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I Really Don't Care, Do U?


I Really Don't Care, Do U?

So this happened today. Melania, evidently a grotesque human being, went to a Texas detention center for a grotesque photo op to see the traumatized children her grotesque husband has ripped from their parents. She wore a jacket that said, "I Really Don't Care, Do You?" Many people online are wondering what it meant. Many of us, at this point, really don't care. We are simply pleading, per The Onion, "Just make it stop."


I think she was just f-cking with the press and her detractors. She was gonna get slammed one way or another. Is this how a first lady should act? Prolly not but neither is calling her all sorts of names. So there you go, one huge FLOTUS middle finger raised to the press. My kind of girl, not taking shit from anyone.


Or, she was behaving like a spoiled rich person who, well, really doesn’t care. Like a lot of right wingers, she’s got her’s, she deserves it, and everyone else can work or die.


She is Toilet Paper . .yuk . .ish . .


“she wore a floral coat worth $51,000.”

I think you mean “she wore a floral coat that cost $51.000.” It isn’t worth $51,000 unless there’s a general consensus of value, and I would add, value inherent in it’s function.


I don’t support her husband yet wonder why nobody is curious about what this poster on her back is about?

Melania Trump went to see the conditions of children kidnapped by her husband’s henchmen because she cares about the children. That is obvious. So what is she communicating with a poster on her back? Who is she communicating to with that message?


If she didn’t mean it, she wouldn’t have worn it. I wonder what her material conditions would be like if she didn’t mail order marry a rich fascist?


Obviously it means just what it says, this cold, haughty, completely self-involved Eastern Eurotrash woman has posted her statement on her back, just as she rose to some sort of public position of power on her back.


Dear Totallyadroit — There is nothing! maladroit about your comment.


Please…just make it stop.


We’re working on it


Thanks…being an amurikan I want instant gratification. Sanity is my friend, I miss it/her/him.


Well the “eastern Eurotrash” epithet would not be well-received in my Slavic Polka-and-Pierogie “Deer Hunter” part of the rust belt…


This is so over the top that surely it is another one of the deliberate distractions Trump is so cleverly using to divert the media away from the agency HQ’s and Capitol Hill where the real damage is being done…


BS. What happened is her PR team, like Ivanka’s, got into gear once the policy of separating children became public and the administration started taking hits for it. Then she and Ivanka cared, then we started getting the stories about them talking to Trump, etc. Treat them like the adults and coconspirators they are.


" unless there’s a general consensus of value, and I would add, value inherent in it’s function "

I was reading another thread about $15 min wage jobs. You gonna be in trouble with that segment. They seem to think value is independent of function and everyone should get at least $15 or more no matter what the function or their work is .

Usually value of something is whatever someone is willing to pay for it. In a good business model it should be more than what was spent to create it.


Yunzer, my apologies. Nor in my own mind. My response was intended only to, and I should have said, “this . . . woman has posted her statement on her back, just as she rose to some sort of public position of power on her back.”

I do not think that derogatory epithets, spelling America with a “k”, and so forth win any arguments – I think that do the opposite.

Thank you for correcting me.



This is from someone who sees value in Melania, “your kinda girl”
That pretty much says it all.

Show us ALL the goodness in that model of thinking

Pretty sure you got the middle finger thing correct.

This isn’t a statement against the Press when you wear it to the Torture Center for Children

It’s Especially against the Children. She doesn’t give a Shit about the Children

Using the Tortured Children to make another Asinine Comment of Privileged Uncaring

And what’s the GIRL thing? Don’t interact with WOMEN much do ya?

Or you Just Don’t Care Either.


I do see your point. She could have gone to see and not said anything.

And when people found out; she could have continued to say nothing. Perhaps, if pressed, mention her sympathy as a mammal mother who wanted to see. But, after that, continue to say nothing. That would have been an even better story.


LET THEM EAT CAKE! no surprise to me it makes no sense to you----you ignorant computer.