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I Lived Through Watergate. I Lived Through the Saturday Night Massacre. There Never Was Anything Like This

I Lived Through Watergate. I Lived Through the Saturday Night Massacre. There Never Was Anything Like This

Charles P. Pierce

Nobody can deny that this already is the single most awesome infrastructure week ever.


Smart money is damn near invisible. Trump & Co., not so much…

I too, lived through the Watergate trials.

Now, with the name Trump being disgraced for all time because the Resident of the White House couldn’t keep his penis in his pants, we are all witnesses to,

The WeenieGate Trials.


Number of times the word Russia appears in this article: Zero.


Been around a while myself and, like you, never saw anything like this in my life. But only because this crowd has been so blatant. We’ve seen nearly all elements in one form or another but never all together with such a sense of entitlement. Your point about a bunch of cons and grifters coming together to grab what they can while they can and suddenly finding themselves in “legitimate” circumstances only points out the legal and policy holes we need to fill in our government. Most importantly, we as citizens must stop treating our government as though it is on remote control. We must be engaged, we must be vigilant, and we must be willing to act.


Sad, but true. An all our presentation of the statistical facts that this murder was a statistical outlier because undocumented brown immigrants are significantly less probably to commit violent crime than white people will go entirely over their stupid US-educated reasoning skills.

We need some articles about “American exceptionalism” - touted by the political/corporate “class”. Now you know why. This has ALWAYS been going on behind the scenes. REMEMBER, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to tell you what is present, was never in the past; what is to be in your future is actually unfolding in the past and present, and what is told about the past is massaged to serve the status quo for all time.

The “middle class” (what a F**$! lying farce!!) is discovering what those peoples MARGINALIZED THROUGHOUT HISTORY have known all along. The system is designed to conceal, fortify, nurture and protect… PARASITES

Middle class? Yuppers, stacked right inside the “pale” to pick off however needed. Education? yuppers, got that- enslaved for life; mortgages to own that ‘identity’ house and trophy wife? yuppers, got that; you cannot make this $#!t up. Keep in mind this is 12 years ago…

Time to lift the knuckles off the ground and get to work


You got it–That’s coming down–And the major media outlets as well as the Fox will be complicit!

Unfortunately Charlie, the zombie Republican caucus of the US congress will sleepwalk Kavanaugh through the process, they will quick-step him, and the recent court activities of Trump guys will not even be commented on by them, as if it’s all happening in a parallel universe.

Is “nonsensical” even a word? Maybe it makes sense to you and those who are so jaded, they can’t enjoy a moment of schadenfreude, ie, the assholes finally got what they deserve, punishment.

Bombing hundreds of thousand of men women and children in countries we are not even at war with - Legal.
Besieging entire countries via sanctions? - Legal.
Kidnapping, abusing, forcefully drugging and incarcerating children - Legal.
Guaranteeing the extinction of our entire species- Legal.
Have sex with a prostitute, and then give her hush money? Off with their heads!


VALUE CHANGE FOR SURVIVAL Justin Trudeau needs to see this. He still thinks we can “grow the economy” and expand tarsands production (and transportation through new pipelines) without sacrificing our environment.


You are very correct. However the feds incriminated the mass murder Al Capone on tax evasion.

I lived through those things too. Watergate is a sandbox dispute compared to Donny’s Follies.
So fascinating.
Republicans, of course.

Right you are, Rakal. And for those who don’t know, tar sands crude is very heavy. It takes large amounts of water and energy to break it down for the refinement process. The oil bomb train derailment a few years ago in Michigan ended up with large amounts of tar sands crude at the bottom of the Kalamazoo River.
It sinks straight to the bottom, and thus is almost entirely impo$$ible to remediate.


Explain yourself. Use your words…

All of this is very strange. Nixon was very malicious and did many evil things but in a different way than Trump. Of course, Nixon feathered his own nest but he seemed to be about the ruthless gain and use of power for powers sake. Trump seems more about money and ego. He is, after all, a former tv celebrity. In his own strange way, Nixon seemed to understand the rule of law and the established order of government and Trump seems to have none of that. I think there was more integrity in congress in those days, less of the revolving door with the corporate world, less money and more bipartisan efforts - whether good or bad. The country and the world was not served well by Nixon and is not being served well by Trump. There must be a rule of law and both of them should be subject to it just like anyone else. We will see where this leads but it is a mistake for a country to allow such people to hold the highest office.


Mark my words, Kavanaugh is a lock. He’s a lock because he is the lynchpin that will make all of the Koch brothers plans come to fruition. This is the moment they have been building towards for 40 years. They brought in the useful dupe Trump, had him look like the bad guy that destroyed the US government regulatory offices and pack the courts with pro-business Nazis. They knew they only had a two year window to finish reestablishing gilded age America.
They don’t care what happens to trump now. As a matter of fact, they hope he has finally shot himself in the foot for the last time and that they, the conservatives, can step in and get rid of him for “the good of the nation” and give themselves two years to recover before 2020. And even if they don’t recover, they don’t care. The mechanisms have been put in place. Today’s oligarchy has learned the lesson of their failed 19 century predesessors.


To clarify, neither Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougal are or were prostitutes.

Just sayin.


Leverage is in place now…standby…
We haven’t even started unwrapping that Russian gift yet.

This is the deep end of the pool and quite obviously these rats don’t swim very well.
Hell Manfort is in JAIL for Jury Tampering…awaiting his next trial. How Smart.

But…still looking for a way out…we get it…Hubris against all Facts and Convictions

Why for these tacky boys though?
Really, are they so impressive, Such Role Models for the kiddies…that …

Course if one can’t see the big picture yet, one probably never will.