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I’m Outraged By Trump’s Church Photo-Op

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/03/im-outraged-trumps-church-photo-op


What did he hope to accomplish? Obsequious pandering by impeached45pos. It reeks like a tyrannical buffoon making points with other gangsters. ugh

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I am not a believer at all but what I found the most galvanizing in the photo op was the way he held the bible in the same way that Charleton Heston (sp?) held up the rifle at some NRA boor fest while declaring the only way to get the firearm was over his dead body. There is only one type of Christian who uses the bible as a weapon and those cannot be honestly classified, nor recognized as a truly gentle (wo)man of the people who leads with love in their heart.


Seeing how the GOP has been leading the US into a new dark age for four decades plus, perhaps this stunt as a signal to start a Christian crusade.

Considering how many heads were lopped off in the name of Christ during the previous crusades, that model fits Trump’s reality TV persona perfectly.

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It won’t do any good for him to read the Bible or even have it read to him. He can’t comprehend the concepts. He doesn’t understand the words. His mind can’t concentrate for long enough to grasp the messages. The man lives almost entirely by his lizard brain, not his neocortex. He is one of those people that Einstein mentioned when he said, “He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice.”


Insincerity is holding the Bible aloft, backwards and upside down, to demonstrate your piety.


That awkward, curious, pseudo-Episcopal pose provided too obvious a punchline (“He should open that goddam book sometimes!”), which was happily exploited by all. The most sumptuous gift to cartoonists in history. But I, for one, thank the holy Flying Spaghetti Monster, with elaborate ministrations, that His Pestilency did not open that goddam book. Can you imagine our dimpressario attempting to render scripture (without excruciatingly awful flubs)?

Breathing in, I am truly grateful. Breathing out, I give thanks to FSM.

Martha: well said and I would add: THE EPITOME OF CHRISTIAN, FASCIST, HYPOCRISY! Welcome to Common Dreams. Please, if you like me find it a great progressive site, support it financially…thanks.

I much prefer atheists to Trump’s evangelical, hypocritical , Bible trumping, base.

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Thank you. Most atheists are humanists (not the Dawkins, Harris type who love to bloviate). Being a humanist means that humans, nature, and the majesty of nature’s ecosystems are beyond valuation and profits which degrade us. Corporate rapine of our one and only planet is a nihilistic long view, cruel in its depredations of all we, as the ‘thinking apes’ (a sapient hominid) need and value for survival required. We understand that there is only one race of humans, period, end of story.

Like the rest of nature’s bounties, we come in a variety of shades depending on the ecological niches of our far back ancestors in times before history was written. The concept of ‘races’ of humans is a result of the expansion into others’ already peopled lands. It was meant to excuse the abuse of all those who were not the Great White hordes invading and colonizing that which did not belong to them. Now those ‘big brains’ want to do the same to other bodies in our galaxy, including the moon.

We care about the here and now because how kindly you act towards the real now, means knowing you did your best to preserve the world for our future generations. If we do not, we are bound to be another marble in the universe of uninhabitable planets.

Being an Alaskan resident I could not agree more! Thanks.

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Dear Sister Karen,
In your rightful reminder of what authentic Christianity demands
of its believers, to “love of the neighbor as oneself;” a reminder that
another Catholic Sister, Dianna Ortiz was brutally tortured by agents of
of the CIA in Guatemala, 1989 (The Blindfold’s Eye: My Journey from
Torture to Truth, 2007). And your remembrance of the Christian message,
summed up socially and paraphrased, from Pope John XXIII, (1963), that
if you want justice, then work for peace; might include asking: Why are the
Christian churches hiding?

Gandhi said the same thing: “become the peace you want to see in the world” and Gandhi answered your question when asked about Christanity: " I think it would be a good idea".

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Politicians and military types have been holding up holy books as justification for cruelty since gawd’s words were first printed on papyrus. This nun is not bothered by slavery (ok in the bible), rape (ok in the bible), incest (ok in the bible), spousal abuse (ok in the bible), racism/bigotry (ok in the bible), child brides (ok in the bible) but the village idiot waving around her delusions for all to see is a step too far for her.

As 45 pretends that he is Christian, it is reassuring to hear voices that are grounded in that faith call him out for his actions. We need more voices like this.

If there was anything to the bible, it would have burst into flames in his hand.

Stokely Carmichael said of Dr. King: “he only made one fallacious assumption: In order for nonviolence to work, your opponent has to have a conscience. The United States has no conscience.”

You must have missed it, the old fighting god ended about 2000 years ago while the Romans were in charge. He was replaced by a cheek turning, tax compliant god you could crucify, and was much more manageable for the Roman Empire. It’s almost as if they made a lot of it up, and copied the rest.

When Madeline not-so-bright was asked about how she felt about the estimated 500,000 children murdered in Iraq her reply was: " WE THINK IT WAS WORTH IT!"

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One moment of reckoning please: Showing the bible’s back cover upside down
“appeared” to be more like the bible his handlers sought for photo op purposes.
The Christianized sincerity of Mr. DJT#45 is shallow and murky.