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I Reject Using My Unjust Conviction Against Julian Assange

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/17/i-reject-using-my-unjust-conviction-against-julian-assange


I, of course, believe that Assange has no business being in the US prison system. That being said, let’s address the conditions in said system by bringing up that of Norway. The Norwegian prison system is known for its restorative justice approach with remarkably low recidivism rates. Isolation–the denial of full access to society–is the punishment–not draconian measures such as those found in the US penal system. Empire is evil and our “justice” system is just one red flag that more should notice and ponder when they vote.
BERNIE 2020!


Post Citizens United MIC has also been buying procedural “benchmarks” using “false flags” for as long as memory serves.

I hate to be the one who constantly hammers this nail, but the entire premise of “externalized costs” in weaponized capitalism is a deadly pathology - now thoroughly institutionalized. The term kakistocracy is fully appropriate here: rule by the least competent/incompetent. The entire premise that a system is utterly and completely dependent on lies, denial, theft, genocide and criminality as modus operendi needs to be faced and shut down because it is in aggressive cannibal mode… and that includes people of conscience and integrity who speak truth to this perverse power- as well as the planet. The evidence is indisputable and intensifying.

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The minute that Assange’s plane departs the UK (if he is ever extradited), there should be mass citizen action to close down the f*cking CIA.

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Norway isn’t (yet) a militarized police state.

I give it 7-10 years. Norway has already lost its public banks and with it effective control of their economy.
Next up is the devaluation of the Norwegian currency (which is already well underway) followed by the “privatization” of any and all publicly owned services and resources of value. This has already began with the privatization of their postal services, and healthcare is currently on the chopping block.
Would not be surprised in the slightest to learn that the bulk of their “leaders” got a regular paycheck from Langley.


I would not be ,either!

Mr. Stirling is a very brave man, as opposed to James Risen, who has devolved into a mouthpiece at the Intercept, no less.

His case, as he states, should be the antithesis of any foundation laid for trying future enemies of the nation.

It is clear from published emails that those negotiating on our behalf as a country are mere humans, and the information that they prize is worth protecting only because of work done by ordinary citizens, such as Mr. Stirling.

The common humanity that runs between the nations of the world has been exposed by the corona virus.

The secrets that position the US as more powerful are fragile, and Mr. Stirling was incarcerated for the protection of a powerful few, such as Hillary Clinton, which have nothing to do with national interest.

Those that take on the mantle of protecting these few, and execute the action against people like Stirling should be scrutinized, and their conduct in their profession exposed.

In this instance, I am completely with the right wing, who have been anti Hillary, for reasons that they seem to support due to superficial information.

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Re: ZeroPointField
This remark appears to punctuate your acronym.
" Mr. Stirling is a very brave man, as opposed to James Risen, who has devolved into a mouthpiece at the Intercept, no less."
As Usual,

should the liberal elites (e.g. the economist magazine, new york times etc) that axed Julian Assange out of their own narrative — the very narrative that tells everybody what goes and what doesn’t — so should the elites that axed Assange be prosecuted for crime against humanity?

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Oh well…