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'I Mostly Listen': Offering Blueprint for Democrats, Green New Deal Champion Chloe Maxmin Unseats Powerful GOP Incumbent in Rural Maine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/06/i-mostly-listen-offering-blueprint-democrats-green-new-deal-champion-chloe-maxmin


It is encouraging that she got elected in a rural district here in Maine and is further evidence that voters are willing to consider and support someone who listens to them and advocates progressive values and policies. Many voters here, and elsewhere, are not moved to replace an incumbent republican corporatist with a democratic corporatist, yet the DP refuses to offer otherwise, and so it goes.


A small ray of sunshine…may it spread like a ‘good virus.’


Let’s Rebuild America!


Small steps, but so important. Well done!


“politics as public service” boy oh boy - I could get excited about that -
ALL of gov should/could be public service ! Banks should be public service !
you get the idea ?
Will she be part of the squad ?


Maxmin’s winning campaigns suggest Democrats can find more success with rural voters by being unapologetic proponents of policies aimed at helping working people

LOL…What alternate reality does this writer live in that makes her think the corporatist Party also know as the Democratic Party would ever consider this tack?


Had to re-read the article.

has won a seat in the Maine State Senate

NOT a new member of Congress.


so they elect this outstanding woman and then send the bitch Collins back to the Senate. talk about schizoid people.

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Pelosi and the so-called centrist Democrats need to take a good look at this, and mend their ways, instead of blaming others for Democratic losses.

And, we the voters, need to support strong challengers to replace centrist dinosaurs ASAP.


The candidates the dems put up to run against Collins is a republican in democrat clothing. Sad, because the DP had a choice. As usual the DP went with a GOP candidate rather than the progressive who could have easily defeated Collins. The voters are not schizoid. The DP is the problem.


I couldn’t have said it better. Gideon was nobody to be giddy on. Just another corporatist millionaire transplanted from NJ hoping to feast at the national trough on behalf of her corporate sponsors, not Mainers.

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agree–doesn’t matter whether there’s an “R” or “D” next to the name. do some research. look deeper. who is this person, really?

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