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I Live in a ‘Shithole Country.’ It’s Called the United States

I Live in a ‘Shithole Country.’ It’s Called the United States

Josh Hoxie
Trump’s complete lack of concern over the “shit-holiness” of the country he leads
Racist Donald Trump

Who was it who so acerbically observed that when you point a finger, three of the other four are pointing back at you.
Two points for Josh. Trump - zilch. glad and sad.

The “rich” countries. I want to scratch at that surface for a bit. What they share are the POISONING of “modern” life by the psychosis of colonization. And yes, I assert that as literal psychosis, not hyperbole.

There are no “POOR” countries, there are ONLY IMPOVERISHED COUNTRIES. And yes, I mean that literally and it is not hyperbole.

The veils are dropping from the fetishization of “THE NEW WORLD” - what a pile of absolute crap. Hey, if your stupidity is so outrageously narrow and egregious you’d better autoeroticize with fetishistic wiggly fingered bull shit.

Trump - may it truly be the case - is the last hurrah of a thousand years of knuckle dragging ‘EFFETE’ - no more sand to stand on. Let mercy and reality fall like gentle rain and flow under that sand making it quick (sand that is).


When one looks at the garish style in which this pathetic trump person chooses to live, as devoid as his mind and soul, the shallow and obscene opulence, it reflects just how ugly he really is and how he can, in his self-absorbed insanity, make such utterly odious comments about people from different nations…

“Con los pobres de la tierra
Quiero yo mi suerte echar”


'Connecting the dots to World War III’
1). Armament production and distribution.
2). Catastrophic climate change denial.
3). Further dependence on fossil fuels.
4). Globalization disruption vulnerability.
5). Rightwing belligerent xenophobia.


By these measures, and others, we are indeed a “shit-hole” of a country.


Brief in review:
Jeremy Scahill
Intercepted Podcast: Mike Pence Is the Koch Brothers’ Manchurian Candidate


You’re not going in a cattle car- please breathe. However, living by your principles is most important. I am garnering more interest in having all able bodied and minded citizens do some kind of service to this country - beyond military. Yes, rich, poor, anybody in between. Even pols!

You shouted revolution-yes we need change like population stabiization- so that humans do not take all from other species, - instead these idiot theocrats want more behbies and less rights for women. Stupidity. Google population connection the old zpg.


Trump supporters eat that shit up. Someone who says how they feel and is not “politically correct”.

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Here is an article worth reading - and dead on topic.

I think you will like it, as I do, and Dan_Harris may also ?

Yanis has voiced a concern of mine in intelligible language, in economic terms. Progressives, read - this site - are not as progressive as they imagine.

Yanis Varoufakis (from the article linked to below):

“Now that globalization is also proving unsustainable, and is in retreat, its liberal cheerleaders resemble my friend when they proffer similarly correct, yet irrelevant, exaltations of how it lifted billions from poverty.”

“Only an ambitious new internationalism can help reinvigorate the spirit of humanism on a planetary scale.”

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Better yet, Google NEGATIVE Population Growthwww.npg.org
"Negative Population Growth, Inc. (NPG) is a national nonprofit membership organization.  It was founded in 1972 to educate the American public and political leaders about the devastating effects of overpopulation on our environment, resources and standard of living."

What the U.S. – and the entire rest of the world – desperately needs before it is too late (if it is not too late al­ready) is not population STABILIZATION but population REDUCTION.  For well over two centuries, thanks to mo­dern medicine, we have been reducing the death rate per thousand per year, without a corresponding re­duction in the birth rate per thousand per year.  The latter needs to be brought WELL BELOW the former for
a significant period of time, 'til the human population is decreased to a level that will allow the long-term sur-
vival and well-being of not only humans, but many other forms of life on earth.  If we do not achieve this de-
crease humanely – and soon – Mother Nature will do it for us / to us, and the results will NOT be pretty . . .


Are you saying I stated something ignorant when you used the word stupidity? I noticed you corrected my grammar- sorry- I have three eye conditions so I made an error. We do need population reduction , but that could be tricky. At least there are some organizations spreading the word , but in the mean time the US and other countries are providing less access to birth control as well as abortion. Plus many of the people having kids at least in the US are in the lower economic classes which of course is another issues in itself. People are living longer , but not all are living lives of quality- many in their later years have dementia or are residing in nursing homes. Or they are being taken care of by strangers because their families cannot get time off of work. Some people have actually stated that continuous wars also contribute to the reduction of population. Pretty sick!

BTW, Fester, I am an older person also , and if I had seen some error in one of your sentences I would have let it go. Maybe I should not post anymore. I do not have two legged kids because I believe in population reduction. However, unfortunately many do not. Thank you for the info on npg.

It was my original post that contained the word stupidity. Time for me to take a long bread from the computor!

Trump says what he feels? What? He is honest with his emotions? Trump?

Oh sure he blurts out insults, lies, and the rest with emotion so there is some “feeling” to it.

Here is the rub. The accolade attributed to the dickhead Trump from his supporters, that “he says what he feels” or “says what he thinks” is intended to project upon Trump honesty.

Trump being honest is oxymoronic. The jerk has lived an entirely unauthentic life, and there a a lot of people who have suffered in that dark shadow, and he’s just warming up I’m afraid.

I’m not making you out to be a Trump fan, but think it is necessary to be accurate about this fascist jerk.

As to the “politically correct” canard.

All Trump fans, and of course the fascist dickhead named Donald Fucking Trump, engage in political correctness, of the fascist, misogynist, racist, dickhead variety.


NOT AT ALL!  I meant to emphasize my agreement with you regarding the sheer STUPIDITY of endless population growth.   “Sustainable Growth” — in either the economy or the population of humans — is an oxymoron.

He just might.

‘It takes a level of pomposity inconceivable to most of us to describe another country as a “shithole.”’

Just what comes from your mouth, Donald?

Two responses:

I used to dread the ugly results associated with resource depletion and the catastrophic climate events that will turn it into devastation and mass death. But now I ask myself, how else do humans learn, if indeed they even can learn?

Me and the wife decided not to have kids. My contribution to the population “outbreak” is nada. She and I actually view childlessness as a decision stemming from evolutionary pressure to help our ecosystem.


Just take a 2 or 3 day trip across the south on the local state roads if you want to see shitholes (PLURAL) a lot of them from North & South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and even the home of Disneyland Florida. Go through the center of Florida and see what exactly it looks like. By the same token you can go through the “rust belt” states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. After the trip come back and tell me about shitholes.

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USA number one!!!. I say that as satire. The nitwits in this country think it is so fucking great to live in a rented trailer and eat fried chicken and bologna sandwiches. What a great fucking country!!!