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I’m a Lifelong Progressive Voting for Joe Biden—Here’s Why

Biden was not my first candidate but I’ll be voting for him. Trump wants to do away with Social Security and Medicare and he means it. He is already is acting like a dictator and we don’t need four more years of this. Biden would probably just have four more years and then you can elect any progressive you want. You elect Trump for four more years and the United States is finished as a democratic constitutional republic.


Tonight they said they would protect Social Security and Medicare but his actions speak differently. Can you trust this guy or the Republican Party? Nada. He lies all the time. I would trust Biden before Trump. Trump is amoral. His base are fools to listen to him or believe him. His word stands for nothing. He is not an honorable man. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me.


Exactly. That progressive stupidity has become so widespread is why I don’t identify as a progressive any more. I’ve got a reputation to protect.

“Progressive” is little more than a wing of the Democratic Party these days, with untold thousands sucked in by choice of evilism memes and Party sheepdogs like Bernie Sanders. Yes, from the same folks who brought us the Russiagate Hoax and sucked up to the CIA, we now have the Choice of Evils Redux.

Just like every election. No one has a plan for progressives to take power this time or the next election. And all these people talking about the Dems being preferable to the Repubs, without any evidence to back it up.

The party that wants my vote has to earn it. This time around, it’s the Greens that did that.


Apparently, many Americans still seem to be totally unawares their country is NOT a Democraticly run country. It has not been so for a very long time. Your vote does not count one iota. The Electorial Council is the party which APPOINTS the chosen one, NOT the people.


And Biden has been vice president no less than three times. What has he done during that time for Americans L.O.L. ? On top of that, folks think their vote has any power at all ??? CRAZY !

I would vote for Biden/Harris if they made an ironlad commitment to supporting, promoting, and arm-twisting fellow conservative Democrats like Joe Manchin to get on board.

But I fell for Obama’s hype on healthcare before, so I’ll take a wait and see stance.

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“As a lifelong leftist and a Democratic Socialist, I have a lot of issues with the mainstream Democratic Party…even Barack Obama—”

Excuse me?! You have “ISSUES” with OBAMA?

Begone with you - never darken this doorstep again!

Being a “democratic socialist” is one thing - but impugning that good man’s name? Either you’re a klansman or a commie. Next you’ll be inciting violence against people of color.

How dare you, sir? How DARE you?!

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I never thought there would be a day where I’d say “Voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is the most important thing you can do,” but here we are … 2020 has been a strange year indeed.

This is an outright falsehood, Stuart. I encourage you to amend or retract this statement.

The truth is that US presidential elections are profoundly anti-democratic. 48 out of 50 US states have a winner-takes-all policy for the selection electors. Only 9 out of these 48 states are considered “toss-ups” with another 8 identified as leans Biden or likely Trump - 31 states are likely to safe (See:

So, Stuart, for progressives in these 31 states throughout the US, their vote will not sway the election. Falsehoods such as yours, Stuart, have the effect of drawing progressives away from a focus on grassroots organizing, to a focus on getting people out to vote in areas where it won’t even matter, because the state is already a “safe” state.

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Right now, Hawkins is polling nationally at 1% if he is included. This is often behind that libertarian dude, and sometimes even behind Kanye West when he is included.

Obviously if you firmly believe in voting with your conscience, then you can vote for Hawkins. But from a utilitarian perspective, your vote will have almost as little impact as leaving that field blank. Unless you are an accelerationist who hopes for things to get worse, in which case you are rooting for something pretty terrible.

If you insist on voting Green, I suggest you do it mainly to avoid a humiliating drop in performance relative to 2016. Otherwise, from the perspective of advancing the common good, you are effectively casting a protest vote.

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Sorry, this crap never ends if Biden and Harris eek out a win in November. The only way the left ever gets a government or a party for real average people is if what the elites have been doing for the last 40 years quits working. You can’t “push 'em to the left” once they have power, they have proven that all they will do is ignore us and do the bidding of corporate America or the corporate world in general. No, they all have to lose, so we can kick them out and take over the party after November. #NeverBiden.


