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I Never Thought Democrats Could Win Georgia. Could It Happen Twice?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/04/i-never-thought-democrats-could-win-georgia-could-it-happen-twice

Georgia, the Nation needs you to be blue!


This is the second time this lousy article is being presented in a couple of days.

I suspect that this is an attempt to disappear the comments which followed its previous presence

so that the neoliberal managers at CD can spread more propaganda for the party

of Doug Jones.


YES IT CAN. and WHY can’t I post this simple sentence?

Author is proposing that her mother should have had better access to abort her? That is the conclusion I get from the opening statements.
How is it that the left is supportive of infant murder, and the right is the one of saving unborn children? I just never understood that. Aren’t we supposed to be the people with compassion and equal rights? Aren’t the right-wingers the selfish materialists?
I am a green, and am to the left of many people who call themselves democrats, so I can not support the killing of innocent people. If you want control of your body…, start with your heart.