheit, and others) have previously published articles citing that majorities of citizens poll IN FAVOR of a universal health care system. They also poll Progressive on just about any and every issue referenced.

Turn off CNN and listen to alternative media, Donna!


No Democrats
No Republicans
No More
Spread the Word


No Democrats
No Republicans
No More!


When I read something like this and ponder upon my own age (only a few years younger than the author): I am thankful for holding a Belgian passport as well as my American one, as Belgium has 'socialized medicine.' I am truly sad for those whom I know personally who do not have the personal circumstances like mine, as well those I do not know like the author of the piece. Now more than ever: SINGLE PAYER!


I'm so sorry, Tom. That's just awful.

I just found out that that an income level of $34,000, they can tax your social security at up to 85%. At least that's what a woman I know that works with financial corpses said.

Ridiculous to tax what people have put away all their working years at that level instead of raising the cap.

Stories like yours, Donna's, and now social security make me so insanely mad that the only choice i seem to have is to shut down. I'll continue to work and to work for good candidates and causes, but i have trouble doing so from a place of aliveness, a place of joy. I feel like Donna does. We've let you all down. We must have missed some avenue, some way, to get Bernie in and the sad fact is that he's out and apparently not even getting the respect he deserves.

The DNC just shut down my joy and I intend to get it back. But right now, hearing you and Donna, i just stare and type.


You're right, of course. Glad you're here.

Donna, we love you and something. has. to. change. We will not stop.


There is a Progressive Independent Party (just started) that hopes to be an umbrella party and bring the third parties in to form the kind of base that Bernie garnered. http://www.pipunite.org/

Over at theprogressivewing.com, we are talking about an umbrella party that would allow the other parties to keep their identity, and would be fluid, allowing parties to join together for yuuuge, common efforts, like the TPP or getting a president elected.

This ain't over.



I wonder if the future for third parties in the USA is them working together in some manner focusing efforts on key districts where a given party might be strongest and not compete against another in given districts where the candidate weaker so the vote for alternatives not so diluted.


Yes, that would at least be a great beginning.

At least we are here talking about how to do this, how to stay united, and I think a "fluid umbrella" is a great idea. Now we have to actually build the architecture, but it's a start.

It may be that down the road, one party, say the Democratic Socialists would naturally draw a gazillion people and a viable third party could organically emerge, but that's a ways off, if ever.

One of the most astounding things about Bernie was his ability to bring together all kinds of people and it seems that most third parties do just the opposite--they have fairly strict beliefs and are critical, driving many away, even though they mean well.

Looking forward to the viewing party for Our Revolution on the 24th.


When my husband developed Parkinson's disease we were both covered by Medicare but that didn't come close to covering the medical and care bills. As he became more and more debilitated I realized I would have to apply for him to receive Medicaid. This required me to spend down almost all of our accumulated savings ( for our elderly years. Both of us had worked all our lives in human services.) After a grueling and scary bureaucratic nightmare of a process, he was approved for Medicaid two months before he died. At 70 years old, I am left with a very small amount of savings and my only income is Social Security.
I still have my home as long as I can afford to keep it. I consider myself fortunate compared to so many who are going through the unconscionable expense of a major illness with even fewer resources to draw on.
I support Jill Stein and the Green Party.


Please do yourself an additional favor and vote every Democratic and Republican incumbent out of office right after you vote for Jill.

The incumbents are the heartless so and so's who wrote the laws in a way that intentionally impoverish people seeking nothing more then medical care.
The least that we can do for them is to put them into another line of work. Or better yet onto the unemployment line.


This is something that I sent off this morning to the NY Times. I think it addresses Donna Smith's dilemma.

In sincere solidarity with the 99% alive and unborn,

George Millenbach, RN

"I look out there and it just seems completely hopeless to me. The political system seems so overwhelmingly broken that I have no idea what to do about it."
RILEY SPICER, 26, a student at Ada Developers Academy in Seattle.

Millennials have only ONE way to fix the broken political system that ignores the 99% - mobilize NOW, en masse, to elect Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party as our next President. There is no time to waste for the Green "Power to the People" Revolution. The first step is for President Jill Stein to enter the White House in January 2017 and the 2018 midterms should rid the corrupt Democrats and Republicans from Congress. Once the Green Party has broken the duopoly at ALL levels of American government, millennials and future generations worldwide will have a more peaceful, prosperous life on Mother Earth. Visit http://www.jill2016.com/platform. Millennials, if not now, when? IN ELECTIONS, WINNING IS EVERYTHING.