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I’m With Progressives Against Impeachment


I’m With Progressives Against Impeachment

Rick Salutin
Why? Because it bypasses democratic politics in favour of the legal system, or the quasi-legal impeachment process. But democratic electoral politics operates in its own, independent realm.

For instance, Marion Barry was a U.S. civil rights leader who got elected mayor of Washington D.C. in the ’80s. The FBI entrapped him in a crack sting and he went to jail. Then he got reelected. His slogan was, “He isn’t perfect but he’s perfect for D.C.” Voters got the distinction.


Impeachment is not about using the justice system to “get rid of” a political opponent. It is about holding our elected officials accountable to the laws that the rest of us must follow.


Is this an op-ed or someone’s Facebook post?


So the author wants a toothless system of checks and balances?

What does passivity in the face of egregious corruption and increasingly blatant white supremacism have to do with progressive politics?

So we’re going to put all of our trust in a suppressed, gerrymandered electoral process with black-box voting machines that often deny us even the chance of an audit?

This op-ed comes off as a study in learned helplessness.


Let Mueller release his report in full to the public and grab all the assets here in America then banish t___p and family, exile is what is warranted.


The “justice system” is allowed to turn over evidence of wrongdoing to the Congress.


Think the writer missed an event in the US- that of SCOTUS decision on Citizens United.
Oh yeah, and ALEC. Oh yeah, and the scurrilous machinations of ‘players’ playing the system at the level of koch additions and mercy, mercy, me, Mercers. Oh yeah, and the bannon cannon whipped crap, I mean cream, puff propaganda that lies over the flow of life like an oil slick. Not to mention our educational opportunity presented by legally blond con queen Kelly.
Golly, its nice to the northern catbird seat from which to ‘critique’. Perspective noted and will be considered as life moves forward.

Many maintain that we are in uncharted territory, and yes, one of our greatest strengths to enter into the fray is assiduous attention to detail and process. Indications from many quarters are that impeachment might very well be a next step in this ugly gaming version of manifest destiny.

In the mean time, corporations are monopolizing on the models of previous empires. My understanding is that, ‘corporations running the world’ is another definition of fascism. But please correct me if I am wrong.

Now, how are we doing with the demand to pull out of Yemen and replace activity with humanitarian aid ? Care to comment on that model? Break it, blame it, profit from rebuilding?


Salutin sez:
“The “justice” system Trump’s opponents want to nail him with and then use to impeach him, wasn’t designed to choose leaders or get rid of them …”

The author obviously needed to fill column space on The Star’s editorial page. He could have written a much more concise piece by simply quoting a former president who also took a unique view of ‘justice’ …

Richard Nixon sez:
“When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.”


It is getting increasingly indistinguishable these days.


On a nonpartisan basis Trump should be impeached and for that reason alone I support impeaching him. I know it won’t change a damn thing in this country but it is the principle of the matter. Unfortunately we can’t even have that sense of justice in this insane world since the topic of impeachment has become such a partisan issue. Because frankly in the end if the law really did apply to all these politicians blindly, the majority of them would be in prison right now.


Every now and then Common Dreams runs a really stupid piece. This might get “Stupid Piece of the Year, 2018.”


If Trump is impeached in the House this term, the Senate is very unlikely to convict, and Trump’s support will rise just like it did for Clinton, except Trump will have another election cycle to capitalize on it. Even if the highly improbable happens and the Senate convicts, Pence will be in, and he’ll do a Ford-Nixon, giving Trump a blanket pardon just to ball up any chance of prosecuting him once he leaves office. (The constitutional legitimacy of such a pardon would likely be challenged, and after many years, ultimately decided in a Supreme Court where Trump’s appointees will refuse to recuse themselves, and the blanket pardon will thenceforth have the SC stamp of approval.) And then Pence will go into the next election cycle with his popularity boosted, he’ll face hardly any serious primary competition, and he’ll have the power of incumbency and the tailwind of a unified Repug party behind him. And if the Dems endorse political impeachments by doing it themselves, that only helps to ensure any Dem president facing a Repug house will face impeachment.

Rescuing the Repugs by relieving them of their deranged, simpleton, ignoramus leader is probably the greatest favor the Dems could do for them.


Impeachment is the only deterrent an unfit leader in America faces, which is truly pathetic in and of itself, and the author wants to get rid of even that on the basis that it does not prevent him from running again?
Do i even need to point out the glaring flaws in that reasoning?
Is the impeachment circus in Washington entirely a political witchunt? Of course it is. If it was not they would have gone after any number of real offenses instead of the imagined “Russian collusion” which only the most credulous sheeple actually take seriously.
That does not mean an unfit leader like Trump should not be removed at the earliest possible opportunity, or that impeachment should ever be off the table.


Did you mean the rest of us that don’t reside in Wash DC?

Now the dems want to impeach Agent Orange for paying sex workers for their silence. How would that standard apply to many of the dems, who used tax payers’ funded slush fund$, to silence their victims mostly during campaign season, which is basically 2 out of every 4 years.


I don’t want to impeach Trump only because Mike Pence would take over.


Can’t resist the allusion to your icon TROG. Yuppers, it really is the recipe book To Serve Man.

Did Gerald Ford have to deal with the degree of legal scrutiny that Mike Pence is subject to? He has already been cited on record having lied about knowledge about Flynn and son. My sense is that the judicial ground work is somewhat different and perhaps more intense. If Pence is out, who is next in line?


Impeachment will be of value only if Trump AND Pence are canned concurrently.

Otherwise we will get POTUS Pence who will at best be as bad as Trump and probably worse.


I now understand why the English coined the phrase “arrogant little twit.”


The problem is the democrats CAN\T beat Trump politically, and they know it.
The worst republican candidate in history, with 60% negatives, defeated the “most qualified nominee in history”… What great vision does the democratic party have for 2020 which will enable them to win the White House ?


There is a more strategic reason for Progressives and Democrats (they are NOT the same!) to abandon the impeachment pursuit: it will distract and detract from facing the most important crises facing us, and it will sap energy and finances away from focusing on those crises.

The crises? The two existential threats all living beings now face: the Accelerating Climate Emergency (ACE) and the real threat of Nuclear War leading to the extinction event of Nuclear Winter (NWNW).

Sticking our collective heads in the sand as these two existential crises worsen (Ukraine wants NATO help as Russian forces deploy near its border; Chinese and U.S. military ships come close to conflict in the South China Sea; U.S. forces illegally deployed in Syria may face Russian forces there; U.S. war hawks in both corporate parties see war on Russian ally Iran as a “solution” to their imagining of “solving” conflict in the Middle East) will do us fatal harm and little good.

Here at home, tens of millions are STILL medically uninsured due to high premiums as well as high medication prices; wages have flatlined for most workers over decades; millions are one financial crisis away from bankruptcy and homelessness; economic inequality is as awful as it was in the Gilded Age; and our infrastructure is a crumbling mess.

The false Grail of impeachment will drain human and financial resources from addressing all the above crises, and for what? So the RethugliKKKan Senate can vote against Trump’s conviction after Pelosi’s House spends precious time, energy, and money voting to impeach a “president” still supported by many tens of millions of deluded, gullible Americans?

If that happens, don’t be surprised if RethugliKKKans recapture the Presidency and the House in 2020 as a result of impeachment mania, while the planet gets more unlivable due to ACE and the threat of NWNW.