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I’m Already Tired of the 'Lessons’ of Chilcot. What Can We Learn from a Report That Ignores Iraqis?


I’m Already Tired of the 'Lessons’ of Chilcot. What Can We Learn from a Report That Ignores Iraqis?

Robert Fisk

So where are the Titans now? I’ve often asked that question but today, I realise, Blair wanted to be a Titan. Up there with the Churchills and the Roosevelts and Titos and – dare I suggest – the Stalins. Men who made the earth move. Maybe that’s why Chilcot’s achievement was not to prove that Blair was a war criminal but that he was a midget.


Poignant, moving, and powerful assessment, Mr. Fisk.

Thank you.


The world needs an antidote to the hubris of the Anglo-American virus.


As always, Mr Fisk, you said what needs to be said, over and over again, with your usual insight and wisdom. We can only hope that
somebody is listening ...


I agree, but the elephant needs to hear the same anguished from Americans over the loss of their own Vets---to the point of embarrassing Obama because he only feels when the cameras are on....If a million person march to Washington was set and done then yes, Obama would be forced to react....And the corporate power in the Senate and Congress would put on 'their act' of caring too. Hopefully enough to get the same investigation--Keep in mind the US is tied to NATO and all the other 6 countries they are currently trying to destroy to diminish Russian influence and security beyond sense for Israel.....Now is there going to be a growing reaction---You bet?


But they would not invade North Korea because they knew it really had the bomb!


If Bush and Bliar had really been concerned about "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq they would first have criticised their countries' prior leaderships for selling the "weapons of mass destruction", and the chemicals wherewith to make, them,l to Saddam Hissein in the 1980s.

Then they would have called an international conference to get rid of nuclear weapons and would have certainly talked sanely to the Russian leadership about a WMD-free future and would have started by getting rid of their own.

But no; both suffer from the Napoleon complex. I am surprised that they didn't order themselves an "Arc de Triomphe" as the French built for their little corporal.


The world needs an antidote to hubris, full-stop.


QB, I've had the thought (for quite some time now) that n korea changed world politics. That fearless tiny country has yet to be reined in.However I'm not a fan of the regime.


While the Iraqi viewpoints surely cannot be ignored when it is their nation which we invaded, the purpose of the Chilcot Report was narrowly defined to focus on the responsibility of British leaders for that invasion, instigated by American war criminals. Faulting the Report for not doing something which it was never charged or tasked to do seems rather unjust. The focus in America should be on the responsibilities of the Bush-Cheney team for generating this disaster based on falsehoods, and then failing to extricate the United States once the falsehoods became apparent.


Thanks for the editorial help!


Robert Fisk is getting back to his old, very formidable style. Thanks for this.


It's a human virus. Power is the intoxicant that makes us susceptible.