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"I Plead Guilty" (to Insubordination)


"I Plead Guilty" (to Insubordination)

Howard Zinn, Paula Giddings

Introduction by TomDispatch.com editor Tom Engelhardt:


Kudos to Common Dreams for acknowledging the 150 years of The Nation by re-posting this excellent piece recalling the legacy of Howard Zinn, and reminding present day activists that doing the work of social and political change involves more than simply declaring ones awareness of a problem that is common knowledge; it requires acting on that knowledge in a meaningful and productive way. As Paula Giddings explains in her cogent recollection:
“Feminists today might consider Zinn’s insight that his “nice, well-mannered, and ladylike” students did not so much abandon respectability as redefine it. They recognized a moment when virtue required acting out, not leaning in, and when the corrective for stifling mores were not displays of unfettered individual behavior that reinforced dangerous stereotypes.”
“Work is love made visible.” KG
As Usual,


“I learned more from my students than my students learned from me.”

And this is the mark of a truly great teacher; one who not only seeks to share his/her ideas and knowledge, but seeks to expand on it through their students. Another mark of a great teacher: I’m willing to bet a good number of Zinn’s students, while appreciative of the comment, may likely disagree.