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I Mean, I Walk, I This, I That: The Dawn of the Girther Movement

I Mean, I Walk, I This, I That: The Dawn of the Girther Movement

For some reason - maybe his pathological compulsion to lie about EVERYTHING - many people are skeptical about the alleged results of Trump's medical exam finding him in "excellent" health. Some question the cognitive results: 30/30 for naming a lion and camel?! Others doubt the reported weight of 239 pounds, adding, "In dog years, on the moon, in your dreams." Thus is born the Girther Movement, "a scandal of (such) proportions as to match the massive year we're having."

Shame on that Navy doctor who lied on national TV about trump’s health. Makes me ashamed of my naval service.


Re “No Heart, Cognitive Issues:”

Thanks, doc, for confirming my diagnosis.


Did he lie? Thinking about it, that would be such malfeasance. I have wondered.

Wow, that Diet Coke is really working.

And according to Stormy Daniels, Trump is zoftig.

Of course he has no “cognitive issues” Trump is not someone with dementia, he is someone with a psychopathic personality disorder FCOL!

We could only wish he had the far more harmless (to others) condition of dementia.

But yes, 239 pound (108 kg) seems awful low to me - particularly assuming his 6 ft. 4 inch (193 cm) height is correct.

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We should ask for an impartial second opinion.

The photo of him standing next to Obama in this article seems to place his height at 6’1".

Dear Amy Please Please stop this - you are a great writer with lots to say, but you keep wasting your talent- writing every day about a person nobody ever wants to hear more about -
i’m begging you yet again to stop this and return the “furthers” we always loved so much Please!

Just asking: If the doctor gave anything less than a perfect. health diagnosis, Trump would have said:" YOU ARE FIRED!"

I need a second opinion.

I do not know if he lied or not, but it looks suspicious to me to say the least.
I am not a doctor, but someone that is overweight; is in a high stress job; eats junk food; gets very little exercise; and is over 70 and is given a complete physical…has no health issues?