That’s your opinion. Here’s mine:

After decades of supporting the Democrats at the national level every time, I noticed that the common good was no longer being advanced. Instead corporate power increased, an oligarchy arose, and the lives of average Americans stagnated or slipped backward. As such, I noticed that your party had actively become hostile to my views and openly passed one Republican piece of legislation after another.

Now, perhaps to you that’s advancing the common good. In which case, in my opinion, keep doing what you’re doing. The Republicans are rejoicing.


I have been a Socialist all my life and at one point ended up living in a country with an autocratic ruler. I admit to underestimating the malevolence of Trump last time, and after the murder of Gaddafi I just couldn’t vote for H Clinton.

“Saying you won’t vote for Biden/Harris also requires a lot of privilege. It means that, somewhere inside of you, you know that you’ll probably be OK if Trump wins again. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case for Muslims, undocumented people, queer folks, people of color, leftists, journalists, Jews, or any other marginalized group. Because if you think it’s bad now, just wait till Trump thinks he actually has the mandate of the people.”

The above quote applies to most of the Progressives I meet who “couldn’t possibly vote for Biden”. Because they are mostly white and privileged they fail to see the danger that Trump poses – of an uncontrolled epidemic and no health care, empowered fascists and possibly civil war. They talk about “in four years’ time” etc., because being privileged they imagine they will be able to ride it out – not be dead or locked up!! Besides disease and fascism, four more years of climate Denialists in power is unthinkable.

For progressives it will be hard going with the corporate Democrats – but think FDR and the changes that are possible if we stay focused and fight for a better world.


The author claims a threat to “democracy” the world over under trump.

Say what? What did Obama do to defend Democracy “The World over”?

Was it his support of the Coup in the Honduras or was it his attempts to get rid of the duly elected Government of Venezuela?

The Democrats are no champions of Democracy. The US has not had a Democracy for decades. The vast majority of peoples in the Democratic party just as example support M4A but the DNC insists they can not have it even as Biden says it will never happen.

That is not “Democracy”.

(BTW go to this guys website. the “lifelong progressive” seems to be a lifelong supporter of the Democratic party.)


So Kanye gets named but the only woman running for president (as a libertarian), Jo Jorgensen, is a dude? I don’t like that party one bit, but even I show more respect than that.

You realize that most Green voters (including me) know this right? And since when is protest a dirty word? I’m proud to cast my protest vote. Of course, Biden can come get my vote (see my post around 13 or 14) if he wants it.


All you well situated “progressives,” no matter where you actually draw the line, are not the crucial swing voters you think you are. The crucial voters, the vast bulk of deciding numbers, are the poor, disenfranchised, forgotten souls who are so tired of yall’s lesser evil crap, that they don’t care anymore.

It’s not you who matter. It’s them, And you have nothing to offer that makes any sense and all to them. And when you ask yourself, how exactly we got Trump foisted on us in the first place, you can stick the blame directly at the feet of the lesser evil gambit. All the lesser evil gets you is more evil every time. The Dems gave us Trump as much as anybody, anywhere.


Folks, there is A DYNAMIC SHIFT GOING ON in our politics and the media is hush. The Democratic party is replacing the old Republican party in real time. coughplatformchangecough

Corp donors cant stomach Trump, and they never lose, so they are buying the party piecemeal in many races, local to federal. Keep an eye on platform changes and bookmark the donor information pages for all your local-federal races. That platform change - giving back to Big Oil, their picking winners" subsidies - was not a minor thing. It was a huge response to a huge, major-corp demand b4 an election. It demonstrated how overtly they crap on us but give in to the corp demands… And it ensures that Big Carbon will be around to keep competing artificially against Green energy. Big Oil used to support Repubs blindly. Now, they need a new homie. That Homie is Joe and the dnc. It certainly aint me.

