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I’m a ‘Dreamer.’ If Someone Must Be Punished, Let It Be Me


I’m a ‘Dreamer.’ If Someone Must Be Punished, Let It Be Me.

Sayra Lozano

"Let me pay the fine, let me risk my security by advocating publicly, let me bear the burden of this broken immigration system, not my community."


Immigration has always been controversial in the United States. More than two centuries ago, Benjamin Franklin worried that too many German immigrants would swamp America’s predominantly British culture. In the mid-1800s, Irish immigrants were scorned as lazy drunks, not to mention Roman Catholics. At the turn of the century a wave of “new immigrants” — Poles, Italians, Russian Jews — were believed to be too different ever to assimilate into American life. Today the same fears are raised about immigrants from Latin America and Asia, but current critics of immigration are as wrong as their counterparts were in previous eras.

Immigration is not undermining the American experiment; it is an integral part of it. We are a nation of immigrants. Successive waves of immigrants have kept our country demographically young, enriched our culture and added to our productive capacity as a nation…

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent ~

Trump MUST be IMPEACHED !!:us:


I worry just as much about the people who put him into office.


The history of immigration involves pretty much all the same components it does today as it has historically with some of the more gruesome aspects sanitized. for the American Dream. Times have changed, there are billions of people on the planet and at one time immigration mitigated conditions and social pressures. It doesn’t do that anymore, Wars continue, inequality continues, poverty continues, over population continues. I think immigration is a linear design that needs to change.


These people will come for all of us if they aren’t stopped. It may be one group today, but it’ll be someone else after that and more after that. This is a country initially taken from the indigenous by outsiders & invaders - us - and hundreds, thousands and millions of immigrants. Dreamers have settled here and stayed since the 1600’s; Sayra is no different from my ancestors or those of most others reading this. All this to say she will not fight alone; we are all with her.


I worry more about them. Much more!