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“I’m Taking This Action To Protect My Grandchildren’s Future”

“I’m Taking This Action To Protect My Grandchildren’s Future”

Andy Rowell

Just because you get older, it doesn’t mean you cannot stop taking action for what you believe in. And yesterday was a case in point. Two seventy year olds, still putting their bodies on the line for environmental justice and indigenous rights.

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Kinder-Morgan went to Massachusetts with a scheme to have electric company customers buy them a pipeline. The public utilities commission and area governors thought it was a good idea for the people to buy the corporation a pipeline. The pipeline company lost.

Remember that this company is the asset remnants of Enron after it collapsed. Thousands upon thousands of people had their retirement accounts looted; some of their retirement could have been saved had these assets stayed with Enron.

Now corporatist thieves want to run way more tankers through the Salish sea and put a new harbor at the last and richest salmon river on Earth.

Clueless Trudeau is as bad as Trump and the Mexican president, Nieto. All of north America is presided over by people who probably never look at the stars.

Unite to protect the entire Gray Whale coast from Sonora around Baja to Alaska. Perhaps New England and New York will back the Pacific states against corporatistas who destroy democracy, life and Earth for cash.


“People who never look at the stars” does not apply to Trump. Watch 60 minutes on Sunday to see the stars Trump looks at.

Although I live in the US I am close enough to the Canadian border to get more Canadian radio stations than Murkin stations. CBC radio discussion this week is heavy on how much higher fuel prices have increased this year in Vancouver than they have in the rest of BC and the rest of Canada. The stories conclude with the only remedy being “a second pipeline to expedite the transport of more fuel at lower cost”.

Can you say SQUEEZE ?


Glad to hear that, as I’m ‘older’ !?

I have a son, now thirteen, and I see I’ve been blogging on environmental matters ever since.

I’m in Calgary, Alberta, and I voted for the New Democratic Party (socialist), headed by Rachel Notley, who was sworn in as Premier May 24, 2015.

Surprise surprise ! She and the NDP and the finance minister Joe Ceci are literally banking on future oil revenues to ease the provincial deficit, and part of that plan is the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion discussed here by Andy Rowell.


This morning I woke up to Paul Ehrlich’s prediction of near certain civilizational collapse ‘within decades’.
Paul Ehrlich: ‘Collapse of civilisation is a near certainty within decades’

I must admit I was shaken.

Even though I read the 1972 “Limits to Growth” report to the Club of Rome, by the MIT Group of systems science and engineering, way back in 1972 - that’s 46 years ago !

“Planetary Boundaries” from Stockholm and Johan Rockstrom et al was next in September of 2009 (Nature).

Since I have featured Paul Ehrlich here, I will include this link from 2013, Stanford University, which suggests possible solutions:
Scientific Consensus on Maintaining Humanity’s Life Support Systems in the 21st Century: Information for Policy Makers

It is disturbing in the extreme to note that Dennis Meadows, one of the original authors of the MIT report “Limits to Growth”, wrote this in 2012, in response to a New Scientist article about the “Limits to Growth” (January 7, 2012):

“Humanity’s use of of energy and materials is now so far above the globe’s long-term, sustainable capacity that collapse of some sort is inevitable.”


It is OK to be shaken momentarily - a very human response.

But is not OK to remain shaken.

  1. The United Nations scientific panels on climate change and biodiversity, along with the various national academies of science in various countries, are going to have to be given immense swat in the years ahead of us.

  2. E.O. Wilson’s ideas on setting aside half the Earth to preserve 85% of biodiversity are going to have to be taken into the policy and implementation phase. ‘Rights for the Environment’ will, I hope, be part of this implementation process.

  3. James Hansen’s target of 350 ppm CO2 also will need implementation, and only one geoengineering concept is worth pursuing - Direct Air Capture both natural and artificial.

  4. We must exploit the near space environment, i.e., solar energy and the ‘space-shield’ from bolide impact, and then the mining of comets and asteroids.

To do this we will have to become a global tribe - egalitarian in outlook and in practice - and grounded in the only known reality - The Natural World & Universe.


I’d rather say, “Crush.”

They shouldn’t be mining for tar sands oil in the first place. That is a very destructive means of obtaining oil. The best answer is to quickly transform the grid to 100% renewable energy and then use all-electric cars and trucks for transportation and use electric for heating.

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Thanks for the link to the Ehrlich article. It’s a good one.

Bravo, Manysummits.

Namaste to all of these brave leaders on taking peaceful, nonviolent, effective action.