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I Lived Through Watergate. I Lived Through the Saturday Night Massacre. There Never Was Anything Like This

That’s a plus in itself. But I’m sure that the Clintonites, et al will figure out a way to wedge “Russia” in there somewhere. Especially since Lanny Davis is involved in all this…

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To confirm your thoughts, a comment by D-Party apologist and diehard centrist, Lrx, in the article about Sanders ‘mopping the floor’ with Trump:

‘There are too many “don’t knows” for most of the candidates and really why waste time on this nonsense with the mid-term elections coming up. If the Republicans sweep the mid-terms Putin will be popping champagne corks in Moscow. Putin’s game has been clearly explained in the book “The Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin and his spies are undermining America and dismantling the West” by Malcolm Nance. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Enough of these stupid presidential polls for 2020 and let’s make Nov 6 a bad day for Putin and his gang of spies.’

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Another installment of the 24-hour ‘Russia did it’ roadshow.

You’d think Lrx would be content to bask in the campaign finance violations, but nooo…booga, booga, Russia!


I don’t engage with Lrx. No point in quoting him as he is too far gone to ever wake up to the reality that exists in the duopoly. Two wings on the same corrupt bird…


While its pretty obvious that Russians of some sort were involved in pre election social media trolling, I believe that they are simply part of the Koch brothers endgame that started the moment Ronny Rayguns uttered his infamous homily about government being the enemy.
It’s ridiculous for the Clintonites to keep pushing this evil Russian bear nonsense. However, they see it as their only way to maintain control of the Party. In the end, all the Russians are trying to do is speed along our demise by trying to destroy rank and file Americans confidence in the republic. And judging from the barely 52% turnout in 2016, those plans are succeeding.
Maybe Kruschev was right. We will eventually destroy ourselves from within.


Yep. When that election was ongoing and I mentioned I would vote Green to any that would listen I was told that this would just allow Harper to get elected again and that Trudeau would do much more to protect the Environment than Harper.

Well Trudeau got elected and from an environmental POV i see no difference from the Harper regime.


Their real boy - Pence - is waiting in the background for the Trump exit. He is totally in the pockets of the Koch Brothers and perhaps this was all just a grand scheme to get Pence in there - in the end. These people would scheme, deceive and manipulate to get their way and sometimes it doesn’t make sense to the rest of us. But maybe it all does - their boy Pence will look so good (in a superficial way) after Trump - just like Obama looked so good after Bush II.


HI LMFAO, but the latest news is that the Mexican man with the ironic name( of (Christian) is not undocumented and is here legally. Still people seem to overlook that a college student can 't exercise freely in America without a male acting as if women have no rights. Harvey, Cosby, and
Christian 3 races, 3 variations on an old and sad story—for women, : (

Absolutely on the mark, old goat and thanks for posting!

I would argue that a prostitute is anyone who has sex for money, and that having a camera in the room changes nothing, but i am sure neither of us actually want that discussion.

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Neither woman received money in exchange for sex. They received money for keeping their mouths shut in the aftermath of having sex long after the sex. Then they realized that the deals they signed on to were bogus.

If you examine those bogus deals, you’ll see the utter corruption, but more importantly, the rank ineptitude of Trump in handling extra-marital affairs. Coulda been no big deal, turned into something sordid.

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WOW! Tonight on Chris Hayes show there was a mention(not a real discussion) of white privilege ,the national jail strike and some hints of the two tier system of justice in this country. There was some discussion about how many wealthy people evade paying taxes and get away with it.

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Convictions for fraud, bribery, campaign finance law violations, hardly raise a blip on my screen anymore. I have lived through three administrations now that wage aggressive war and engage in torture, acts that we hanged people for at Nuremberg. They finance terrorists, thet finance terrorist regimes, they assist terrorist regimes in murdering their enemies with arms that they provide. They murder people across the world with no better excuse than that they point the bone at them and call them “terrorist.” Three administrations have waded through blood for the advantage of their rich friends, while allowing the rest of the country to disintegrate. When the war crimes trials begin, then I will be interested.


Was referring to the fact that one of them was a porn star. Having sex for money is what they do for a living.

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UI[quote=“Tarsus, post:13, topic:54834”]

Guaranteeing the extinction of our entire species- Legal.
Have sex with a prostitute, and then give her hush money? Off with their heads!

The last part is legal too. The illegal part (as it should be) is dipping into campaign funds for hush money. I agree that the other things you cite are worse of course but I want even stricter campaign finance reform, that what he did (if true which is pretty damn likely) should be illegal is a no-brainer.

While technically true, if I were single and had sex with as vile a married woman as Trump, I’d be thinking I had prostituted myself for financial gain - what other motivation is there? He’s not attractive or interesting. Too bad this term is more of a pejorative against woman (partially because there are fewer vile rich women then men).

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is introducing an ANTI-CORRUPTON bill that everyday people should be supporting & pushing Congress-members & Senators to pass.

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Stormy Daniels was angling for a TV spot as brief friendship with trump progressed.

Karen McDougal claims she and Trump were in love.

Neither mentioned cash-in-kind payments for sex. And though it doesn’t apply in these cases, I don’t have a problem with sexworkers earning a living. It’s legal and regulated just a few miles from where I live, no big deal.

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