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I No Longer Believe House Democrats Will Uphold Their Constitutional Duty

I No Longer Believe House Democrats Will Uphold Their Constitutional Duty

Charles P. Pierce

As John Mitchell, realizing that he was busted, once said to Carl Bernstein:

"Good god."

From CNBC, via the Washington Post:

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“The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be skillfully attacked, but to be ineptly defended.” - Frederic Bastiat


And how would these dem leaders possibly know “what the people want”? All their info seems to be based on high-priced political consultants and/or highly suspect media “polls”, which purport to show that people don’t care about impeaching this psychopathic POTUS.
Which is strange because I don’t know anyone who DOESN’T think he should be impeached! I also have yet to meet anyone who has been contacted by one of these polling firms, so who exactly are they contacting - elderly republicans with landlines??!

Aside from that, the centrist corporate dem leadership doesn’t have the stomach for actually coming out swinging - they have proved this again and again. I recall being attacked by dems on twitter for not supporting Pelosi as SOH, and this is exactly why I didn’t. I knew she and the dem leadership wouldn’t doing anything to stop trump and his depraved agenda, and they haven’t and won’t.

Hedges was right, the dems are very comfortable losing, because they do just fine with the corporate handouts either way, and their nests are feathered regardless.

This is why we need viable 3rd and 4th parties, like in Europe, because this unit known as Congress is so far removed from working for the people it’s become a bad joke.
And even though there are some good people running for the dem nomination, you know the primary and debate process will again be subverted by dem leadership who has already selected their corporate centrist doofus candidate, regardless of what the voters want. I predict that 2020 will be a tragic repeat of 2016, because the dems have learned nothing.
But I really hope I’m wrong.


Emoluments clause. Using executive orders to unilaterally make trade decisions (tariffs); trade is solely in the hands of Congress. Using executive orders to unilaterally re-allocate funds from one purpose to another (border wall money); budgets and spending originate in the House. Purposefully damaging the health and welfare of “we the people” through fracking, loosening of environmental laws, etc., the destruction of public property, the deliberate sabotage of public education; this list is endless. Allowing his son-in-law to sell classified information to foreign governments for personal gain. Helping Saudi Arabia develop nuclear weapons, which is against US laws.

There’s more, but the above is a starter list. It isn’t all about the election of 2016, dumbasses.


The author is just now figuring out that the d-party is a bunch of chickenshits?

Apparently he missed the part where they became repub-lite over 4 decades because scary Reagan’s ghost has been haunting the hell out of em.’


I no longer believe Santa Claus is real. I mean, most people do not even have chimneys.


Now, if rump got a blowjob from an intern, then I’m sure republicans would be on board with impeachment. 'cause republicans are consistent like that and not just a bunch of hypocritical opportunists, am I right?


We are screwed. Democrats are not a bulwark against despotism, they are its guarantor. As far as I am concerned, Pelosi and the House Democrats are just as complicit as the GOP and in fact no better than the GOP that has abdicated all responsibility and duties as a co-equal branch of government empowered by the constitution to hold the Exec in check and instead is just sitting there rubberstamping everything Trump puts in front of them and looking the other way as he finishes his slow moving coup. But then again, the Democrats are ultimately why we have to contend with Trump in the first place. They helped put him there.

I am tired to see our country and our lives ruined by these 70 and 80 year olds who have been on Congress for over 3-4 decades and who will be fertilizing lawns in a less than a decade while the rest of us actually have to live with their ineptitude and selfishness. I mean what does Pelosi have to lose, right? Her wealth insulates her from the worst aspects and consequences of Trump’s dictatorship and push comes to shove she and the other millionaires can just get on their private jets and flee the Gilead. I mean rich people are already trying to flee the planet they f-cked up with their “mission to mars” plans, so this would be no different.

The other problem is people being so calm and sedate. Why are there no marches? No protests? No public PR campaigns to begin impeachment proceedings that at this point are important to contain Trump and stop him from consolidating more power, not about removal from office.

