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I Never Thought Democrats Could Win Georgia. Could It Happen Twice?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/03/i-never-thought-democrats-could-win-georgia-could-it-happen-twice


Turtle soup for all on Jan. 6th! Be careful though, it will be beyond its use by date… Might be useful to chum the waters.

Recalling my high school sweet heart’s IBM company man dad getting transferred from the SF Bay Area to Chamblee GA during Lester Maddox’s regime, labeling Georgia “conservative” is the understatement of the month. Yes, the same Lester Maddox later mentioned in Randy Newman’s 1974 hit Rednecks. We spent the remainder of our high school years planning her exit strategy…west by northwest !

After lashing Jimmy Carter to the group W bench, the racists’ green light enabling full throttle on the rightward road never dimmed.

Kudos to Ms. Fitzgerald’s efforts, but don’t buy into that GOP “fiscal side” rhetoric. The last time any GOP regime demonstrated an ounce of fiscal constraint was Gerald Ford, six years before you were born. Yes, while they all continue Raygun’s drunken sailor spending habits when they are in power, they push “fiscal responsibility” when the Democrats are in power, all the while pushing the falso narratiuve that Raygun was “small gubmit, fiscal restraint” despite Raygun running up more debt and deficit than all of his 39 predecessors combined while he actually expanded gubmit, nearly all of it for the miiltary industrial media infotainment comoplex (MIMIC).


Everything you say is true.

So what? Facts don’t matter.

I grow ever more tired of these media analysts completely missing what’s really going on. The truth is that Georgia is following the same path as Virginia. Both have seen massive influxes of “Yankees” into their once backward assed states. Large progressive run urban areas have grown dramatically. Northern Virginia because of the expanse of the DC administrative state, and Atlanta, one of the fastest growing cities in the US, now with the same sprawling suburbs as Virginia, filled now with northern and western liberal transplants.
The secret however to turning Georgia blue is very similar to how they ultimately did Virginia. Sure, the new northern liberal blood helped, but it would go nowhere without the existing black population finally getting politically active.
If the black community organizes and gets to the polls, the democrats will win these senate seats. But then they must do the same thing Virginia did. Concentrate their efforts on turning the still confederate state house blue.


** “It’s important to have elected officials that will make laws that are just for everyone.” **

The above quote shows that democrats are as delusional as republicans.

You think that filling the congress with Doug Jones impersonators is a route to democracy.

A recent black democrat president assassinated several US citizens (one of whom was a teenager)

and hundreds of other innocent people and that corporate tool is celebrated by democrats while

he and his ilk continue to push ever more rightward and militaristic.

Blue or red, Georgia is still loaded with hypocrites and corporate-owned predators -

just as both parties would have it.

What a ridiculous piece of propaganda!

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Win twice?

Toxic, make the EPA choke!

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True dat, @BigB. We could use an influx like that of intelligent progressives here in Iowa, but sadly no one wants to move here.

Aging population of seniors, who just returned Sen Ernst to DC, and she promises to hatchet Social Security and hand the billions to Wall Street, just as she hatcheted protections for those with pre-existing health conditions, in three separate senate votes.

2 right wing repubs replace 2 Democratic Congresspeople, in the “liberal” side of the state.

A brother lives in Atlanta, and he and his wife voted Democratic, to be sure. May Georgia go Blue again on Tuesday.


Typical identity politics drivel.

I can remember applying to the world-class writer’s college in Iowa City, a couple hundred years ago. Naturally, the materials I submitted to support my escritorial ambitions were as limited in oomph, pizzazz, et cetera as the materials I submit here, and so the evaluators at that fine institution lamentably missed their opportunity to educate an almost-interesting prospective writer, back in the day.

Incidentally, folks, Monday is the day they decide on Assange’s extradition, Tuesday Georgia has a nervous breakdown, which metastasizes to D.C. on Wednesday. By Thursday we could be seeing 4K fatalities per day. God only knows about Friday, but stay tuned for an interesting week, to kick off a very interesting year.

The New Irish Curse: Have an Interesting New Year! The Old Irish Blessing: May you crash the gates and pass some time in heaven before the Devil finds out you’re dead!

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Who lives on $5.50 an hour----?–I did back in 1992-----it was hard—hey people of Georgia YOU NEED A RAISE!


Any real economic growth this past decade has come from raising the minimum wage.

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Iowa City, the Athens of Iowa. You’re right, that is a long time ago. Thanks for the reminisce.

The corporate-owned state GOP has suffocated the creativity out of U of I. And the governor treats Univ of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics like a pariah. Her snubbing of UIHC at the advent of Covid, for a Utah startup, will always be nonsensical. Your Covid graphs show that with each appearance in our forum.

That’s a helpful overview of this interesting week, which kicks off this very interesting year.

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