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I’m a Lifelong Progressive Voting for Joe Biden—Here’s Why

wow! Great post!!!
Thanks for joining the group.

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I had been wondering how to cast a protest vote.
Then a helpful commenter told me how.

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Excellent post. While I am Canadian I think that issues progressives and the real left see as important do not stop at a Countries borders. The entire world needs a radical rethink of how things done and in particular our economic system and the monster that is extractive Capitalism.

As you clearly stated the Democrats ARE the old Republican Party. Obama in fact boasted of this when he indicated he would be seen as a “moderate Republican” in Reagans Government. The Democrats have openly stated they would rather get Republican voters on board then voters on the left.

It absolutely inane for people to insist that progressives and the left HAVE to vote for what is a Conservative party. In so doing they are saying the things you believe in are just not that important.

Welcome to the forums.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, same old, same old argument that we HAVE to vote blue because the other side is so bad. Voting blue just continues the oligarchy, inequality, etc. The only responsible thing is to vote third party. That is the only way to break the stranglehold of the two/same parties.


the reason the Ds are so Right these days is because there has been weak or no lefty pushback. Now the parties compete for the same donors, so the Ds dont want to offend current or perspective “donors” (bribers), and hide when they should be matching the Republican vitriol in front of cameras. Quit being “reasonable” and fight like a damned republican

Vote Blue
Ignore the Poo

Im practicing my Lefty Tea Party (We need a movement name) voice on my personal page. I get the most vitriol from the left. They HATE that I am promoting “vote your conscience” stuff. I also have a former-Dem-current-independent FB blog with 42000 followers and shrinking :slight_smile: Many cant stomach seeing Bidens truth published. Some prefer the quiet comfortable lies the party blows up their - -

That would be true - if Dems were notorious fighters for liberal causes. They arent. Most bad things Rs passed in yrs past were passed with necessary Dem help. We have been dragged conservative by aggressive Repubs invoking their will upon passive Dems. The Dems compete for the same donors, and are more worried abt offending corps than abt our petty needs for health care or adequate pay.


The ironclad part is of course not easy. I added a sentence to what I had based on what you wrote to my first draft of my open letter:

cc: @dpearl, @1Nall, @HensTeeth, @Plutogirl, @health4all

(If anyone has any suggestions of who to add, let me know. All uses of ~ are for Common Dreams version only)

Open letter to (twitter, other contact info):
Katie Halper (~@kthalps)
Jimmy Dore (~@jimmy_dore, ~info@jimmydorecomedy.com
Stef Zamorano (~@miserablelib)
Briahna Joy Gray (~@briebriejoy, she had an intercept email, don’t see a current affairs one)
Ralph Nader (~@RalphNader, ~https://nader.org/contact/ fill in form)
Kyle Kulinski (~@KyleKulinski)

I have been hearing and reading excellent information on how Medicare for All (I’ll use M4A) only makes more sense as more people are tossed into unemployment, and we have one of the biggest public health crises I’ve lived through in a time of high inequality of wealth with many people not being able to afford health care through the current model. Thank you for all your efforts.

I’ve also been hearing a few of you make a direct proposal that you do not consider Biden somebody worth fighting for, but you are willing to vote for Biden if he comes to get your vote. Specifically, I’ve heard Briahna Joy Gray and Jimmy Dore say a public change of heart on M4A coupled with real promises to try hard to make it happen would actually be sufficient for Biden to get their votes (even though other changes in attitude on the Green New Deal, Marijuana Legalization, Free Public College, and many other issues would be welcome obviously). I have decided for myself that although I view Biden’s foreign policy as quite bad, I am also willing to sign on to such a pledge. So putting aside the question of how Biden could promise M4A in a way he wouldn’t easily back out of (see PS), how can we get together some form of public open letter or petition that will show Biden that there are a large number of votes to get (and really very few to lose) by embracing M4A. Would any of you be willing to spearhead such an effort? There of course isn’t much time as I don’t see us having any leverage after the election.

Thanks for your consideration,

Dara Parsavand

PS: I realize politicians make promises all the time that they don’t keep and that David Sirota made public remarks from Biden’s team that they will likely be claiming they don’t have money to do anything (I realize Biden’s team doesn’t believe in MMT, but apparently they aren’t open to raising taxes either). I’d like to leave it up to the experts (PNHP or any others) on what would constitute a sufficient promise from Biden, but I do believe one is possible. One part of what is required that comes to my mind is choosing a surgeon general now, one that is completely on board with M4A being an important part of improving our country’s public health. I imagine several of the doctors who are leaders in PNHP would qualify. This may seem symbolic, but it is important to put a face to the promise, but ultimately we probably need some type of commitment from Biden on how he is going to handle the people in the House and Senate who are currently not on board. Bully pulpit is one thing, but as we know from Obama’s time, a lot of arm-twisting goes on behind the scenes (sorry Dennis Kucinich). I would be open to anything the experts suggest on this or any other front.


Would you commit to rump if he pledged to promote M4All?

Is your comment directed at the fact that both Trump and Biden aren’t to be trusted to carry out a promise?

At one point I suspected Trump might really want to fuck with the Democrats and pull out of our wars, legalize marijuana, and stump for M4A. Alas, he’s not that interesting.


Absolutely great! That would have taken me all of two days to compose and even then it wouldn’t sound as good. I’d address it to Kucinich too for that matter. I do believe he is still in our corner even if not as publicly. Dr. Margaret Flowers would also be good. She’s been fighting for M4A for a Long time.


Perfectly stated. And the irony of the author writing this nonsense is that he lives in California which is such a blue state it wouldn’t make any difference if he voted for Biden or not. I am so sick and tired of these leftist nazis who vote shame by trying to make us guilty using the meme of privilege. They are just as bad as their right wing nazi counterparts.


Biden’s policy webpage has tax increases outlined claiming to raise $350 billion/year on income over $400,000. A quote from the website:

“He will pay for the ongoing costs of the plan by reversing some of Trump’s tax cuts for corporations and imposing common-sense tax reforms that finally make sure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share.”


We Progressives have an army?

Sort of, and as usual, its acronym is LOTE.


I don’t know what I identify with as any more. I just want a good jobs program, guaranteed healthcare, and a habitable planet.

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Influence all the senators and representatives to pass a new federal law requiring both parties to “make an honest woman” out of themsleves by merging into a single party called The Demrepubliocratcan Party: for short, the Can o’ Rats party.
Next, all the fragmented third parties from greens through socialists through independents all the way to buddhists and unitarians and communists and historical re-enactors will coalesce into a single entity to become the second or genuinely alternative party (though I don’t know what the new party’s name should be) with an actual chance to get candidates elected.

Of course, this won’t ever happen.

You identify with the majority of Americans. However The Party (both wings of it) would brand you a screaming leftist or (horror) Socialist.


Biden or trump

The rest is rhetorical

Which ya gonna make happen

Until a third party can run a candidate who can win
I mean actually bring in the votes across the spectrum
That path is crap

Working against a centrist government is way better than battling under a nazi fascist government

Not really rocket science