Again and again I see history repeat itself where the so called good guys fail to do the right thing thus allowing tyrants to get a foothold. If diplomacy, reason and kindness worked with the Third Reich, they will work here too.


The problem is that these fools put all their eggs in the Mueller basket and had hoped he would have some bombshell revelation about Trump. When it didnt happen, it felt like having all the air pulled from your tires. Mueller’s mandate was very narrowly defined, he answered to the DOJ, not congress, we already knew that whatever its findings, the loyalist piece of treasonous crap appointed by Trump (in this case William Barr) would sink the report and obfuscate its findings, which Barr did. But we never needed the Mueller Report to go after Trump, the abuses, violations and criminality have always been right out in the open. The irony of course is that even the Mueller report recommended Trump be investigated for “presidential misconduct.” And the Democrats cannot even follow the advise of the guy whom they have been counting on to magically make it all go away in the first place. The Dems have all but capitauled now essentially allowing this man to just consolidate more power to the point where we wont even have open and free elections in 2020 and even if we do, he will just declare another emergency and invalidate the results. We have every right to be scared. Anyone who thinks we can vote our way out of this is in for a nasty, ugly surprise. Now with Roe v Wade in jeopardy, I hope y’all look great in Handmaid’s red.


It dosen’t matter to the Party elite. They will keep their high income jobs one way or another.

The Corporations will either continue to bribe them in office or, the corporations will hire them if they lose office. Why should they risk that for the concept of ‘duty’?


I am afraid you are right. I agree with your insights. What will it take for people to realize that corporate Democrats will never work for them. Money in politics has corrupted our government so that politicians work for their big donars while making pretty speeches about what they want to do for us. Never happens. The Republican party was worse, even before it became the Russian Party in thrall to Putin,s craven pupprt. Trump must be promising them a cut.

Donald Trump Is the Most Impeachable President in American History

The sitting president vs. Congress and the U.S. Constitution

by Ralph Nader

Ain’t nothing is going to happen. Our rubber-stamping, spineless, foxhole, lazy, “Do Nothing” party of capitulating wishy-washy wimps will sit on their hands while talking themselves out of impeaching King Trumpo.

Take the Mueller Report. It’s a perfect proxy for how lame Pelosi and the Dem Party is. They “Stand for Nothing and Fight for Less!!”"

The Dems think the whole report should be made public while the obstructionist GOP say NO!!

  • So the Dems give the GOP months, then weeks and then days to cough up the report. The GOP say NO!
  • So the Dems say, OK we are going to “subpoena” you to get the report. Let’s give the GOP months, then weeks and then days to cough up the report. The GOP still say NO!
  • So the Dems say, OK we are going to issue “Contempt of Court” to get the report. Let’s give the GOP months, then weeks and then days to cough up the report. The GOP say, Are you Crazy! Hell No!
  • So the Dems say, OK we are going to “issue a warrant for your arrest” to get the report. Let’s give the GOP months, then weeks and then days to cough up the report. The GOP are having a party. Are those stupid Dems still bugging us! NO Way!!!
  • So the Dems say, OK this is now a “Constitutional crisis”. We’re going to the Supreme Court. Let’s give the GOP months, then weeks and then days to cough up the report. The GOP are laughing their arse off!! Go ahead!!

You know how this story ends!!

On the other hand……

  • If the GOP were demanding a report from the Dems, they would say. We want the report by midnight tomorrow.
  • If the Dems didn’t comply by 12:01 am they would get a subpoena.
  • If the Dems didn’t comply by 12:02 am they would get a Contempt of Court.
  • By 12:03 am warrants would be issued for anyone that had obstructed them since day one.
  • By 12:10 am all these people would be locked up.
  • End of story.
  • Ooops maybe not!! The Dems may try to appeal and the GOP will fast track it to the Supreme Court. Either way the Dems Always Lose. The GOP are playing 3-D chess in the dark while the Dems can’t even form a 2 person Congo line. Yeah, it’s that bad!!!

That my friend is the difference between the Dems and the GOP.

Ain’t no one going to impeach King Trumpo!!!

Hear Hear!! :slight_smile: