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I Pledge Allegiance To


I Pledge Allegiance To...

Robert C. Koehler

I pledge allegiance to . . . what?

The Electoral College, to no one’s serious surprise, voted Donald Trump in as the nation’s 45th president, and the pot of outrage in the American spectator democracy begins to boil.

"The challenge presented by Trump requires something more than resistance. I believe it requires reaching for, and pledging our allegiance to, a much larger, more compassionate and peace-oriented country than the one we have now. It requires pledging allegiance to the planet and the future."


bob began with a question wondering do we pledge allegiance to the electoral college? last week i watched an interview with democratic super delegate, polly baca, who explained her view as to why our "democracy" needs an electoral college. most of us find the electoral college more akin to an albatross hanging around our neck and choking any real move toward a legitimate democracy of, for and by the people, right? during that interview polly made two points i found quite disturbing. first, she explained that the founders felt that in case, "we the unwashed rabble," chose a demagogue, the electoral college could and should overrule our error in judgement. however, ms. baca, felt that republican electors should switch to clinton because she won the popular vote. in my opinion both money motivated parties offered a choice between two arrogant demagogues. i'll admit that hillary knows the art of schmoozing to keep her private agenda behind closed doors while presenting a kinder and more compassionate less than honest public image. donald trump, on the other hand, lacks that self-control. he's like a undisciplined sixth grader who reacts bitterly to any perceived insult returning an insult without considering how his childish temper tantrum looks on the world stage. actually, no candidate in election 2016 can claim the popular vote as almost 50% of the registered voters boycotted the election making this one the smallest turnout ever. well, the dems can blame russia all they want but the public lacks faith in either party.

next, polly baca asserted that all members of the electoral college should receive the same security briefings as the candidates. why? she said that electoral college members have a responsibility for making an informed decision. ah, less important, i guess, that we the people should enter the voting booth with the knowledge of what's really going on. the very word democracy derives from the greek, demo- meaning people. however, the politicians and the electoral college believe themselves authorized to information denied to the very citizens they serve. no wonder the high and mighty cannot trust the rabble to make an informed decision. they make sure that knowledge--the true currency of a democracy--is denied to the voting public. "trust us to make the right decision for you! why? well, we can't tell you why because you don't have clearance!"

i really like koehler's conclusion because he offers a reason to keep hope alive. as i view all the mayhem on every continent, i often feel an overwhelming sense of futility wondering if our species even deserves to continue its frontal assault on one another and the entire natural world. yet some do understand that life should never be a brutal competition for power, money and material wealth. if the human survivors of what's coming grasp the spiritual lesson taught by the lakota sioux and black lives matter movement, we might just mature into rational and caring beings!

It isn’t merely resistance that will replace the bubble world of exploitation, but a new and deeper consciousness of connection with all of life and a reawakening to what is sacred.

I pledge allegiance to the world that is coming into being.

p.s. if you have netflix check out oliver stone's "untold history of the united states." trump is not by a long shot the first bigoted, sexist man in the oval office! also, dvd's are available. what better gift than knowledge!


Trump has divided the country into two. Much of the country, particularly people who live in metropolitan areas, are ready to resist. However, in the rural areas Trump is very popular and rather than resistance there will be support for his actions. The next four years will be urban versus rural. It is likely little will be accomplished with the country split in what direction to head. The sanctuary cities are willing to give up federal funding to protect undocumented immigrants from being rounded up. They will not let their police be used for this task. That is a good sign of resistance. The ACLU and attorneys general in a number of liberal states are getting ready to go to court to protect civil liberties and make sure regulations are enforced. That is another good sign. The opposition is not going to roll over, certainly to someone who got almost 3 million less votes than his opponent and appears to have been helped by a foreign power to get elected and was helped considerably by the head of the FBI. Trump's strongest support comes from white supremacists on the fringe of society. Certainly all citizens with any sense of decency should get in line to resist the type of change that the majority of Americans are strongly opposed to.


Koehler: "...something more than resistance. I believe it requires reaching for, and pledging our allegiance to, a much larger, more compassionate and peace-oriented country than the one we have now. It requires pledging allegiance to the planet and the future."

Yes, thank you Koehler, for getting to these words, and your following words on Standing Rock.

Standing Rock showed a way forward that is centered, most deeply founded, in prayer, in acting on a sacred basis, in unshakeable nonviolence in protection of water for life.

The promising development of U.S. veterans joining Standing Rock as allies--like the promising Cowboy Indian Alliance earlier this year--indicates that great fruits can grow from such deep roots.

But on the note of "promising" in 2016, I'm still floored by the response of grieving family members of the Charleston Mother Emanuel nine: speaking FORGIVENESS to frail human purveyance of hate. Talk about power and raising up humanity. The spiritual resonance of that gesture will redound. It stirs with mystery and elevation.

I feel viscerally that we must not just focus on one man or one set of mis-leaders. We must break the grip of reaction, and show what we stand for: poison-free water, poison-free life, sharing and caring for each other, for all of each other, peace through nonviolence, happiness through celebrating all, joy through celebrating the good efforts and works wherever they are, whoever does them. Drawing hope from the recognition that every being seeks happiness, no matter how deluded and misguided the methods they choose for doing so; as beings, they can learn, we can all learn. We must always, always seek to learn, until we truly have no more to learn for we've found complete peace, joy, understanding. Until then, we live to learn--joyfully, painfully, but promisingly.

Resist and speak out, protest and protect. Fear fear, hate hate. Our love will lend the greatest courage. Our peace will spread the greatest peace.


"I pledge allegiance to the world that is coming into being."
Pledged that back in the Seventies.


I pledge allegiance to Planet Earth, and to all beings who look to Her for life...


Yo tambien, and of course as a World citizen, i pledge every day to rebel, to resist, fascist, imperialist amerika! We can, together make a Peaceful, Caring, Compassionate, humanity; that will honor our Madre Tierra!


Not all rural citizens support Trump. It depends on what regiion of the country in which they live- perhaps the South would be the most popular since it has its own culture. Also, I think you give DT too much credit- these people felt this way, and they found a macho voice of anger. I doubt they are angry just about loss of jobs. Obama remember was elected twice. They are angry about a number of matters not the least of which is the economic crash, but also because they cannot accept change and change is happening very rapidly. Accepting for instance of diversity, education, more than one way to express spirituality , gay marriage, equal pay for men and women etc. Even change that benefits them ( such as affordable health care and higher wages in some instance is still change.
I agree that Trump's strongest support comes from racists and bigots. Some live on the edge of society, but some are disguised in the form of rich business men and women.
Unfortunately, some voted for him who were just not into HRC. What fools- especially when the woman got almost three million more votes- no small piece of change.
And they call this a democracy??? Time to make adjustments to the electoral college or abolish it all together.
Call or write your rep and say that we are in modern times, and the popular vote is the only way to go..


Thank you for your post, and stand with Bernie in OUR REVOLUTION>


Pledged that back in the fifties and sixities.


I take the pledge also. Perhaps you can set up a petition so that people from all over can sign?


Thanks Hummingbird, a very thoughtful and accurate post. Your words on informing the public are critical, IMO, to any free nation, especially any "democracy", so vulnerable to corruption, power of big-money, and political party manipulations -
"they make sure that knowledge--the true currency of a democracy--is denied to the voting public. "trust us to make the right decision for you! why? well, we can't tell you why because you don't have clearance!"
Denial or manipulation of truth and factual information is a foundational betrayal of the charade we now call "democracy". Our current "leaders" have sold-out the promise of The Founders and Common Good to greed and self-interest!

The Fourth Estate - the media/press/journalists have (once had) a sacred trust to inform - to truthfully and fully provide facts so the public/voters may make choices that determine our collective future based on accurate information, not lies, distorted opinion, overt propaganda, false corporate adverts, diversionary celebrity-scandal Soma, or denial of truth the "authorities" claim the public cannot fathom.

Accumulation of vast wealth in few hands is an essential betrayal of democracy - the power to corrupt and purchase mechanisms to control information and public understanding - the scotus betrayed the very foundations of our "democracy" when they equated money with "free speach" in "Citizens United". Likewise tax policy that allows/ordains the accumulation of such vast wealth, especially over generations, consolidates wealth, assuring the ability of the 1% or .01% to buy our collective futures - "to bring the many under the domination of the few" - J.M....................I apologize for stating what should be the obvious. Peace to you and us all........

"Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. It is in vain to say that democracy is less vain, less proud, less selfish, less ambitious, or less avaricious than aristocracy or monarchy." - J.A.

"Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity and happiness of the people; and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men" - John Adams


I pledge allegiance to all flags that honor Mother Earth; one planet, under the Divine Earth Mother, who sustains us all.


"... knowledge-- the true currency of a Democracy--."

In my lifetime, the first evidence of suppression of that currency, was when we were told, early on, after the murder of President Kennedy, that certain Facts and Evidence concerning his murder, would be sealed for 75 years "for our own Security", of course implying, at the time, " Soviet (Russian) Involvement", the bogus gift that just keeps on giving.


first i must admit that line-"knowledge, the true currency of democracy," is paraphrasing a quote from thomas jefferson's writings. i mentioned we've been watching oliver stone's documentary, "the untold history of the united states" on netflix. episode seven, maybe eight, covers jfk's presidency and what an eye opener! apparently kennedy saw the absurdity of continuing the nuclear arms race into oblivion and hoped to work with russia to explore space for knowledge rather than compete for strategic military advantage. however, the pentagon along with arms manufacturers strongly disagreed. gee, makes one wonder just who wanted kennedy silenced, doesn't it? the warren report left most citizens feeling that there was a lot more to this tragedy.

also, you may have forgotten that kennedy's assassination was the hundred-year anniversary of lincoln's assassination. back then congress issued the results of a highly redacted and less than satisfactory investigation. congress decided that the nation needed time to heal and locked the information from view for a period of one hundred years before the report should be accessible to us little people. well, guess what? once again the legislature decided that we_the_people couldn't handle the truth. again, we needed time to heal from the wounds of kennedy's assassination and so decided to wait yet another hundred years before releasing the complete investigation of lincoln's death. back in 1865 many speculated the involvement of top level government actors, but had no proof. hmm? must be some similarities in these two assassinations. perhaps in 2065 those living will see full disclosure? or some event will force "our protectors" and "leaders" to give the public time to heal.


Why are people using the term Alt Rtght? The correct term is "Nazi/White Supremacists".


My point exactly. MSM, motivated by the racist whatever his name is, whatever that fake site is called, changed it from "white supremacists"
to the "alt-right" bull shit term. But hey, we live in the age of no "truth" no "facts" we just all decide it for ourselves.

Total idiocy is now in control.


The facts have been in the Public Record since the publication of James W. Douglass's Footnoted and Corroborated 2008 work of Historical Non Fiction "JFK and the Unspeakable-Why He Died and Why it Matters".

Deposed Head of the CIA, Allen Dulles lead a Traitorous Coup d'Etat, with the same CIA Team that was used to topple Foreign Governments, aided and abetted by the Military, the FBI and, in accessory roles, Organized Crime, which essentially Destroyed Our Democracy, what there was of it, and any Hope of World Peace.

It documents the dialogue between President Kennedy, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and its initiator, Pope John XXIII, facilitated by Saturday Review Publisher Norman Cousins, which had progressed to the point of soon ending the Cold War.

They had planned the announcement of a Joint Venture to put a Man on the Moon, Khrushchev going so far as to begin the refitting of one of his Munitions Factories, (Tanks), to serve this Project.

World Peace was not valued by the Conspirators, and was dealt a possibly Mortal Blow, that began on that November day.

Douglass recounts how, in the aftermath of President Kennedy's murder, Khrushchev was stunned and demoralized, soon to be removed from Power by his own Government.

And here we are, left, a half Century later, with this Hellish Endless War, fought by the Poor, for the Benefit of the Greedy, the Immoral, the Power Hungry and the Rich, and when it looks like, maybe, we Citizens can Regain Our Humanity as a Nation, as when we Responded so Enthusiastically to Bernie Sanders's Message to Us, we are deprived by the same Soulless Entities and Machinations that ended our Last Good Chance for Peace in 1963.


i haven't read the douglass's work. thanks for bringing it to my attention. douglass really worked long and hard on this and then had trouble finding a publisher willing to take the risk. he got a boost, however, when oliver stone offered his recommendation. also, ray mcgovern gave a thumbs up although the study was "released without much fanfare." according to wikipedia, "The book's central thesis is that Kennedy was a cold warrior who turned to peace-making, and that as a result he was killed by his own security apparatus." while the majority of u.s. citizens prefer to remain happily unaware in a state of denial. i'd guess only about 20% of us dare to look at the g-man behind the curtain. i copied the following from a post somewhere. the link leads to a trailer, but maybe i can find it on netflix?

If you get the chance, watch "JFK: A President Betrayed"


NY Times refused to even review it.