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I Live in a ‘Shithole Country.’ It’s Called the United States

Donald Trump and his entire administration and Republican Congress has turned the United States of America into a “Shithole” country in less than a year.

That, should be enough grounds for Impeachment, if not outright arrest and incarceration.

A good con man would say what THEY feel.

You’d be surprised how many people are interested in some kind of service. Why not write or call your member of congress and at least express an interest? Also, guess what- going back to hopelessness does no one any good. I think that all people of any age ( not just for a couple of years) need to be invested. Also, I hope your particular life is not so bad. Peace. If you keep projecting like that , you just might make yourself mentally and physically ill

Yes, I had that.

I appreciate your reply again. Endless population growth , denying women access to birth control, and hoping that the new generation will miraculously produce the next geniuses are all stunningly ignorant. I am like you moved to no growth. Human crowding of other species then relegating these other species to parks and tiny spaces is horrific. We need more people who think like us. I did a tabling for population connection this past summer and got quite a few petitions for demanding better access to birth control not just in the US but in developing nations as well. I am planning to do more tabling.

I think those of us here share your sentiments. Also, I think many people do know , but are just trying to do the best they can. You are a historian - how interesting. Are you a professor at a university or a journalist? Also, I think people appreciate what they can do in the moment. Capitalism helped many in its earlier days, but these days the old version as you more than know ( given your profession) only benefits the few. If you have a nice life, please appreciate what you have as well. I like many am quite disgusted with all of the corruption, but as we know it is nothing new. After all people like my late grandmothers could not even vote in their younger years simply because they were women! It took over one hundred years for all to get even the right to vote. Also many people have more rights now thanks to changes in laws ( such as same sex marriage, laws governing environmental protections) . Mind you there are always those who try to or even erode these laws based on greed and power. Yes, given the financial collapse that was caused by the one per centers , and the cover ups , we are more disgusted with capitalism in our life times. If we look back in history, we can see that human greed and overproduction were the causes for the depression of the 1930s that again did not hit the wealthy that hard. I cannot give you advice other than to join with groups of like minded people, and continue to try and engage lawmakers and policy deciders( such as the local school board). Some people “forget” about state and local issues , and sometimes policies are passed that are against the most people’s interests. I appreciate your posts, but please do not envision yourself in a cattle car- you will drive yourself “bonkers.”

I think people in general want to hear about positive solutions.

Here’s an example: In our state the tea party govenor ( in a blue state) and others wanted to expand schools. A whole bunch of us knocked on doors and campaigned against that and for public schools . It took a lot of hard work, but we won. Are you honing in on a specific issue or policy ( such as financial deregulation) or are you just advocating in general? In our country as you know , there are very few coopertive or worker owned businesses, but in a small way it is expanding. I watched a special with Dr. Richard Wolf ( economist) talking about the fact that capitalism in its old form did not work anymore. He talked about the mondragon society ( spelling)? in Spain also, and it was very interesting. I appreciate your posts.

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