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I’m the Greenpeace Activist Who Asked Hillary Clinton to Pledge to Reject Fossil Fuel Contributions at the Purchase NY Campaign Rally


I’m the Greenpeace Activist Who Asked Hillary Clinton to Pledge to Reject Fossil Fuel Contributions at the Purchase NY Campaign Rally

Eva Resnick-Day

Since the media, Twitter, and Facebook world have spread the following video of Secretary Clinton and me, I thought that it would be important to share my experience and why I was there on Thursday.


Thank you Eva and Greenpeace! And the fact that HRC got so defensive and angry proves to me, that she is guilty as hell!

HRC is sick of the Sanders campaign lying about her? That statement has to be the epitome of irony!


To see exactly what's going on here, I suggest you all hold your noses and check out the CNN website today. Their story is that poor little Hillary Clinton was attacked by miss Resnick and all those horrible hippies at Greenpeace.
We of course know what the truth is. But we are in the minority.


Dear Hillary, we are very tired of you fossilized face. Bye Bye.


I'm beginning, just maybe, to think we may no longer be the minority, at least when it comes to seeing and hearing and knowing the truth. I hope I'm not wrong. Thank you internet... and net neutrality... for now, anyway.


Does not surprise me coming from the Clinton News Network!


At least there was no campaign manager there to grab her strongly on the arm and yank her away from Clinton. No charges of battery. No arrests. This is how political campaigns should be conducted in the United States. Quite a difference from the campaign of the leading candidate on the other side.


Good for you Eva for standing toe-to-toe with her...even rising above it. The woman is nothing but a lying bully and anything but someone a young women like you should emulate. Keep up the good work!


Just a point Greenpeace needs the help of a Semiotician. That message on the side of the blimp came across as if Hillary is the one who is saying to - "Say No To Fossil Fuels."

Glad that Ms Resnick-Day sets the record straight. Apparently Hillary is wound up tight and running on the script. Ask her a question that she doesn't have a prepared answer for and she freaks. Ask her a question that she doesn't want asked like this one and she gets nasty.

Hillary may be freaking and coming undone. Is this the way that she would respond to things she doesn't like while in office?

I am wondering just how she will handle being indicted? Maybe she is a bit of an autocrat herself?


I'm so glad the author included this sentence: " Secretary Clinton’s campaign and the Super PAC supporting her have received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry during the 2016 election cycle." Such direct evidence of yet another lie when Clinton says she only receives money from individual employees. Of course, lobbyists are employees of the oil and gas industry, so the statement is technically correct. A completely intentional deflection of attention from the facts, or was Clinton once again behaving, as Matt Taibbi wrote for Rolling Stone, "like a person who often doesn't know what the truth is, but instead merely reaches for what is the best answer in that moment, not realizing the difference"?

I don't know, but I for one am sick of it.


Yeah, I figured that was the point of the headlines I saw (and therefore could not read the articles). Wants people to know she'd be as much a warrior as any man (and of course, she is), but also wants to play the poor little put-upon woman. I hope some true feminists are gagging at that garbage.


No one that is not guilty gets that angry and defensive. Me thinks she doth protest too much!


And THIS is one of the many reasons I refuse to hold my nose and vote for this woman. She is a proven liar and so we will end up with the TPP, Keystone and fracking.


"This is by no means the first time that we asked her the question": Maybe this is a clue to stop asking and time to write her off completely?


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Some questions for Clinton maybe some reporter could answer---What is Clinton's connection to Monsanto? And is her pak receiving money from Monsanto? The same question about the private prison industry??? And the same question for other candidates running for office.


I had to watch through several times to be truly sure that she said what she said about taking money from fossil fuel corporations. An un-scripted few seconds. And not out of context. And then that lateral hand off to accuse Sanders of lying. They were not even connected and I am not clear from the video whether Hillary was making such a connection or merely diverted to a Bernie attack as part of her reaction. In either case, very revealing and very trenchant.


Yes, so it seems. Wonder how her finger-wagging went over with the younguns.


Greenpeace Rocks!


Yeah. The leftists for Bernie-and-if-not-Bernie-Billionaire Trump need to remember that.