Im not just progressive. Im activist progressive (I LITERALLY STOPPED FRACKING in my town FROM MY BEDROOOM as I was dying of lung failure). {I got a lung transplant or I would not be writng this in case you are curious}

I get, totally, what they are saying.
“Just ignore our corruption, drop everything, vote the party line, forget how we ended up with the worst candidate since losers, Gore, Kerry and Clinton, and Oh look how bad the other guy is”. Barry the Black Knight ran as a populist and lied. After we got him elected he told us, “Thanks. I got it from here w my corp cabinet and my throwing SS onto the table to get a legacy deal and please my homies”. "BUT VOTE FOR MY MORE CONSERVATIVE BUDDY who is OK with ensuring that corporate insurers make profits while folks still die uninsured. Right

Again. and again. and again. Ad Nauseam
Ad Infinitum. They ignore the gorilla in the room.
Its the corrupt process, stupid.

They called us radicals, Castro commies. Over and over on MSFUK. They used the same Goebellian tactics, these self righteous “liberals”, as the fascist repubs! They just dropped that little turd into the MSNBC media punchbowl and let the aroma and flavor permeate the country’s senses. You know, like Trump does. Just plant that seed, plunk that smelly, corn-injected brown-boy - that Bernie just could be , might be, you never know - A COMMUNIST…

… and soon scared little blue haired ladies at town halls are telling Bernie how they fled fu**ing Russia to get away from his kind. NICE JOB, MSFUK! I will never forget the after taste of that stinky brown-boy. EV-ER!

They said we are Big Meanie Bernie Bros who made Thin-Skin-Lizzy wail, “You hurt my feelings”, without fact checking to see that those meanies weren’t an outside group, like maybe, Republicans, causing the ruckus. I believe they were. Gee, its not like Repubs are above that. Or Corporate dems for that matter.

Lizzy Warren took an axe
Gave Progressives 50 whacks

Millions of us organized & wrote the dnc after Iowa caucus, telling them that we would sit it out if we didnt have a fair process. We didnt.
Forget Bernie. Our Movement was mugged - by BARRY, THE BLACK KNIGHT and a gang of entitled other wealthy thugs, who colluded with corp media to ensure that health insurers are protected from expensive sick people, and workers never have a legit voice.

Im sorry, but that isnt moderate. Its radical and its RW. Its republican. And its corrupt AF. Obamacare was a Repub inception which ensures we pay more just so corps can profit from our deaths and CEOs get that 2nd yacht. And Joe’s answer is to fix that complex monstrosity because he protects corrupt private insurers who routinely send grannies to their graves for lack of $.


INSURANCE IS AN UNNECCESSARY AND CORRUPT, CORP-INJECTED EXPENSE WHICH DOUBLES COSTS and hinders results. . They look at “costs” without ever addressing the real health care issues.


Joes new party mascot is the BIG RED GORILLA IN THE ROOM. He is a repuiblican in sheeps clothing. And we will remind him constantly of who his mascot is.

Just know what you are voting for. A rightward shift at a time when social programs are the best prroven remedy for a pandemic… Yet we dance around the real issues to obtain & preserve donors. We dont solve problems. We find “band-aids” which enrich donors. Fact.

Vote your values, not your fears.
Then get active. Be the Left’s Tea Party. Be visible. Be active. Be loud. Be a fighter. Join an activist group. Be the solution. Dont wait for some “smart people” to rescue us. YOU ARE THAT SMART PERSON

Stop voting for the problem.


Oh, please. Quit with the Biden as some kind of necessary evil. He is the DNC and the DNC has not given progressives one single solitary thing to vote for. Not one. Fuck them. They gave us Trump in the first place with this long slow slide to the lesser evil right. I live in a Red state that went Trump by 63% last cycle. My blue vote won’t mean a thing. I’ll vote for who I damned well please, thank you.


You are right about the libertarian candidate. My apologies for misgendering.

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There’s a big upside to Dementia Joe, the lesser of two rapists–er, the lesser of two evils.

He might drop dead or be declared mentally incompetent in a year or two.

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The problem is, even for a politician, Biden is a notorious liar. There would be no reason to believe he was sincere.