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I’m a Lifelong Progressive Voting for Joe Biden—Here’s Why

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/27/im-lifelong-progressive-voting-joe-biden-heres-why


I am a proud, Progressive Independent, who had my eye on Bernie before he even made it to the Senate, but I will damn sure be voting for Biden/Harris. To quote Donald Rumsfeld (and the thought turns my stomach), “you don’t go to war with the army you want, you go with the army you have.”


The author lost me with this: “As flawed as Joe Biden is, he does seem like a decent man who actually cares about other people.” Is that why, in the middle of a pandemic, with so many of us losing our jobs, our health insurance, and, next, our homes, Biden remains staunchly against Medicare for All? There is ZERO evidence in Biden’s record that Biden is “decent” or “cares about other people” (except, of course, the corporate interests he has always served).


And it appears he was instrumental in creation of the Patriot Act?!? Some humanitarian!
The one thing that articles like this don’t mention is the precipice of a Constitutional Convention that would seal the fate of our “democracy” forever. All the more critical that the Dems need to do something to attract my vote - which so far they haven’t…


This article seems like one of those that CD uses to fill it’s pages once in a while. While his claim may or may not be correct, his arguments are not based on evidence. Don’t have time to go over step by step, but will only briefly mention three that are glaring.

  1. Biden a ‘decent’ man? Is this a PTA committee member we are discussing or the man who was instrumental in so many policies of the past half century that brought us Trump, and who is a serial plagiarizer?

  2. Harris a progressive senator? By what measure? Just last month she voted against a 10% reduction of the War budget…and she changes stories every time she is asked about medicare.

  3. “A Trump win threatens democracy not just in the U.S., but across the world.” I beg to differ. Trump has in fact weakened the empire, and that helps democracy across the world.


As flawed as Joe Biden is, he does seem like a decent man who actually cares about other people.

Especially those in Iraq…


Stuart Schuffman really ought to take some time to examine the people he is willing to call “decent.”

This misuse of the word perfection does not cease to pain me. Mass murder, eviscerations, a gulag of torture, planet-wide destruction, and ballooning iniquities passed back and forth between one party and the other do not constitute imperfections.

Dahmer seemed like a pretty decent guy. As jarring as that comparison might be to someone, policy-by-policy comparisons are fairly well in line.


If Biden gets as many votes as there are articles like this one - he has the race in the bag.


As a lifelong progressive you should realize that compromising your values like this is why progressives never get anything done in this country.


Well said.

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I agree with this statement: “A Trump win threatens democracy not just in the U.S., but across the world.”

I also agree with your post.

And I would rather take a chance of surviving four more years of Trump than of surviving what would be only the beginning of a long string of horrors under the Biden / Obama / W.J. Clinton / H. R. Clinton / Pelosi / Schumer / Emanuel / Axelrod / et al. Democrats.


The author opens with two paragraphs describing Biden/Harris and the DNC as an existential threat not just to our democracy but to the world as a whole. He then precedes to urge us to vote for the existential threat anyway because, well, if we don’t according to his words, “What we face is an existential threat not just to our democracy but to the world as a whole.”

I agree. Trump is an existential threat to everything and everybody. However, as the author himself describes, so are Biden/Harris.

Salvation will come from neither.


I am a progressive who is voting for Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins, and nothing this writer says comes close to making me change my mind. I refuse to vote for a party that rigged its primaries and stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders a second time. More important is policy. Medicare for All is my line in the sand. No Medicare for All, no vote! We need to end the travesty of neoliberalism once and for all!


So would you sign up with Jimmy Dore and Briahna Joy Gray who (independently) said they are willing to vote Biden if he reverses his stance on M4A completely, and puts up some hefty promises which I think could include announcing his pick for Surgeon General from a doctor directly involved with PNHP. I think I would (even though I have plenty of other reasons to hate Biden). Hey Joe - come get my vote - you won’t get it any other way.


Lesser evil V. Greater evil

It has a long history of debate and discussion and up to now the lesser evil case has always prevailed. So why does it still persist? Simply because the lesser evil remains an evil and did not result in any substantial fundamental change in policies. Often the lesser evil became the greater evil. Don’t make any humanitarian claims for Bill Clinton or Obama. They don’t stand up.

Malcolm X got it right. The foxes need to create the fear of the wolves to get their vote

Relying on the Sanders example to follow try reading this


A real progressive would not keep falling for this good cop/bad cop kabuki theater. A vote for Biden only ensures the ongoing destruction of the USA as someone worse than Trump will be next in line. But it is your vote to help destroy the USA. You are not a progressive in any way shape or form.


I would vote for Biden if he commits to supporting Medicare for All.


Indeed! It’s so obvious that M4A is what the people need and the majority want and the Dems not budging an inch in that direction to attract our votes makes it just as obvious that Trump is their “lesser evil”.


Right there with you. I’m glad Jimmy is making it public.

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Cc: @Plutogirl
Cc: @dpearl, @SkepticTank (I’m not saying you two are interested in signing such an open letter in line with my post #13 - only that you are more savvy than me in working with other people)

Ok, what is the next step here? I suspect there are maybe 20-50 people who feel similarly here and maybe somewhere between 0.1 and 0.5% nationally (I’d like to think more, but even these types of numbers can swing elections). I think Katie Halper also made a similar statement. That open letter at Harpers about something a lot less important (I still agreed with it) got a lot of press coverage - what would it take to get a similar amount of coverage? Who should we contact? I am on Twitter, but I have no idea what I’m doing there - I tried sending a message to @briebriejoy by putting that in the beginning of a tweet, but I’m sure she gets a lot of communication towards her. I can think of a lot of other relatively well known people who might be similarly inclined and I think it would take someone a lot more famous than me to get it started (plus I have some time - but not that kind of time) and actually make a difference.

So I welcome any ideas. I’ll do what I can as I’d hate to see this possibility (however unlikely) slip away as I’m sure we have no leverage after the election.